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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 4 (I can't remember the title lol D:)

I sadly can't remember my own title lol. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL TITLE! (I hope) *working on other stories* Oh and Aiden is actually someone here on the wiki. Not under the name Aiden though xD It's his Story Alias. It's a secret xP

"Rebirth of Paradise. Despoiled by mankind."

"Shh!" Isaac shushed Mandy, who was about to go on a long rant. "Who's Heather talking to?" Mandy whispered to Isaac. "I dunno." Isaac responded. What seemed like an eternity, Heather entered the bookstore with a serious expression. "Let's go." She said. "What's--" "Just listen to me" Heather snapped. Mandy and Isaac looked at each other and dashed out the door. Heather pressed the elevator button and waited patiently. The Elevator doors creaked open and the sound made Mandy shudder. "Let me go first." Heather muttered as she entered carefully. "Hmm seems---" Heather was cut off suddenly and the doors shut. "Wha-- Isaac! Mandy!" Heather screamed as she pounded her fists against the door. "HEATHER!" They both screamed in unison. "No!" Heather whimpered as she could here the kids screaming her name. "How? WHY!" She screamed as she kicked the door. "WHY AM I SO STUPID?!" She screamed again as she took another boot to the door. "I wanna go home. I just wanna go home!" She cried as she slumped in the corner and wrapped her arms around her legs.


"What the hell?" Heather mumbled as she looked around.


"Whoa!" Heather exclaimed as something red bounced off the ground. Heather kicked it towards her with her foot and examined it. "A radio? Is it broken or something?" Heather wondered out loud as she shook it and tossed around in her hands. "Come... No... NO!... Still...Hardly....Can't.....HEATHER! HEATHER......." Heather screamed and dropped the radio. "What in..." Heather shook her head. "I'm losing it. I didn't hear my name. It's all just... a part of my imagination." Heather muttered under her breath. But she was 100% sure she heard her name. The Elevator doors opened suddenly. Heather stood up and grabbed the radio. "Might as well take this piece of crap. Maybe I can sell it to a antique collector or something." Heather wasn't sure about this. The elevator seemed... dirty? Rusty? She couldn't describe it. Heather walked in slowly.


"What the heck?" Heather looked above her. "AAH!" She covered her face. Above her was something... Ah never mind, monsters Heather shuddered. The elevator doors closed behind her suddenly. "WHOA WHOA WHOA!" Heather exclaimed once more. She slumped against the elevator doors and sighed. "Is this a dream? It's gotta be. Not even a kid could believe in this. Not even Isaac or Mandy. But when am I gonna wake up?" Heather mumbled to herself as she rocked back and forth. "Not even a kid could believe in this." She mumbled again. The Elevator doors opened and Heather was disgusted. As far as she could see, everything was either covered in crap or rusty. "Oh Split Heads! Here poochie! Come on!" Heather taunted as she whipped out her Handgun.

-------------------------An Hour Earlier------------------------

"Oh clothes! Many of them! Gotta love clothes..." Mandy grumbled as she looked at some cute shirts. "Was that a Closer?" Heather asked as she examined a dead body. When they entered the store, Heather killed a Closer that was feasting upon a lifeless corpse. "Yeah! Like I said BEFORE!" Mandy snapped. Heather shrugged and put away her newest weapon: A Handgun. "What can I use?" Isaac asked as he opened the cash register. "Sorry kid." Heather apologized.

---------------Back to the present situation---------------

"Take that you mealy mouthed bastard! FEEL THE WRATH OF MY UNHOLY BULLET!" Heather was calling out a bunch of random stuff as she shot the Split Head. "SCORE 6 FOR HEATHER!" She shouted. Heather stomped the dog and walked past it. "Hmm... where do I go?" Heather wondered out loud. "Try going to the washroom." "WHO SAID THAT?!" Heather whipped around and looked everywhere. "Um... hai." A shy boy appeared from around the corner. "Who are you?" Heather asked. "I'm Aiden." "Aiden huh? Why would I need to go to the washroom?" "My friends in there I think. I dunno... It's a woman's washroom and I have common decency." Aiden stated. "Fine..." Heather grumbled as she let Aiden lead the way. "In here." He announced as he gestured for Heather to enter. "I'm not going in alone." "FINE!" Aiden pouted as Heather opened the door and gestured for Aiden to go through. Heather followed and looked around. "Hey? Anyone in here?" Heather called. She could hear sobbing coming from the fourth stall. "Hmm... Knock Knock." "Like thats gonna work." Aiden muttered sarcastically. Heather mimicked him silently and knocked on the stall door. KNOCK KNOCK "Someone's in there." Heather stated. Aiden nodded and looked around. "Hey? It's ok. We're here to help you." Heather tried persuading. Epic fail mind you. "That's not gonna work either." Aiden muttered. "Would you shut up?" Heather groaned as she entered the 2nd stall.

(Fourth Wall breaking)

"Would you like to remove the blockage?" Aiden asked. Heather looked at him with an eyebrow raised and leaned in towards the toilet. "UGH! No way! This is way too gross." Heather turns to look at us. "Who would think of doing something soo disgusting?" "JAMES WOULD!" Aiden suddenly called. They totally forgot what just happened.

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