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The Epic Search for Josh pt 4

Here's what everyone's waiting for! XD Part 5 anyone?

From the moment they stepped foot into the building, Henry had been hearing strange noises. Alex was whistling a cheerful tune, James was muttering to himself about where Mary could be and Heather was looking extremely bored. Henry was cowering behind Alex the entire time they were traversing the stairs. "You know what? I'll wait here while you 3 look around this rather creepy apartment." Henry said with fake optimism as they stopped at a door. Alex sighed impatiently and James glared at Henry.

"Alex, remember I said we were gonna split up? Well now you have a babysitting job." James remarked sarcastically as he and Heather disappeared behind the door. Alex stood there and folded his arms across his chest impatiently. Henry made a gesture with his arms as if to tell Alex to go first. Alex shook his head and made the same gesture. Henry glared at him and held out a clenched fist.

"Best 2 out of 3." Henry declared as Alex smirked and held out a clenched fist as well. "You're on" Alex replied.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors." Henry called. Alex sighed as Henry crushed his 'Scissors' with 'Rock'.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors." Henry called again. "Shit" He muttered as Alex cut his 'Paper' with 'Scissors'.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" Henry called for the 3rd and final time. "SOME BACON JUST GOT BURNED!" Alex cried as he defeated Henry with a 'Paper covers Rock' strategy.

Henry sighed loudly and skulked up the stairs. Alex smiled smugly as he and Henry made it to the 3rd floor without Henry twitching repeatedly or cowering in fear. Alex gave a round of applause and startled Henry into screaming. Alex began to laugh and hold his stomach while Henry glared at him and opened the door. Alex was the first to go through this time.

"Everything looks fine so far." Alex announced as Henry entered the door. "You had to add the last 2 words to further prevent me from relaxing didn't you?" Henry muttered. Alex chuckled lightly and checked the first door to their right. The doorknob twisted easily beneath his hand. Henry went in first and Alex followed. "Hi! We're just some random strangers walking into your apartment searching for some dude's dead wife and a kid. Nothing to worry about." Alex muttered sarcastically as he entered the bathroom and shut the door. Henry waited ever so patiently by the kitchen. "These people at least better have something good to eat." Henry murmured to himself as he opened the fridge door and started digging through the fridge.

Heather tapped her foot impatiently as James opened every apartment door they walked by and called Mary's name. The only thing that kinda freaked her out was a mannequin. James pointed out that it was donned in Mary's clothes; which freaked out Heather even more. Heather was saddened over their latest finding; a corpse slouched in a chair in front of a T.V. The sight brought back some painful memories. Memories she wished never existed.

"I wonder how Alex and Henry are doing." James murmured softly as he and Heather exited the apartment. Heather smirked and had a disturbing visual.

Henry STILL had no luck on finding something edible to eat. Alex was still in the washroom and Henry was growing more irritated by the second. Does it really take someone nearly a half an hour to take a crap? If Alex didn't come out in the next 10 minutes, Henry was leaving without him. Henry started to wonder around; digging in drawers, peeking into closets and whatnot.

"Henry! Get over here right now!" Alex hissed. Henry wrinkled his nose in disgust and grabbed a roll of toilet paper. "Next time, make sure they have toilet paper!" Henry complained as he turned his face away from the open door and tossed in the roll of toilet paper. "Not this you idiot! Come take a look at this!" Alex snapped in irritation. Henry sighed "I'm not gonna look at your shi--". Henry didn't get to finish his sentence as Alex grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against a wall. "Look through the hole in the wall and tell me what you see." Alex said in fear. Henry obeyed and looked into the hole. "Sweet holy apple sauce and pork chop sideburns!" Henry exclaimed. Alex raised his eyebrow and Henry shrugged. "What the hell is that thing?!"

Henry peeked again and cringed in fear. A large, humanoid looking thing was standing in the hallway. Henry gasped as he saw the enormous Pyramid-shaped helmet the thing wore and the large sword it was dragging behind him. Henry looked once more and sighed in relief. The thing was gone. Henry twitched and yelped in realization. If the thing was gone, it could be after them. Alex saw Henry's reaction and made his way to the apartment door. "What's wrong?" Alex asked as he closed the door behind them. "The monsters gone." Henry said slowly. "And that's bad because...?" "Its bad because common sense dude, if a monsters gone..." Henry trailed off. Alex stopped dead in his tracks and Henry walked right into him; causing Henry to crash to the ground. Henry got up and followed Alex's gaze. Henry let out a low cry of fear and disgust. Pyramid Head was right in front of them. He was so close, that if Alex didn't stop, he would've walked right into him.

"Should we run?" Henry asked as he cowered behind Alex. "Oh I don't know. Considering the big sword he's carrying and how big he is... What do you think?" Alex replied. "Shh! We might hurt his feelings if we run. Maybe he wants to be friends. Hey there big dude! We come in peace." Henry tried to introduce himself. Alex looked at Henry incredulously and slapped his palm against his forehead. Pyramid Head grunted and lifted up his sword. Alex grabbed Henry and pushed him aside as he rolled out of the way. If he hadn't done that, he and Henry would be walking around with a big sword sticking out of their chests. Henry screamed and literally jumped into Alex's arms. Alex didn't have time to drop Henry, so he started running as fast as his legs would carry him. Henry was screaming the entire time and gave Alex a headache. Henry screamed even louder and Alex joined in the screaming fest as they reached a dead end.

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