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The Epic Search for Josh pt 7

Henry was smiling evilly as he gripped the leash tighter. "C'mon Henry, the kid's not gonna bite you." Alex murmured as he opened another door. "Oh really? Well--" "SHH! Who's that?" Alex asked as they opened the apartment lobby doors. "I have a feeling we're missing something. Like, something's supposed to happen." Henry whispered as they saw a girl with her head hanging. "PHEW! Am I late? Did I miss my big fight or something?" Pyramid Head ran up from behind Henry. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Henry screamed as he jumped into Alex's arms. "Oh wait.... was I supposed to kill you?" "SHUT UP! GO RAPE JAMES OR SOMETHING!" Henry cried as he took off his shoe and threw it towards Pyramid Head. "Damn it... Konami better pay for my Helmet indent." Pyramid Head grumbled as he stomped away. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Henry screamed again. "This is.... awkward." Little Walter said as he picked up Henry's shoe. "Good boy! Here's a treat." Henry cooed mockingly as he reached into his pocket for a dog treat. Alex rolled his eyes and dropped Henry. "Yipe!" Henry cried as he fell on his butt.

"These random locked doors go on for MILES!" James complained as he turned another doorknob and it refused to open. "James... I know why Mary left!" Heather cried in fake optimism. "What?" James asked grumpily as he kicked the door. "She left you because all you do is BITCH!" Heather responded as she kicked the door ONCE and it broke. "Ha Ha Ha very funny Heather. Why don't you tell someone who gives a damn about your father." James replied harshly. "Oh yeah? Take your bitching to the EMO corner!" She responded with the same level of harshness. James elbowed Heather and Heather neatly dodged. "Stand back! I have a wand and I'm NOT afraid to use it!" Heather threatened as she whipped out a wand with a large heart. "PFFT! Yeah right! Like I'm scared of you turning into a sailor moon character." James taunted. "You should be!" Heather threatened once more. "YEAH?! DO IT THEN!" James shouted.

10 minutes later after a seemingly boring costume change.

"Are you done yet?! That was sooo freaking boring." James complained as Heather tripped over her own foot and tried to fix her antennae. "Shut up! Do you know how HARD it is to try and get these antennas in the right place? Anywho, LETS FIGHT! Oh wait hold on a sec, got a message." Heather flips open her cellphone.

Dear Heather,

We are sorry to inform you that you will be replaced in the upcoming film.


"Oh well... that sucks. Anywho, where were we?" Heather resumed her stance. James yawned and walked away. "HEY HEY! Don't cha walk away from me while I'm talking!" Heather cried as she ran after James.

Henry totally forgot what just happened. "Soo.... where are we headed again?" Henry asked as he kicked a rock out of his way and tugged on Walter's leash. "We are headed to uh... where are we headed? Oh yeah! To follow that chick." Alex recalled. Henry shrugged and followed Alex. "Hey! Girl! What cha doing?" Alex called to the girl who was walking slowly. "It's my fault." She muttered softly. "Yeah um... ok. My name's Alex. This is Henry and his pe- I mean Walter." "My name's Cheryl." She said glumly. "WAAAIT! You can't be! Heather's Cheryl, who really was Alessa before--" Alex clamped a hand over Henry's mouth. "Forget he said anything." Alex smiled. "Uh... ok?" "Yeaaah..." Henry agreed insecurely.


"You go investigate!" Heather whispered to James."It's obviously a human puking Heather." James remarked sarcastically. "Yeah I know! And I might be too if YOU don't go and see what's up!" Heather pressed. "Brat." James muttered under his breath as he grabbed Heather by the ear and dragged her into the washroom with him. Uh um... I forget my lines!" James panicked as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. Heather rolled her eyes and folded her arms. "Uh oh! Oh yeah. Um hai Eddie!" James introduced himself. "How do you know my name?" Eddie asked.


"Uh... oh wait! We didn't meet yet!" Heather slapped her palm against her forehead. "What he means to say is hi and goodbye." Heather muttered as she grabbed James' arm and dragged him outside of the room. "That was an epic fail." James thought. "So does your Heather Beam work?" James asked. "Uh... I think so." Heather responded.

"Cheryl right?" Henry asked. "Yeeeaaah?" Cheryl responded. "Yeah, um.... where were you headed?" Henry murmured. "Oh me? I'm recreating memories about my dad and how super awesome he was even though he's dead." She said proudly. "Ooooh riiiiighty theeen. Heh..." Henry ever so slightly leaned away from Cheryl. Alex cocked an eyebrow. "Lemme explain. Right now, you're a figment of my imagination. Which means, I'm not really here. I'm really in a therapist's office discussing how my father's dead and I'm living in a world of memories." She explained. "Well-nice-to-meet-you-bye-crazy-person-who-I-wish-I-never-met." Henry blurted out as he started running with Walter. "OOOOK! Nice meeting you! WAIT UP HENRY!" Alex cried as he dashed after Henry (Who was dragging Walter.)

Heather and James opened another door. "SWEET MOTHER OF HAYZUUS!" James exclaimed. "Hayzuus isn't even a word." Heather pointed out in a 'as a matter of fact' fashion. "I don't care miss smarty pants! LOOK!" James pulled Heather in and she gasped. Pyramid Head was er... you get the idea. "Eww" Heather complained as she ducked into a closet with James. "Oh! This is like watching--- eh... never mind." James shut up before he said something stupid. "HEY LOOK! HEY TRASH CAN!! YOO HOO! LOOK! JAMES SUNDERLAND!" Heather screamed out the cracks of the closet. "SHUT UP!" James screamed again.

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