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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 39

Holy crap this is long. Part 40 (omg) Is gonna have everyone's epic battles xD I'd like to thank my fans for making me write this incredibly long series (Even you Brad. Annoying lil twerp xD)So go on! Read! Chop chop lol

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Cheryl trailed off after Isaac removed the duct tape. "Relax Cheryl!" Aiden chuckled as he playfully elbowed her. "I'm dead serious! I feel like something bad's gonna happen or that Heather didn't properly turn the Roller Coaster off." Cheryl continued. Mandy was a little ticked off at Isaac because he shoved more Hot Sauce down her throat. Heather was plain annoyed by everyone and everything. "Sindel must die!" Brad chanted quietly. "Do you hear that?" Heather asked Mandy. "Yeah, what is it?" She turned to look at Cheryl. "Sounds like... something's rumbling. Like... a--"


Cheryl was cut off by Isaac's sudden outburst and was quite taken aback by what she saw. "Just as I predicted!" Cheryl cried. "JUMP!" Heather grabbed Cheryl and Mandy's arms roughly. "I'm scared of heights!" Mandy complained. "I don't care!" Heather leaped off of the track with everyone else following closely behind. Aiden hesitated at first but Brad pushed him off. Hence, the insults involving someone's mama and kidney beans.

"NO DANTE!" Vergil and Nero screamed in unison. Dante was trying to kill a stuffed animal code named Robbie the Rabbit. "He's looking at me funny!" Dante insisted. "Stop it! You're acting like Eddie from Silent Hill 2! You can't kill everything and anyone because of the way they look at you!" Nero argued reasonably. "Why the fudge not?" Dante challenged. "Because... what if Cheryl looked at you wrong?" Nero pointed out smugly. "That's different." Dante mumbled. Vergil was absolutely humiliated by his brother. "Lets go!" Vergil pulled on Dante's arm once more. Vergil stumbled back with Dante and fell into the cotton candy spinner. Dante's hand shot up and accidentally bumped the "start" button. "TURN IT OFF!" They cried as they disappeared in a bunch of pink fluffy clouds of melted sugar and other goody good goodness. Nero was shell-shocked for a moment but regained his focus and started fumbling with the controls. "HURRY! COME ON!" Dante screamed from somewhere in the pink mess. "THERE!" Nero replied as the rotating thing stopped and the pink fluffs of cotton danced around in the air. Nero bit his tongue to keep from laughing. Vergil and Dante were completely COVERED in cotton candy.

"Blast! This isn't Quahog! Where's my Atomic Laser Gun?" Stewie cursed aloud as he looked around. "My word, this is an amusement park. D'oh, where is Brian?" Stewie stumbled to his little feet and checked his pockets. "That accursed women did this! Lois must be around here somewhere. Planning on taking me back to the Womb." Stewie paced back and forth anxiously. "And after she returns me to the Womb, she'll plan..." Stewie trailed off and stopped suddenly. "Hmm... Yes... Well, it would seem that I shall look for a way out of this nightmare first before I kill that sick twisted fruit." Stewie stopped pacing and set off into a random direction.

"I hired you to find the girl and you performed serviceably. What is it now?" Claudia asked calmly. "You lied to me about Heather, lady. I don't like being used." Douglas stated as he stared at Claudia angrily. "Lie? What lie?" Claudia asked with false innocence. "That Heather was kidnapped from you." Douglas informed her. He shuffled his weight but never took his eyes off of her. "But it's true. She was originally one of us." Claudia justified. "But that man Harry Mason stole her away and kept her hidden from us." She sneered as she turned her back."Yeah, but she says she was happy." Douglas snarled with anger. "She was brain washed by him." Claudia replied ignorantly. "Deceived because her true self had not yet awoken." She explained as she turned to face Douglas. "She carries God within her. But when Alessa, Mother of God, truly awakens..." Claudia trailed off and thought of Paradise and how close she was to it. "Yeah? So? Whats gonna happen?" Douglas asked mockingly. "She will usher in the eternal Paradise." Claudia sighed. "What kinda place is that?" Douglas chuckled darkly. How foolish could this woman be? "A place with no pain, no hunger, no sickness, no old age. There will be no greed or war and all will live by God's grace alone." Claudia continued. "No this, no that, no nothing. A 'Paradise' for castrated sheep maybe. Sounds pretty damn boring if you ask me." Douglas replied sarcastically. "I pity you. You still don't understand." Claudia shook her head with dismay. She was very disappointed in these people. How could they not believe in God? Douglas shook his head lightly and held his handgun up. He aimed it directly at her face and sighed. "You're going to kill me? Is it really so easy for you?" Claudia asked calmly and sarcastically. "I've done it before." Douglas responded coldly. "Then I truly do pity you." Claudia held her arms out and waited for Douglas to give her his best shot. (No pun intended)


"Are you dead?"

"Does she look dead Mandy?"

"Must I answer that?"

"I swear to god, you were blonde at one point in your life."

"Like a Gerbil?"


"Heather, are you alive?"

"What my dumbfounded friend here means: Are you awake?"

"Shut up Cheryl..."

"I'm fine..." Heather groaned as she looked up to see two dirty faced girls staring at her with wide brown eyes. "Mandy, you're so slow in the head." Cheryl slapped Mandy on the back of the head as if to prove her point. "Like a Gerbil?" Mandy asked innocently. "Would you shut up about that?" Cheryl asked exasperatedly. "Like a Gerbil?" Mandy repeated. "FUDGE!" Cheryl screamed. "Where's everyone else?" Heather asked as Mandy and Cheryl helped her sit up. "I dunno. It's just us here." Cheryl answered honestly. "I'm over here!" Someone shouted. Cheryl would know that accent from anywhere. "Brad?!" She called as she hopped down from the popcorn cart. Heather giggled and followed her. "I hate you guys." Mandy grumbled. "Like a Gerbil?" Cheryl laughed as Mandy grabbed her shoe and threw it at Cheryl's head.

Nero tried his damnest not to laugh but the look on Dante and Vergil's face made that impossible. Nero chuckled and grabbed a bit of cotton candy from Dante's jacket. "At least we have a snack." Nero pointed out as the candy disappeared into his mouth. "Nero... I want you to stab yourself with your own sword and try not to unleash your Devil Trigger to come back alive okay?" Dante grumbled. Suddenly, a small girl appeared before them with a Crowbar. "Move it kid, we have missing girlfriends to find." Vergil called to her. "Ones that aren't dead yet?" She grinned evilly and dropped her Crowbar. "Oh... it's you." Dante grumbled and sighed as Nero grabbed some more cotton candy from his face. "I see you have a mouth but can you back it up as well?" Bob taunted. "I see YOU have mentality issues for challenging a half-demon to a fight. It's gonna take you more than that to kill me." Dante pointed at her pathetic weapon and scoffed. Bob was furious and driven mad by hate. Hate for her evil minion STEWIE who never showed up yet. "Well, back up ladies. We have a psychotic girl here." Dante pushed Vergil and Nero back and unsheathed his Guitar. "Er, Dante? Wrong weapon." Nero whispered. "Fudge..." Dante whipped around and snatched his epic sword Rebellion from Vergil. "Let's dance, doll face." Dante taunted as he crouched and clapped his hands as if he was beckoning a dog over. That just threw Bob over the edge and she charged towards him. "Wait!" Dante called. Bob stopped in her tracks and raised an eyebrow. "Cotton candy in my hair...." Dante held his sword sideways so he could see himself and he licked his fingers. "Are you kidding me?" Bob groaned as she watched Dante fix his hair and remove any cotton candy traces. "Dante, you're so numb in the skull." Vergil covered his face and looked away while Nero started grabbing the cotton candy from Vergil's coat.

(Dewey Cox Movie reference time :P)

"You really didn't have to razzle up the crowd like that." Bob grumbled as Vergil and Nero complained to Dante about not having proper manicures. (lolwut?) "What now?" Dante asked ignorantly. "Excuse me." He told the other two as he turned to face Bob. "What?" He asked again. "I said you really didn't have to razzle up the crowd with your guitar." Bob repeated. "see hugh mugh jiking hugh mumbling see that LOOK OUT MAN!" Dante shouted as his hand came up and nearly karate chopped Bob in the neck. "Whoa!" She cried out in surprise. "It's a little called Karate. Only two types of people know it in this world. The Chinese and the king. And one of them is me." Dante mimicked Elvis Presley's voice as he made a strange sign with his hand and twisted it. "You're the king." Bob chuckled nervously. Dante continued to mumble out random crap when he ALMOST karate chopped Bob in the neck again. "Look out man!" He shouted. "Geez! Would you stop that?" Bob asked in a squeaky voice. "You listen to this right now...." Dante whipped Ebony and Ivory out and trained them on Bob's forehead. "Yet, only one kind of person in this world can wield two pistols." Dante finished.

"First I whip it out." Dante said as he shot his two pistols. Bob ducked and tossed her crowbar at Dante. "Then I thrust it." Dante lunged forward with Rebellion and once again, nearly impaled Bob. "With great force." He whipped around and Bob blocked his attack with her crowbar. "Every angle." Dante propelled himself into the air. Bob twirled and twisted her body to dodge the oncoming rain of bullets. "It penetrates." Dante dropped on top of Bob and wrapped his hands around her neck. "Until, with great strength." Bob brought her feet up and kicked Dante off of her. "I ram it in." She rolled out of the way as Dante speared Rebellion into the ground. "And in the end." Dante struggled to get the words out as Bob straddled him and choked him off. "We're all satisfied." He finished as Nero pulled Bob off of him and Vergil tied her to the nearest popcorn/candy cart. Bob struggled against the rope and shouted muffled insults. Dante looked at her with a rose in his mouth and tossed it towards her. The flower smacked Bob dead-on in the face.

"OMG! ROBBIE THE RABBIT!" Cheryl screamed as she jumped into Brad's arms. "He's squished under the popcorn cart Cheryl." Brad rolled his eyes and dropped her. She scratched her head and looked around. "Don't leave me behind!" Cheryl cried as she stumbled to her feet and chased after the trio. "Borley Haunted Mansion." Heather read the sign aloud. "We have to split up." Mandy reminded her. "Yes, Mandy. Alright so Cheryl and Brad. You two investigate the mansion while Mandy and I search for the others." Heather walked away with Mandy soon after. "Well, here we are. Can you handle this?" Cheryl looked over to Brad. "Brad?" She asked again. "Where did he--"


"Nice try Brad." Cheryl grumbled as he jumped out of the bushes. "You mean to say that I didn't even scare you? Not one bit?" Brad asked incredulously. "Exactly." Cheryl grabbed his arm and dragged him into the Mansion with her. Brad had a bad feeling about this.

"Where am I?" Isaac groaned. He looked around and realized he was all alone. Or so he thought. "We're dead." Aiden joked as he pushed Isaac off of his shoulder. "Where's everyone else?" Isaac mumbled as he rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms. "I dunno...." Aiden trailed off. "We should look for the others." He suggested. "Not so fast." A deep male voice echoed from the darkness. "Aiden seriously, your deep voice isn't scaring me." Isaac poked Aiden in the ribs. "Dude, that wasn't me." Aiden replied as he poked Isaac back. "Then if it wasn't you..."

"OH SHIII-----"

"Blast! Where is the map of this ghoulish place?" Stewie grumbled as he walked by a Pendulum. "And where's Bob? She was supposed to meet me by the Borley Haunted Mansion. Oh come on Rupert, we'll have to look for this broad ourselves." Stewie stroked his teddy bear Rupert and opened a set of large, green doors.

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