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The Epic Search for Josh Part 10

Mandy forced me to do it.

Henry was happy as hell right now. No more annoying little Walter threatening to kill him and destroy his sanity. "Gotta get Josh." "You mean find Josh." Henry corrected Alex. "Yeah whatever." He grumbled as he looked around the lobby. "Don't worry Alex. We'll find him." Henry placed a comforting hand on Alex's shoulder and smiled warmly.

James, Heather and Travis exited the apartment. "Oh woe is me and me is woe." James babbled on about random crap. Travis clutched his toaster for dear life while Heather complained about it being foggy. "Rosewater Park." Travis read the sign aloud. "Mary!" James cried excitedly as he jumped over a bunch of small trees and shrubs. "AAAH!" James screamed suddenly. "You're not Mary!" "No shit sherlock. I'm Maria." "You could be her twin. I mean the only thing that's different if your hair and clothes." Heather and Travis rolled their eyes. "Mind if I uh... Tag along with you?" She asked flirtasiously. Heather mimicked her silently while Travis stared at her googly eyed.

Mandy was at work in Brahms. Nothing special. Just waiting for her lazy friend Jean to ger her ass in gear and help her find some missing people. "There you are!" Mandy growled as she watched Jean strut into her office with a few shopping bags, some food and carrying a drink in her right hand. "Where the hell were you?" Mandy demanded as Jean set her bags down and threw her feet on her desk. "Sorry doll, I had some shopping to do." "Shopping?! SHOPPING?! We're looking for missing people here and all you're doing is 'shopping'?!" Mandy asked incredulously as Jean took a sip of her soda. "Sounds just about right." Jean responded. "Well take a look at these posters. We're looking for Henry Townshend, Alex Shepherd, Joshua Shepherd, Travis Grady, James Sunderland and Heather Mason." "And that means what to me?" Jean asked sarcastically as she sipped her soda again. Mandy was infuriated. She reached over her desk and grabbed Jean's collar and pulled her down to the desk do Jean's face was smashed against it. "WE. ARE. GONNA. LOOK. FOR. THEM." "AGH! OK OK OK!" Jean groaned as she squirmed under Mandy's grip. "Let's go." Mandy snarled as she grabbed Jean by the ear and dragged her out of her office. "Hey! You can't do this to me!" Jean whined as Mandy dragged her to their police car and opened the passenger door. "I'm an officer of the law dumbass." Mandy responded as she pushed Jean into the cruiser and shut her door before sliding across the hood like The Dukes of Hazzard to her side of the car. Jean mimicked her silently as she buckled up.

"Jump across!" Alex cried as Henry sat there and looked across the gap. "No! What if I fall?" Henry asked silently. "Dude---" "Shut up." Henry mumbled as he jogged backwards. He was gonna run and launch himself across. "One Two THREE!" Henry ran full tilt and leaped across. Alex looked away. "MADE IT!" Henry cried as he threw his arms up into the air. "Damn." Alex exclaimed as Henry banged his head off of the toolbox. Alex smirked and walked around the gap. "Elevator shaft." Alex mumbled as he patted Henry on the shoulder.

"Shut up!" Josh groaned as he gave Walter a piggyback ride up the stairs. "I WANT MY MOMMY!" Walter screamed as he clunked Josh on the head with a rock. "I'll leave you here alone." Josh threatened. "Go ahead! I'm not scared to be alone!" "Alrighty then." Josh let go of Walter's legs and continued to walk. "Hey! Heey! DONT YOU LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!" Walter scrambled to his little feet and ran after Josh.

"Turn on the radio for petesake." Jean whined as she reached over and turned it on herself.

"Blue Sky to forever. Green grass blows in the wind, dancing."

"OH HELL YEAH!" Mandy shouted as she turned the radio up louder and sang along. Jean plugged her ears and turned the station.

"Bless me with your gift of lights. Rightous calls and judgement nighs."

"YEEEAAAH!" Jean cheered as she nodded her head wildly to the music. Mandy was disturbed by the lyrics and changed it back. "Hey!" Jean whined as she turned it again. "Leave it!" Mandy growled as she changed it back once more. "DEER!" Jean shouted suddenly. "Whatever you say HONEY." Mandy growled in response. "NO A DEER!" Jean cried as she jabbed a finger out her window. "OH SHI--" Mandy turned the wheel adruptly to prevent hitting the little guy. "DAMN IT MANDY! BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR MANIAC DRIVING I SPILT COFFEE ON MYSELF!" Jean screeched as she flailed her arms and pointed at her police uniform. "Looks good on you." Mandy chuckled as she watched the deer scamper away. Mandy straightned out the wheel and continued to drive.

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