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The Epic Search for Josh Part 8

The longly awaited sequel lol. Here we continue the events of Homecoming with Henry and Alex. Heather and James run into another lil dude and yeah... NO MORE SPOILERS FOR YOU! *Throws a burrito* Now read. NO YAOI BY THE WAY! Josh just loves his brother Alex. SICK TWISTED FRUIT! xD

"Eww! Is that a dead body?!" Henry asked incredulously as he poked a human body. Or... what was left of one. "I dunno. You check." Alex mumbled as he kicked a rock out of his way. "I'd... rather not." Henry jumped away from the body and cowered behind Alex. Alex rolled his eyes and continued forward. "Hey is that...? JOSH!" Alex shouted. Henry jumped and looked around. Alex's voice echoed in the rather creepy fog. "Mama said I shouldn't talk to strangers!" The little boy suddenly cried as he appeared from in front of the car and started running towards the Grand Hotel. "That sneaky little shit." Alex grumbled as he dashed for the kid. Henry was amazed at how incredibly fast Alex was. However, Alex was so caught up on finding his little brother that he smashed his face off of some boards. Josh crawled under them and curled up into a little ball. "GODAMMIT!" Alex shouted as he examined the boards and Josh. Josh seemed... different. "We need something to break down the boards." Henry pointed out as he placed his hands on his hips and shook his head. "Stop trying to look like Owen Wilson." Alex snickered. Henry gave him the middle finger and kicked the boards. "Oh I know I'm number 1. See this? Buy one, get one free." Alex held up both his hands and gave him the middle finger from both. "PWNED!" Alex shouted as Henry couldn't come up with a good comeback. "I want my mommy!" Little Walter whined. Henry groaned and Alex laughed.

Josh was scared as hell. Was that really his brother Alex? Did he come back from the military? Is he really here? Or was it a figment of his imagination? Josh will never know until he finds out. "See this? Buy one get one free." Josh heard Alex say to someone. He missed his brother so much. But then again, his father didn't want Josh to have anything to do with Alex. Josh suddenly smiled as he remembered something.

"Dar dar! WAARRNG CHA BOW! RAAAR raoor aar CHA BOM!" Josh made a bunch of guitar noises as Alex held up his voice recorder.

"That's it little buddy! Keep going!" Alex laughed. He and his little brother rarely spend time together.

"Josh? JOSH! What are you doing?!" Adam asked incredulously as he walked into their room. Adam was furious as hell with Alex.

"Relax dad. We're just making a Radio Show." Alex said in a 'as a matter of fact' fashion.

"Alex, go downstairs." Adam ordered. He needed to talk to Josh privately.

"Why?" Alex whined. He didn't do anything wrong! Playing with his little brother was against the rules now or what

"Just do it!" Adam snapped.

"Fine!" Alex growled as he got up from the floor and stomped out the door. Just to be spiteful, he slammed the door closed behind him.

"Am I in trouble?" Josh asked sweetly. If anything, he hated getting his brother into trouble. Alex didn't do anything wrong this time however.

"No of course not." Adam replied.

"Then why are you yelling?" Josh pressed. His dad shouldn't yell at him or Alex.

"I'm not yelling AT you. Listen to me Josh, don't you think this is a little too silly for you? Do you want to end up like Alex? Playing all this make-believe?" Adam asked as sweetly as he could. Adam felt a sharp pain in his heart. He loved both his kids equally. If it wasn't for that damn pact their family made all those years ago, Adam wouldn't have to live with the guilt of killing one of his kids.

"I don't know." Josh answered truthfully.

"Alright. From now on, just let Alex play with his own friends okay? And if you need a friend, you come talk to me. Got it?" Adam sighed in relief and replied.

"Yes sir!" Josh saluted.

"I Miss you Alex." Josh mumbled to himself. "I want you to come back home." Josh began to rock himself back and forth. "Please come home." He chanted to himself quietly. "I-I-I need you." Josh started crying. He loved his brother beyond words. His father always kept them apart and Josh was starting to lose the feeling of having a big brother. And that was scaring him. Soon, he'll forget Alex and memories will fade.

"Dumbass." Heather laughed as she saw James fire at the creepy monster. "Shut up! You attracted him towards us in the first place!" James pointed out as the bullets ricketed off the big dude's head. "Men can't resist my good charms." Heather chuckled once more. "I'm sure the only men that can't resist are the dead ones." James shot back as he kept shooting Pyramid Head. "Asshole." Heather muttered as she kicked him in the groin. "Mommy." James groaned as he hunched over to hold his tidbits. "Pwned." Heather stepped on James' body and posed like a super hero. "Ow." James groaned. "Shake it off cry baby." Heather muttered. "AAAH! ITS HERE! HEATHER PROTECT ME!" James screamed as Pyramid Head stopped right in front of the closet door. Heather shook her head and watched it walk away. "It's gone chickenshit," Heather chuckled as she helped James off the ground. "ARGHBLEEHGK!" James was choking. Heather hit his back 7 times before James spit out... a key? "EWW! SICK TWISTED FRUIT!" Heather cried as the key landed on her foot. There was a light knock on the door. "WHO THE HELL IS IT?!" James shouted.

"Travis Grady now open up sucka." Travis choked back his laughter. "LOOK MAN! HERE-HAVE-MY-WALLET-THERE'S-MONEY-PLEASE-DON'T-HURT-ME-I'M-INNOCENT!" James barged out from the closet and stuffed the wallet into Travis' hand. "Whoa man. I was just kidding." Travis laughed and handed over the wallet. "Nice one there Travis!" Heather high fived Travis and James scowled. "I hate you people." James grumbled as he tucked his wallet away.

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