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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 6

Aiden and Heather were about to head back down when they noticed a weird-looking door. "What does it say?" Heather asked impatiently as Aiden crouched to read some kind of red writing. "Lemme see... It says:

Piling up the 300th day and night

From beyond the door cries of pain are heard

And the final destination has become real

Though not a blessing"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Heather asked ignorantly as Aiden sighed in irritation. "What do you think it means? Its obviously a riddle!" Aiden snapped. Heather scowled and looked around. "Looks like we need some kind of stone to enter though." Aiden pointed out as he ran his fingers across a round indent on the upper right hand corner. "FREAKING FABULOUS!" Heather shouted as she kicked the door. "Careful its---" "OWW SONUVABEESTING!" Heather screamed as she caressed her foot. "Metal." Aiden muttered. Heather gave him the middle finger and limped down the hallway. "Feisty little thing aren't you?" Aiden chuckled as Heather kicked the wall in anger and cried out in pain again.

Cheryl sighed and leaned against the wall in an attempt to stay out of Isaac and Mandy's way. They were trying to open a door which if they read the map correctly, led to a open area on the 3rd floor. Isaac was obsessed with the idea of a Chinese Restaurant. "All we're gonna find is..."

"A flashlight." Aiden murmured as Heather kicked the door repeatedly in an attempt to kick it open. "What are you, some kind of psychic?" Heather asked as she grunted and kicked it again. "ITS NOT OPENING!" She finally shouted. "That's because you PUSH the door open." Aiden muttered sarcastically as he turned the doorknob and viola! It opened. Heather scowled fiercely before opening the door and stepping through. "So where's this 'flashlight' you speak of?" Heather asked as she started rummaging through the boxes. "Feel a sharp pain?" "Sorry what?" "Nothing." Aiden grumbled. "I can't find it." Heather announced as she sighed and slumped down on the nearest box." Nothing here either." Aiden announced as well as he stretched on his tippy toes and examined the shelves. "Hmm... Maybe we should turn the lights off." "And what good would that do?" Aiden grunted as he started climbing the shelves to newer heights. "Maybe it's on and we can spot it easier in the darkness?" "That doesn't make sense but I'll listen to you anyways." Aiden grumbled as he jumped off of the shelf and shuffled over to Heather. "And where did you get that idea?" Aiden asked as Heather examined the walls. "It says right here: Turn the lights OFF and you'll find what you're looking for." Heather read aloud from a small panel on the wall. "That makes boat-loads of sense." Aiden flicked off the light switch and he and Heather were surrounded in darkness.

Cheryl was scared of the roasted dog on the table in the Chinese Restaurant. Isaac was keeping himself entertained by poking it with a stick and Mandy was busy... grabbing herself a fork and knife. "What? I'm hungry and its food dammit." Cheryl went around the bar and threw up. Heh... right where Heather barfed. "Come on! It's not as bad as it looks!" "Yummy." Isaac muttered as he grabbed a fork and a knife as well and dug in. "Why did I end up with you two?" Cheryl groaned as she saw Isaac stick it's... tail in his mouth. "Because you're epic." Mandy said between a mouth full of cooked do--- I mean food. "Oh why thank you... NOT!" Cheryl grumbled as she dug into her pockets for a granola bar. "I'm stuffed." "YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK!" Cheryl screamed as Isaac was about to explain the best meal he ever had

"I CAN'T SEE!" Aiden screamed as he stumbled around looking for Heather. "I FOUND IT!" Heather shouted... right by Aiden's ear. Aiden screamed again and fell on top of some boxes. "Whooops... anywho, I found the flashlight." Heather announced grandly as she posed her signature butt-kicking pose.


"Good for you." Aiden grumbled as he heaved himself up from the boxes. "Lets header down shall we?" Heather asked as she opened the door and passed the flashlight down to Aiden. "Agreed." Aiden responded. Heather roamed down the escalator and opened the door to the right. "OH LOOKIE HERE! A WALNUT!" Heather squealed with delight as she raced over to the hard-shelled delicacy and tried to crack it open. "Cheap thing won't break!" Heather whined as she waved her arms frantically in the air. "That's because it has a moonstone in it." "A what?" "Randomness." Aiden grumbled as she shuffled past Heather and looked around. "Nothing interesting here." Heather mumbled as she exited the store of some sort.

"EWW! GET IT AWAY!" Cheryl cried as Mandy dangled a stuffed rabbit in her face. "D'aww whats wrong? Someone too CHICKEN to hold this?" Mandy taunted. Isaac was busy examining the blood soaked stretchers in the room they entered. "Frankly, YES I AM!" Cheryl pushed Mandy away again and failed... again. Isaac finally gave up and sighed. "Its shaped like a person." "No shit sherlock." "What?" "Nothing." Mandy grumbled as she examined the room... a little bit. Kinda... not.

"EPIC FREAKING BOREDOM!" Heather screamed. "EPIC ANNOYANCE!" Aiden shot back. "EPIC WHAT THE HELL?" Heather shouted back. They were bickering like this... for sometime now. Heather looked around and sighed as she heard someone talking on the other side of a steel door. Heather kicked the door open and aimed her gun.


Everyone screamed including Heather herself.

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