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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 5

(Damn you Mandy and Isaac for pressuring me xD Guess who's Cheryl?)

"Hmm... Nothing here." Heather announced. "Whoopdie doo." Aiden muttered sarcastically. Heather rolled her eyes and was about to exit the washroom.


"Whoa." Aiden exclaimed as the loud creak made him jump. Heather turned around and the bathroom stall opened slowly. Heather sighed and peered into the stall

"NO! You look!" "Screw that!" "Go to hell!" "You go to hell!" Mandy and Isaac were bickering like this the entire time. Isaac and Mandy were roaming around aimlessly trying to find a way downstairs. Or, the next level where they think Heather is. "Why should I look down the elevator shaft?" Isaac whined as he stomped his foot. "Because I said so!" Mandy responded. Isaac finally peered down the shaft. Nothing. "Well, we can't go THAT way." Isaac mumbled. "Oh hey look! Why don't we go back the way we came from and go down the emergency stairs?" Mandy asked. "Good idea. But, its--" "We can climb over them!" Mandy cried over her shoulder as she ran down the hallway and re-entered the bookstore. Isaac was stumbling after her. Mandy leaped over the dead Closer, opened the door, ran down the hallway, jumped over the dead Numb Body, opened a door and started running down the stairs. Isaac was having a tough time keeping up with her.

"EWW! BLOOD!" Heather screamed as she whipped around and ran towards the door. Aiden examined the mess and shrugged.. "Let's go!" Heather cried as she grabbed Aiden's arm roughly and rushed him out the door. "Come on!" Heather shouted as they entered a random door. "D'aww." Aiden whined as he looked around amazed. All around him, it was dark and there was a TV turned on with static emitting from it. "Lets go up the escalator." Aiden suggested as Heather looked like she was about to collapse. "Yeah. Escalator. Cool. Lets go." Heather was baffled as to why everything was so.. .dark. It was like the mall was abandoned. "Come on Heather. Maybe we'll fine someone to help us." Aiden persuaded. Heather shook her head and started up the escalator. It wasn't moving at all. "Restaurant's up ahead." Aiden pointed out. "No shit sherlock." Heather grumbled as she opened the door.

"WHOA SHIT!" Isaac cried as he slipped on a pellet and nearly fell down the stairs. Mandy shushed him and pressed her ear against a door. "Eww Eww EWW! I can't see you, I don't wanna hear you. MONSTER! COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE! EEEEP!" A girl squealed from the other side. Isaac tried to jump kick the door.

Mandy was 100% sure she was gonna die from laughing too much.

Isaac FAILED that kick and ended up bouncing back from the door. "Moron!" Mandy laughed as she sat on the stairs and held her stomach. Isaac was crying out in pain as he rolled around on the floor holding his right foot. Mandy opened the door and stopped laughing. Inside, there was a girl cowering in fear from a... Pendulum? No, must be something else. Oh right! A Closer. "AAAH!" She screamed again as she ran over towards Mandy and Isaac. "I DONT WANNA DIE!" She screamed in Isaac's face. Mandy looked at the girl with an eyebrow raised. "Who are you?" Mandy asked as she saw the Closer TOTALLY ignore them and walk around the corner. "Cheryl." She simply responded. "Nice to meet you Cheryl. Now if you don't mind, I'm looking for some people. Have you seen a girl? Blond hair? About 17 years old?" "Uh... no." Cheryl shrugged and looked around. "Otherworlds are scary." She pointed out as she gestured to the hallway they were in. "Uh huh..." Mandy trailed off as she looked around and layed her eyes upon a dimly lit hallway. "AWESOME." Isaac exclaimed as he picked up a piece of paper. "Robbie the Rabbit dolls on sale! Wootness." The girls slapped their palms against their foreheads and proceeded down the hallway.

"Yum... Roasted Dog." Aiden muttered sarcastically. "Disgusting. Who the hell would make something like this? Furthermore, who the hell would eat it?" Heather poked the Roasted Dog and a key fell out. Heather couldn't take it anymore. She went around the bar and puked to her hearts content. Aiden rolled his eyes and scooped up the key. (Fourth wall breaking xD)) A large message appears saying: "I got a Cooked Key." Heather looks up and sees Aiden posing like a super hero. "What the hell?" Heather looked at Aiden like he grew two heads. "Nothing. Randomness." He mumbled as he placed the Key into his jacket pocket and proceeded out the door with Heather.

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