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The Epic Search for Josh Part 9

Josh smiled faintly and watched Alex walk away. Where was he going? Why was he leaving? Josh sighed and rocked back and forth again. "Alex..." He whispered to himself as he looked around. "You need... You need something. I should help!" Josh shouted out loud by accident. He hopped to his little feet and dashed inside the hotel lobby.

Travis sighed and looked at Heather who was tempted to commit suicide. "Oh Mary? My sweet, sweet Mary! Where have you gone? WHERE!?!" James suddenly screamed. Travis forced a smile and leaned away from him. "WHY WHY WHY WHY?!" James screamed once more as he banged his face off of the wall. "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" Heather sighed and tried to pat his back. "Easy there, young James-san." Heather murmured. "I fail to see the logic in this whole affair." Travis mumbled as he folded his arms and rolled his eyes.

"I see it!" Henry grunted as he reached down to try and grab a fire axe. "You can't reach it?!" Alex asked incredulously as he leaned over the edge. "No really?" Henry asked sarcastically. Alex grabbed Henry's hand and lowered him as far as he could to the lower ledge. "Can you reach it now?" "A little lower!" Henry called. Alex lowered him a little more. "GOT IT!"" Henry shouted as Alex pulled him back up. "I want my mommy!" Little Walter cried as he started to rock back in forth. "Your mom's DEAD!" Henry bellowed in annoyance. Alex looked at him like he witnessed an explosion while Walter jutted his lip out a bit. "You... YOU'RE A MEANIE!" Walter screamed as he kicked Henry not once, not twice, not three times, but 4 times in the nads. "AAH!" Henry crashed to the ground and started sobbing. Alex choked back his laughter and started walking back towards the hotel.

Josh looked around uneasily around his surroundings. He wanted to help Alex but how?

WHAM! Josh gasped and whipped around. What was that?

"Godammit Henry! Let me do it!" Someone growled from the doorway. "Alex.." Josh whispered. He wanted to run to Alex but.. he was afraid. Dad always told him Alex was... different. But why should he believe what dad says?


"Show off.." The man he presumed was named Henry. "Josh? Josh is that you?" Alex asked. Josh looked at his older brother and ran away. "Where you going?!" Alex called after him as he started chasing Josh. "Please Alex!" Josh pleaded under his breath. "JOSH!" Henry cried and Walter ran after Josh. "GAAH!" Josh crashed to the ground as the lil brat bit his ankle. "GO AWAY!" Josh cried out. "TAKE ME WITH YOU!" Walter pleaded as he hung onto Josh's leg for dear life. "NO!" Josh shouted as Alex was coming closer. "If you don't, my older self will come and kill you." Little Walter threatened. Josh gulped and grabbed Walter. "SUCK ON THIS HENRY!" Little Walter cackled as he gave Henry the middle finger. "You little shit!" Henry snarled as he grabbed Josh's shoulder. "GET OFF!" Josh cried as he kicked Henry in the nads. "AWW!" Henry screamed as he held himself and rolled around on the ground. Alex leaped over Henry, hopped over a couch and just about grabbed Josh's ankle. Josh disappeared behind a pile of debris with Little Walter. "NO!" Alex bellowed in anger. He almost had him. Why was Josh running away? Alex hit the wall next to him and sighed.

"Mary.." James groaned as Heather and Travis tried to hold him up. "James... JAMES!" Travis sighed and held James' head back into the toilet bowl. "I feel like my chest is caving in!" James groaned as he heaved into the toilet. "Dude! You almost had PH" Heather exclaimed as she pushed James head back into the toilet. "Shut up!" James moaned as he threw up again. "He was raping those monsters Heather! RAPE!" James heaved once more and leaned against the wall. "I think.... I think I'm good for now." Travis sighed and looked around. "We should get going..." He murmured as he looked at the stairs and back at James. "Ugh..." James shook his head and held out his arms. Travis and Heather sighed and helped James to his feet.

(Huh? Part 10? Whats going on with that Part 10?)

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