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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 41

Hai everyone! It's me... again. YEAH I KNOW I'M ANNOYING! POINT IT OUT AND I'LL COME TO YOUR HOUSE WITH A LOADED SHOTGUN! Or a crate full of pillo-- I mean marshmellows. As you can see, I'm pretty random today so don't mind me and start reading! Thanks, I know, you're epic.

"Take that!" Cheryl cried childishly as she stomped on Brad's foot. "You're such a child!" Brad kicked her shin. "You're so... Accenty..." Cheryl looked lost in thought for a moment before she kneed Brad in the groin. "OKAY MAN! THAT WAS A LOW BLOW YOU TOSSER!" Brad groaned as he hunched over and held himself. Cheryl stared at him for a moment before looking back. "Oh hey look! It's... Dante.?" Cheryl squinted in the darkness to get a better look at the oncoming trio.



"BRAD YOU *bleep*!"

"What the hell did I do?"


"WHAT THE *bleep*"




"No really?"

"It wasn't me! IT WAS THE SEAMONKEYS!" Mandy shouted suddenly. Everyone raised their eyebrows and looked over to Mandy. "I have an evil commander named Walter living in my closet commanding evil seamonkeys." She explained. "I'd hate to live with you." Cheryl burst out laughing and walked away from her. "Shut your faggot ass!" Brad grabbed his shoe and tossed it at Cheryl's head. "I'm dead serious!" Mandy justified. Dante blushed the smallest bit when Cheryl snorted and threw herself onto the ground. "Well.. That's helpful..." Vergil trailed off. "Hmm... What's this in Cheryl's pocket?" Heather asked as she pulled a comic book out. "Hmm... Ya-o-eye." Heather tried to pronounce the title. "Hey Cheryl, what's yaoi?" Brad asked randomly. Dante, Vergil and Nero coughed nervously and looked away. "Um.. You see brad, Yaoi is... like... Two men... wrestling...with each other..." Cheryl lied. "Really?" Nero asked dumbfoundly. Vergil and Dante slapped their foreheads while Cheryl's eye twitched. "YAOI!" Nero shouted as he tackled Dante to the ground. "OH GOD! THANKS CHERYL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL EXPLAINATION!" Dante cried out as Nero started to assault him. "What are they playing?" Heather asked. "The stick game." Cheryl lied again. "Can I play?" Heather asked again. "Erm.. When you... Get older..." Cheryl struggled to keep a straight face. Brad's eye twitched while Vergil was prepared to shove Yamato through his head. "OKAY KIDDIES! PLAY TIME IS OVER!" Mandy gasped as she rolled around on the ground.

"FAMMIT!" Bob shouted as she struggled against the rope. "I'll kill them, I swear it!" She growled. "Haaaai!" A cute lil boy with pinchable cheeks stood before her with a puzzled expression. "Hey kid! Yeah, you! UNTIE ME!" Bob demanded. "STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!" He shouted as he pointed at her and ran away. "GODAMMIT! GET BACK HERE!" Bob screeched as the boy disappeared.



"I just wanna say that, if we die, I'll never forget you man."

"If I die, I better be in noodle heaven."


"Welcome..." A male voice greeted. "Oh hey! It's Vinny!" Isaac responded sarcastically. "Vincent." He corrected.

"Well yeah. Doi!"

Aiden randomly guessed where Isaac's leg was and felt lucky enough to kick him. "AAAH! THATS MY GROIN YOU DUMB BASTARD!" Isaac screamed as he crashed to the ground and held himself. Vincent sighed and waited for the two gentlemen to sit down. "Are you ready yet?" Vincent asked impatiently. Aiden kicked his feet up and onto the table while Isaac waved a hand in the air and continued to cry out in pain.

"How would you like to join our evil forces?"

"How would you like to get me a bowl of Shrimp Flavored noodles?"

"I'll take--" Vincent started but Aiden cut him off by grabbing the paper from his hand and tore it into itty bitty pieces. "Dammit! That was the last application form!" Vincent whined.

"What's this?" Mandy asked as she held up a red shoe. "Obviously, we need it for something." Cheryl muttered as she grabbed the shoe and bonked Mandy on the head with it. "Ow!" Mandy cried. "Hey look, I think we might need this for something." Heather called as she held up a chain. "OOOH! I new belt!" Dante chuckled as he snatched the chain away and criss-crossed it around his bare chest. "That's not a belt." Vergil stated the obvious. "Who cares? It's still freaking epic!" Dante giggled like a high-school girl and led the group through a gate. "Hmm... Swing Rocket..." Nero trailed off as Mandy grabbed his Demon hand. "I think we should connect one end of the chain to the ride and the other to that door over there." Brad suggested as he pointed over to the door. "Oh gee, I haven't figured that out yet." Cheryl replied sarcastically. Dante swung the chain around in the air like a set of nunchuks. Too bad Brad (lol that rhymes :P) had to jinx the poor fella. "Watch, he's gonna sack himself in 3, 2, 1..."


"Told ya..."


"Really Brad? You had to jinx a man like that?"


"Sorry Cheryl, but the situation called for it."


"I mean, what if I did that to you?"


"I'd murder you with a shoe. Doi."


Vergil simply stared at Dante before he and Nero walked over to him.

"AND HE WAS LIKE OH MY BALLS!" Nero shouted as he mocked Dante. Dante's hand shot up and flipped Nero the bird while Vergil was tempted to kick him in the nuts again. Heather grabbed the chain Dante injured himself with and pulled Cheryl by the ear. "OW OW OW OW!" Cheryl cried as Heather dragged her onto the ride platform and slung one half of the chain around her shoulders. "Hook this up to here while I hook this end up to the door." Heather quickly explained as she jogged down the platform, jumped over Dante and made it to the rusty door. "Okay!" Heather shot Cheryl a thumbs up before Cheryl connected her half of the chain. "Hit the switch Mandy!" Cheryl called out. Mandy slammed her fist onto the platform and looked at Cheryl innocently. "I didn't mean it literally!" Cheryl sighed in frustration as she walked over to the control booth, pushed Mandy out of the way and flipped the switch herself.

THIS IS BLOODY SHORT AND I NEEED SLEEP! *falls off of her chair* LOL kidding WHO WANTS PART 42?

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