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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 7


"CHEESE AND RICE!" Isaac gasped as everyone settled down and looked around. "What the hell was that for?" Cheryl grumbled. "I think I just shat myself." Mandy mumbled. Everyone raised an eyebrow and looked at her incredulously. "Randomness." Mandy blushed and looked down. "Who's that?" Cheryl asked as she poked Aiden in the ribs. "I AM THE FORCE!" Aiden shouted as he whipped out a Laser Beam and swung it around. "I am your father." Isaac said in a deep voice.


Cheryl yelped and looked around. "In La La Land are we?" Mandy teased as she poked Cheryl again. "I must watch Star Wars." Cheryl mumbled as she looked at Aiden. "What chu say about my mama?" Aiden asked. "I say nothing!" "I'm Aiden..." Aiden shook hands with Cheryl. "You're not about to say 'I am the force' are you?" "What?" "Nothing." "LOOKIE LOOKIE HERE! A SHINY PENNY!" Isaac squealed with delight as he snatched up a coin. "Mine!" Mandy growled as she tried to snatch it from Isaac. "ENOUGH!" Cheryl cried as they began to slap at each other. "I'm hungry." Cheryl grumbled. "Oh I---" "NO COOKED DOG!" "......" Isaac shut up almost immediately. "You ate that dog?!" Heather asked incredulously. "I was hungry." Mandy grumbled as she kicked the ground shyly. "Sick..." Aiden grumbled. "We should find a way out... No?" Isaac asked as he cowered into Aiden and Aiden cowered into Heather. "Yeeeaaaaaah." Cheryl said slowly as she nodded.

Heather whistled a cheerful tune and skipped down the hallways. "I have to use the washroom." Isaac whined. "Hold it in!" Mandy groaned. "I can't!" "Hurry up!" Heather groaned as she stopped by the mens washroom and waited outside with the girls.

"Hurry up dude." Aiden grumbled as Isaac opened every stall and finally decided on the last one. "Shut it." Isaac growled as he shut the door. Aiden sighed and leaned against the washroom sink.


"Isaac is that you?" Aiden asked. No answer. "Come on Isaac! This isn't funny." "It wasn't me man." Isaac grumbled from the stall. Aiden shrugged and closed his eyes.


Aiden twitched as the weird noise grew louder. "Isaac, are you alright?" "Leave me alone." Isaac mumbled. Aiden broke out into a sweat. If it wasn't Isaac...

"OOGA BOOGA ME TINKIN ME TINKIN!" Someone shouted as he burst through from the air vent in the ceiling. "SWEET HOLY APPLESAUCE! ISAAAC!" Aiden screamed as he ran out of the washroom and crashed into Heather. "What the duce?" Heather asked surprised as Aiden hugged her waist. "There's a big, scary monster in there!" Aiden whimpered as he hugged Heather's waist tighter. "You saw Isaac's crap?" Mandy and Cheryl burst into laughter. "Whoa... Sorry I scared you." A boy peeked out from the washroom and smiled sweetly. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Aiden asked as he ducked behind Heather and whimpered once more. "I'm Brad." He held out his hand and blushed. "Ass!" Aiden shouted once more. "I said sorry." "I'm Cheryl. This is Aiden, Heather and Mandy." Cheryl introduced. "AND ISAAC TOO!" Isaac flew out of the washroom and posed like a super hero. Heather looked at Aiden and kicked him square in the mouth. "Score 7 for Heather!" Cheryl cried as she held up a sign saying 'Heather 7'. "WOOO!" Mandy called as she held up a white flag with Heather's picture on it. "YEAH!" Isaac called between a mouth full of food. Brad clapped and Aiden was dizzy as hell. "Mommy, I can't feel my face." Aiden grumbled as he twirled around and fell on his back. "OH WOE IS ME!" He gasped as he pressed a hand to his face. Everyone rolled their eyes and stepped over him. "HEY! I'm dying over here!" Aiden called. Mandy turned around and stuck her tongue out. "HEY WAIT FOR ME!" Aiden scrambled to his feet and ran after them.

Brad sighed and folded his arms. "I think we insert the stone THERE!" He mumbled impatiently as he jabbed a finger at a round indent. Heather and Cheryl stomped the Walnut to living hell and inside it (to Aiden's surprise) was a Moonstone. "See! I told you!" Aiden chuckled as Heather stretched on her tippy toes and placed the stone in the indent. "Can it meatball!" Heather growled as she kicked the door open and crouched with her gun ready. "It's clear." Heather announced as she walked over to the 'railing'. "Is that a ladder?" Cheryl asked as she squinted in the semi darkness. "I think so." Should we go down?" "We have to!" Heather cried as she grabbed Cheryl and Isaac by the arms and dragged them over to the ladder. "Here goes nothing." Heather grumbled as she went down the ladder; plunging herself and her friends into unknown danger and darkness.

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