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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 9

(Almost double digits baby! YEAH!)

"What?! I-I-It's the shopping mall. Just like before..." Heather murmured. "Am I back?" She asked again softly. Brad and Cheryl looked at each other and then looked at Isaac. "We... We should get going." Aiden said as persuasive as possible. "Right..." Heather trailed off again and started leading the way. "You kids should get home... your parents must be worried sick about you." Heather mumbled. "I don't mind going for a little trip." Isaac perked up. "Neither do I... you're epic." Mandy butted in. "I'm sorry, but this is a trip only I can take. It's too dangerous for you to come along. I... I have to go home. I have to see dad. He must be worried and stressed. It was nice--" Heather was cut off immediately by Mandy. "Look, I don't care if your dad has a cow and a sheep with a barn. You met us and now you're stuck with us got it? No ands ifs buts or maybes, we're your friends and we're not leaving you... Except Isaac of course." "SHUT UP!" Isaac shouted as he pushed Mandy playfully. "Fine, fine..." Heather grumbled as she crawled under a shutter. "MY ASS IS STUCK!" Cheryl cried from behind them. Everyone burst into laughter. Heather stopped laughing and started walking as fast as she could with everyone behind her.

"HEATHER!" A man called.

Cheryl jumped and Mandy twitched. The boys were too calm and relaxed to really give a damn about it. "It's you..." Heather muttered as she looked Douglas square in the eye. "What just happened?" He asked as he held out his arms. "You must be one of them!" Heather raised her voice as she strutted over to Douglas while pointing at him. "What did I do? What do you mean by 'one of them'?" He asked incredulously as he pointed towards himself. Cheryl and the rest lingered behind to let Heather and her friend talk alone. "And he was not one of them!" Isaac chuckled. Aiden and Isaac looked at each other and connected fists. "You're in on this with that Claudia aren't you?" Heather accused. "Claudia? What about her? She asked me to find you thats all." Douglas tried to defend himself from this raging teen. "So you are one of them!" Heather jabbed a finger at Douglas. Mandy grabbed Aiden and Isaac's heads and banged them together. "Play time is over!" She hissed. "Claudia did all that? Look, I was just hired to find you. I'm not on any body's side. I don't know anything about this! Why don't you start by telling me what happened here. And that monster... What the hell was that?" Douglas asked Heather. "I don't know anything more than you do. All I know is that things are getting really... screwy... around here and I got a weird feeling that it has something to do with me..." Heather admitted. "Maybe I'm just an innocent bystander but, I-I-I can't feel sorry for you because you dragged me into this! You know, if you hadn't found me---" Douglas waved his hands and shook his head. "What are you talking about? What's so special about you anyway?" Heather was really annoyed right now. "If I knew that, I wouldn't be so confused would I?" Heather asked sarcastically. "I... I know theres something... something I've been running from and... forgot for a long time." Heather murmured softly as she walked around in a small circle. Heather pressed her lips together and placed her hand under her chin. "How did I remember that?" She asked herself. "What's wrong?" Douglas asked softly. If anything, he REALLY didn't want to be on her bad side. "Nothing." Heather said quickly before walking at a fast speed to the stairs that led to the subway. Mandy, Isaac, Cheryl, Brad and Aiden followed after her. "Where're you going?" Douglas called after the group. "I'm taking the subway home." Heather simply replied as she started dashing down the stairs. "What should I do?" Douglas asked as he stood there helplessly. "Hell if I know." Heather responded sarcastically as they disappeared down the stairs.

"You showed that detective who's BOSS!" Mandy cheered as they sped down the stairs. "Yeah man! Pretty epic." Isaac chided in as Heather hung a sharp left. Cheryl stayed silent and looked around nervously. She knew something was wrong but what? More monsters? No, can't be.... "I need to go home." Heather announced as they made it to a bunch of stairs. "Where--" "Platform 4 and from there, I have to take the train to Bergen street where my home is." Heather responded brusquely. Isaac was taken aback by Heather's sudden change of mood but decided this was not the time to judge Heather. "Whats wrong?" Mandy asked. Isaac hunched his shoulders and scowled over at her. "That is none of your concern." Heather snapped as they jogged down a set of stairs. "DAMN IT!" Heather shouted as she kicked the big blue door. "What? Oh." Brad muttered as he examined the door. It was bound together with a chain and a Screw wedged in between. "We need... a Nutcracker." Cheryl announced as she examined the scene. "Looks like we need to split up and search for it then." Heather decided. "Cheryl and Mandy, you're coming with me. Isaac and Brad, you follow Aiden." Mandy squealed and did a little happy dance. "AWESOMENESS!" Mandy squealed as she started playing Air Guitar (Yes by air guitar I mean imaginary guitar. Insane isn't she? huh? TREES! Pretty trees...) Heather raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "Lets get moving then." "I'm the eldest in this group!" Aiden cheered as he started leading the way.

"Hey Heather... I found something!" Cheryl called as she picked up a magazine from the ground. "Take a look at this!" Cheryl held up the magazine and read aloud as Heather and Mandy gathered around.

"The souls of those who died suddenly by suicide or accident don't realize they're dead. Sometimes they stay put and haunt that particular place. These spirits have lost their human senses and memories and can only keep replaying the pain and sadness of the moment they died. The pain can get so bad that they turn to humans for salvation -- or they begrudge humans their lives. At such times they can possess humans. Places known as "famous suicide spots" or "high-accident areas" are often to blame. You should be careful when approaching such locations, especially on the day or at the time the death occurred. That is, if you don't want it to happen to you, too..."

Mandy and Heather looked at each other and shuddered. "I'll... hold onto that." Heather muttered as she tucked the magazine into her vest. "We should continue..." Mandy trailed off as she started down some stairs on the left. "EEEP!" Mandy screamed and ran back up. "NEVER MIND!" Heather raised an eyebrow and started down the left set of stairs. "Yo Isaac! Check this out!" Brad called as he held up a newspaper article. "Busy doing something. Don't bother me." Isaac complained as he was investigating the vending machines. "Fine.. Aiden!" "What?" Aiden jogged over to Brad. "Check this out." Brad started to read aloud.

"Fatal Accident At Hazel Street At about 11 PM on the 4th, a man waiting on the platform at the Hazel Street station fell onto the tracks and was decapitated by the arriving St. Renata College-bound train. The victim died instantly. While police have not yet determined whether the death was an accident or suicide, witnesses report that the victim did not look inebriated and seemed to jump off the platform deliberately. The victim's identity is still unknown. He was approximately 40 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, and was wearing a black jacket."

Aiden shuddered and snatched the newspaper away from Brad. "Don't curse us..." Aiden grumbled as he tucked the newspaper away. Isaac began kicking the vending machine repeatedly in an attempt to grab a bag of Doritos. "Lemme help you with that." Aiden said smugly as he elbow smashed the glass and viola; they gained access to a bunch of goodie good goodness.

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