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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 40

Hai everyone! (again) Sorry I couldn't write this sooner. I've been busy making and experimenting with my Vocaloid Synthesizer. And... being Emo :P

"Welcome to the Borley Haunted Mansion. We're so glad you came. Please come inside and look around. When you feel you're ready, go through the door." A monotone voice greeted as Cheryl and Brad entered. "Okay! I'll take you up on your offer, good sir." Brad pointed to the speaker above them and turned to walk out the door. "The other one dumbass." Cheryl rolled her eyes as she grabbed Brad's shoulder and pushed him towards the door in front of them. "As you can clearly see young wise one, I am NOT ready to go through that door okies?" Brad turned around again. "Not so fast." Cheryl muttered as she grabbed his shoulder again. "Okay..." Brad started to walk super slowly. Cheryl slapped her forehead and yanked on his shoulder. "We're going through this door wither YOU like it or NOT." Cheryl stated as she dragged Brad into the room with her. "See? It isn't so bad." She chuckled half-heartedly as the continued to press forward. "I guess so. I mean--"

"Heeeeelp! Heeeeelp!"

"EEEEP!" Brad screamed louder than a banshee and hopped into Cheryl's arms. Cheryl rolled her eyes and dropped Brad flat out on his butt. "Do you hear those voices?" The man asked through the speaker. Brad stared at the bloody hands prints along the wall while Cheryl stared at the bloody smears on the floor. "A family of four was sliced into bloody pieces in this room." The voice continued. Brad shuddered lightly and leaned in closer to the bloody mess. "Oh, the cries of the children..." Cheryl stiffened at those words and looked at Brad incredulously. "The murderer was caught. Do you know why he said he killed his family?" The man asked. "Beats me." Brad replied aloud. Cheryl was tempted to beat his faggot ass with a shoe. (lol) "BECAUSE I FELT I HAD TOO!" The man answered in a different tone. As if he was trying to 'be' the murderer. Brad twitched and leaped into Cheryl's arms again. Cheryl didn't even bother to drop him. "Anyway... I lied. It was all just a joke. I wanted to scare you thats all. The truth is, only ONE person died. By SUICIDE." Suddenly, fake thunder cracked and echoed through out the room. Brad screamed again when a silhouette of a man hanging by rope appeared in the window. Cheryl rolled her eyes. It was just another cheap scare. "Moving on..." Cheryl continued to carry Brad as she opened the door and entered the next room.

Dante, Vergil and Nero wandered around aimlessly when they came across a haunted mansion. "Borley Haunted Mansion." Nero read aloud. "Do you hear that?" Vergil suddenly asked as he cocked his head to the right. "A girl screaming?" Nero asked. "No... like a man hitting puberty." Vergil remarked sarcastically. "How--" Nero cut himself short on his sentence and looked lost in thought. Vergil shook his head and entered through the gate. Dante cowered behind Vergil and Nero. Clearly, someone was scared. *cough* Dante *Cough* "I am not scared!" Dante suddenly blurted out. Vergil and Nero looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "Nothing..." Dante trailed off as Vergil opened the door. "They say if you watch the video... You die!" Dante randomly shouted out again. "Dude, you're scaring me." Nero complained. "I watched the Stupid Files before we left for the mission." Dante explained quickly.

"Borley Haunted Mansion..." Stewie trailed off as he stared at the sign. "Well Rupert, we should wait a little longer for Bob. After all, we just finished watching 3 morons walk in and I'd hate to get tied up in a fight." Stewie muttered to his teddybear. "I say, Lois shall die. After we get out of this cuban nightmare." Stewie muttered... Again.

"Aiden, I'm scared." Isaac whimpered through the black bag over his head. "Me too Isaac. Me too." Aiden replied. "Where are we going?" Isaac asked. "SILENCE!" The man shouted. "NO!" Isaac shouted back. "Isaac, you reta--"


"OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!" Aiden whimpered. "Thanks Aiden. Really, next time we get caught up into a situation like this, I'm soo picking you for my team so you can BACK ME UP." Isaac shouted sarcastically. "I-I-I-I-I like you. I-I-I-I-I love you." Aiden stammered. "WHAT?!" Isaac screamed in a freakishly high pitched voice. "Just some random Vocaloid song my friend forced me to listen to." Aiden explained calmly. The Order soldiers rolled their eyes as they dragged the boys into the Altar.

Random creaking filled the room. Brad hopped down from Cheryl's arms and stared at the man in the chair. To his intense surprise, it was a dummy. No, like a doll thingie YOU GET IT RIGHT? GOOD. "Hmm... Imma try this door." Brad announced as he wandered over to the door beside the desk. "Brad don't--"


"WHAT THE SHIT?!" Brad screeched as he whipped around with lightning speed and jumped back into Cheryl's arms. "--Go over there..." Cheryl finished. She sighed and walked over to the hanging body. "Ohmigod... It's a real body." Cheryl pointed out with horror. Brad whimpered and twitched a little bit when the man over the speaker spoke. "That's Danny. A quiet young man, but quite friendly as you can see. He was SOO eager to meet you. His hometown is New Orleans. But he came here after first losing his way. Oh, maybe you might know where's the path to heaven." The man introduced them to the dead body. "Is...that...chair...rocking...back...and...forth?" Brad asked in between shudders. Cheryl looked over to the chair and nodded. "OH-MY-GOD-LETS-GET-OUT-OF-HERE-PRONTO!" Brad screamed in her face. Cheryl leaned away from Brad and walked over to the other door. "I'm opening it." Cheryl taunted lightly. "Don't you dare." Brad growled.

"I'm opening it."

"Don't you dare Cheryl!"

"See? This is me opening it right now."

"Cheryl, if you so much as lay one finger on that knob, I'll murder you with my shoe."

"I touched it!"




"Oh I'm so scared."

"You should be." Brad grumbled. "I'm going through the door." Cheryl sang song as she stepped through. "No thanks. I'd rather stay here with Danny." Brad folded his arms and looked away. "Okay, suit yourself. I'll let YOU stay here with a dead-body-and-creepy-moving-chair." Cheryl said quickly before closing the door behind her. "...CHERYL! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME HERE YOU *bleep* WANKER!" Brad screamed as reality hit him and he barged through the door. Cheryl was planning on scaring Brad, so she hid behind the door.


"OOOF!" Cheryl grunted as the door smashed her in the face. Brad came barging through panting and looking around frantically. "Oh there you are!" Brad sighed with relief as he grabbed Cheryl's arm and pulled her away from the indent in the wall.

"This Mansion is quite old so please, watch your step." The man warned. Brad was very irritated with this idiot and if he sees him anywhere, he's gonna get an old-fashioned British asskicking! "Brad..." Cheryl trailed off suddenly. "What?" He asked in his famous Accent. "You might wanna duck." Cheryl suggested. "Why?" Brad challenged. "Somtimes, the floor suddenly gives way." The man continued. "And beneath the floor... Is nothing."

"BRAD DUCK!" Cheryl screamed as the ceiling above them suddenly lowered. Brad screamed and pushed Cheryl out from under it. "I'm so sorry. This place is just falling apart. The mechanism is broken you see. It wasn't supposed to stop there. I assure you."

"I swear to god Cheryl, if we see this bastard anywhere, I'm kicking his ass around with my shoe." Brad grumbled. Cheryl choked back her laughter and walked over to the next door. "There's the exit. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Please come back anytime. Or if you prefer, we could come and visit YOU instead." The man dismissed.

"Hey Asshole! Yeah you! The creepy one! If you came and 'visited' me, I'd give you a bloody asskicking you *bleep* wanker! Yeah you heard me, you *bleep* tosser! I'd WHOOP YOUR ASS ALL OVER MAIN STREET UNTIL YOUR INSIDES BECOME PART OF MY SHOE YOU--"

"THATS ENOUGH BRAD!" Cheryl shouted as she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him through the door.

"I'm scared Vergil." Dante whimpered softly. "Suck it up, you crybaby." Vergil replied grouchily. Nero twirled Blue Rose around in his hand and paced back and forth in the lobby. "You go first." Dante decided as he pushed Nero towards the door. "No way!" Nero screeched as he pushed Vergil. "You bloody morons." Vergil grumbled as he opened the door. "Welcome to the Borley Haunted Mansion. We're so glad you came. Please come inside and look around. When you feel you're ready, go through the door." Someone said through the speaker. "WHO SAID THAT?!" Dante cried as he jumped onto Vergil's back. "The dude who runs the Attraction. Duh!" Nero answered as he continued through the door.

"Heeeeelp! Heeeeelp!"

"SHIT VERGIL, WE'RE GETTING OUT OF HERE!" Dante screamed again as he twirled around and reached for the door knob. "Not so fast." Vergil grabbed his shoulder and pushed him towards the other door. "Do you hear those voices?" The man asked. "Yeah I do!" Dante answered in a shakey voice. "No..." Vergil mumbled to himself as he opened the next door. "Why are we in a rush?" Nero asked. "Because, this place is scaring me. Thats why." Vergil quickly explained as he opened the next door.

"Ah... This was SUPPOSED to be the exit." The man sighed with either real or fake exasperation. "Whats that noise?" Brad asked in a panic. "Sounds like something's beeping." Cheryl guessed.


"No Brad, not a bomb." Cheryl sighed. "Oh... Okay." Brad placed his hands on his hips and looked around. "But it seems no one wants you to leave. Everyone REALLY likes you. They want you to stay with us... FOREVER. I have to agree with them."

"BRAD, START RUNNING!" Cheryl screamed as a reddish-orange glow appeared behind them. "Oh Shii---" Brad didn't finish his sentence as he started running after Cheryl. "Don't be afraid. Dying is much easier than living." The man continued. Cheryl shuddered as a wall closed in front of her; blocking her current path and making a new one. "JUST KEEP RUNNING!" She shouted back to Brad. "NO SHIT SHERLOCK." He replied as he caught up to Cheryl and ran beside her. "DOOR!" She screamed as she threw it open and jogged through it. Brad started to breath funny. Probably from all the dust he inhaled. "THERES ANOTHER DOOR!" He shouted over the loud beeping. Cheryl shoulder-checked the door and fell onto the cold concrete. Brad shut the door behind them and slumped down to the ground. "That...was close." He breathed. Cheryl nodded and rolled over and onto her back.

"Duck." Vergil muttered as he ran along the mini-hallway. "AAAH!" Nero and Dante screamed as the ceiling came crashing down. "Told you." Vergil mumbled to himself as he opened the next door and started running. "How do you know SOO much about this place?" Nero asked as the reddish-orange glow appeared behind them. "I have good instincts." He simply replied as he threw the next door open. "OOF!" Dante groaned suddenly. "He ran into the trick wall didn't he?" Vergil asked Nero. "Uh huh." Nero replied. Dante stumbled after the duo while he held his nose. "Are we there yet?" He asked impatiently as Vergil opened a door and fresh air enveloped them. "Yup."

"Wow that was... Fast." Nero grumbled. "Yup and I see Brad and Cheryl." Vergil announced. Dante's head immediately shot up. "Cheryl? Where?"

"Over there." Vergil pointed over to a pair of people pushing, stomping and slapping each other. "My beloved..." Dante trailed off. "Wait... Who is that? Is she with someone else?!" Dante jumped to a conclusion. "Dante--"

"Silence you fool! He shall DIE!" Dante unsheathed Rebellion and ran after the pair. Vergil and Nero put their heads down and followed after their dumbfounded friend.

"Oh hey look! A Robbie toy!" Mandy mused as she grabbed a Robbie the Rabbit stuffed animal. Heather rolled her eyes and looked around. "Damn... Nothing. We should go back to the Mansion." Heather suggested. Mandy moaned and started to play with her Robbie toy. Heather grabbed her by the ear and dragged her to their next destination. "Ow ow ow!" Mandy repeated as Heather opened the gate and walked around until they reached the door. "Why is everyone--" Heather clamped a hand over Mandy's mouth and continued to drag her around. "Hey! That's Danny! Can we say hi?" Mandy asked in a muffled voice. "No." Heather grumbled as she dragged Mandy through the ceiling room and through the hallways with the glow. Let's face it: They're tired from experiencing the same thing over and over and over again.

"Yay! We're outside!" Mandy muttered sarcastically. "Yup. Oh hey, there's Nero, Vergil, Dante, Cheryl and Brad. What's Dante... OH NOES!" Heather suddenly shouted as she dragged Mandy behind her and ran after the trio who were running after Cheryl and Brad.


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