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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 8

(LOL WOW! That was fast xD)

"It's so dark and... High." Cheryl mumbled. "Scared of heights?" Brad asked as he struggled to not step on Aiden's hand. "Sorta." Cheryl responded as she missed Brad's hand. "Watch it!" Isaac mumbled as Mandy crushed his poor lil fingers. Heather sighed in irritation as they all decided to bicker at each other for no reason.


"OH SHI---" Heather screamed as the ladder snapped. "WHOA WHOA WHOA! CALM THE HELL DOWN!" Brad screamed as Cheryl threw herself into a panic. "We're gonna die!" Cheryl repeated over... and over... and over... you know what? I lost count. She screamed repeatedly okay?

"OOF!" Heather grunted as she landed flat on her back. Isaac landed on top of her. Mandy landed on top of Isaac. Aiden landed on top of Mandy. Brad landed on top of Aiden and Cheryl was no where to be heard or seen. "Cheryl?" Heather called up as they all got off of each other and looked around. "What?" Cheryl mumbled. "Oh there-- WHAT THE HELL?" Brad screamed. Cheryl was dangling off the upper half of the now destroyed ladder. "I can't get down!" She cried as she hung on for dear life. "I'll catch you!" Heather called up. "NO!" Cheryl called back down. "Trust me! I'm a professional at catching things!" Isaac called. "Professional at catching flies in your mouth." Mandy chuckled darkly. "Enough out of you!" Isaac cried as he threw a piece of debris at Mandy (Who neatly dodged the incoming attack.)

Cheryl took a deep breath and let go.

"OWW!" Someone cried from beneath her. "Aiden... are you alright?" "I CAN'T BREATHE!" Aiden gasped. Cheryl landed on Aiden's back. "My oopsies." Cheryl apologized as she got off of him and helped him up. "SHH!" Heather hushed as the ground beneath them trembled.

Don't know how to describe a growl so just pretend there's a deep menacing tone.

"MEEEOWWW!" Something growled from a dark hole.

"What the hell?"

"What the hell?"

"WHAT THE *BEEP*" OOOK! Heh.... That was NOT supposed to happen!

"Are we fighting a giant cat or what?" Mandy and Isaac started laughing hysterically. Heather and Aiden threw themselves to the ground gasping for air. Cheryl was snorting and Brad was holding his ribs. "Ok! *giggle* LETS DO THIS IN AN EPIC YET INTENSELY AWESOME WAY!" Heather cried as she whipped out her Handgun. Cheryl pulled out a metal baseball bat and Mandy grabbed the Saber Beam. "HI-YAAH!" Aiden and Isaac cried as they reached into their back pocket and pulled out a... kitten? "Oh Juliet!" Isaac purred as he cuddled his pet cat. Aiden raised an eyebrow as he held up his kitten. Heather and Mandy looked at each other while Brad was struggling to grab his ultimate weapon of choice: a frying pan. "D'aww! You have a cooler weapon than me" Aiden whined as he stomped his foot. "Enough talk... LETS FIGHT!" "Thats from Kung Fu Panda." Cheryl pointed out. "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!" Heather shouted as she shot at the monster. "By the way, thats a Split Worm." Mandy murmured as she prepared to lunge. "Whopdie Doo Bazel!" "What?" "Nothing!" Isaac muttered as he played with Juliet.


"That was.... fast." Brad said in awe as the Split Worm died in 3 seconds. "MEEEEEOW!" It purred before disappearing into thin air. "Okay man! That meow has to go PRONTO!" Isaac shuddered as he clutched Juliet closer. "See ya at home Juliet." Isaac cooed as he let go of his cat and looked around. "D'aww! And I was prepared." Cheryl pouted while Aiden let go of his cat.

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