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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 38

Woot! Part 38 people! Anywho, I made a Left 4 Dead 2 reference :P

"There it is! Lakeside Amusement Park!" Vergil huffed and puffed as he collapsed onto the nearest bench. "Goody good goodness." Dante groaned and grabbed a seat beside Vergil. "You guys can't be seriously tired already!" Nero taunted as he jumped a few times and swung his fists in the air as if he was preparing himself for a boxing match. "We ran all the way here." Vergil gasped as he wrapped his arms around his torso and slumped further down on the bench. Dante sighed loudly and folded his arms behind his head. "Whats wrong? Cat too fast? Cat too QUICK?!" Nero taunted as he swung his fist into Dante's stomach. Dante groaned and fell off of the bench. "Nero you little punk!" Dante wheezed as he curled into a little ball and gasped for air. "HEY HEY HEY! THIS PARTY'S GETTING CRAZY!" Vergil randomly shouted as he jumped up from the bench and started playing the 'air' guitar. Nero chuckled and joined Vergil in their 'air' guitar 'show'. Dante shook his head and looked away. "You guys suck! I have a real guitar!" Dante twirled around a few times before he appeared with a guitar. Low and behold, it was his famous Devil Arm Nevan. Vergil and Nero stopped their imaginary show and stared at Dante with awe. "ITS GOOD TO BE BACK IN BOSTON YEAH!" Dante screamed as he started jamming out. "I challenge you to a game called Guitar Hero." Nero declared. "Oh really?" Dante pointed his guitar at Nero and amazingly, a small group of bats shot out with a purple aura surrounding them. Nero screamed and ducked behind the bench. Dante laughed and looked over to his older twin brother. "Pwned." Dante announced. "I beg to differ." Vergil sarcastically remarked. Dante whipped Nevan out again and continued to jam out like there's no tomorrow. Vergil smiled wickedly and 'grabbed' his 'air' guitar. "Shall we dance?" Nero taunted... again.

Heather wanted to strangle Cheryl and stuff her into a Robbie the Rabbit costume just to torture her. Every time they ran across a 'corpse', Cheryl would scream and declare them as the Devil. Isaac was annoyed beyond belief by Mandy and wanted to shove some more Hot Sauce down her annoying throat. Aiden missed his friend and Brad was too busy stabbing a Sindel Voodoo doll to really give a damn about what was happening. Bob was coming up with an evil plan. If these hooligans decided to prevent the birth of god, she had some serious killing to do. These damn birds wouldn't go away. Bob hated killing little animals like them. Cheryl screamed and jumped into Heather's arms as they walked by another Robbie corpse. Heather was intensely surprised because this amusement park was the EXACT same one in her dream. Cheryl sighed as Heather dropped her. Isaac finally had enough of Mandy's annoyance. "Come here you 'tard!" Isaac growled as he grabbed a bottle of Hot Sauce and ran after her. Heather slapped her forehead and ignored them

Walter smilled and dumped Justin's body into the fish tank again. "Come on Walter, don't you have something else better to do?" Vincent complained as he treated James' wounds. "Marshmellow ride." James grumbled. Vincent sighed in irritation and wrapped gauze around James' head. Walter smiled and pushed the button that read "Sharks". "Bye bye fag boy." Walter cackled as Justin began to panic and the Sharks circled the poor boy.

"Yo mama's so dumb, she kept saying AM NOT to R2." Nero growled.

"Yo mama---"

"PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF SPARDA, SHUT UP!" Vergil groaned as Nero and Dante went on another Yo Mama joke fight. Nero sighed and looked around. The amusement park was quiet. "Holy shit guys!" Dante squealed as he dashed towards a large sign that read "Kiddyland". "KIDDYLAND!" Dante cackled as he ran towards a cotton candy concession stand. Vergil and Nero slapped their foreheads and looked away from their huge embarrassment of a partner/brother.

"Sweet Factory." Cheryl read aloud as she threw the door open and ran inside. Isaac, Mandy and Brad followed. Aiden and Heather rolled their eyes and followed after the kiddies. "Look at all these cookies!" Brad squealed with delight. "A million and two cookies. Got milk?" Cheryl asked Mandy as they cracked open a tin of "Rosewater Cookies" and chowed down. Heather was insanely irritated because she couldn't remember what she was supposed to get here.


A loud crash echoed through out the store. Heather jumped and Aiden screamed louder than the girls. "Hey look! A key!" Isaac held up a key with a tag that read "Mountain Coaster." Heather smiled and snatched it away from him. "Just what I needed." She exclaimed as she dashed out of the store and started running in a random direction. Everyone followed her except for Bob. She lingered behind and dashed away from them and headed the opposite direction. Mary should be around here somewhere and she wasn't giving up until she found her and returned her back to her boss Valtereil.

Dante was helpless! Vergil and Nero tried but failed to pull Dante away from the games area. "Come on Verge! Just one game." Dante pleaded. Vergil shook his head. "Please?" Dante batted his eyelashes and clasped his hands to his chin in an attempt to look cute. Vergil sighed and gave in. "One game."

"YAAAAAAY!" Dante cried as he hugged Vergil and grabbed a dart. Nero smirked and joined in. Soon, the trio were having a blast by throwing darts at a picture of Agnus that Nero pinned up.

"Here we are! Mountain Coaster." Heather announced as they stumbled their way up the stairs. Cheryl was being carried by Isaac because she threatened him with a bat. Yes, a live bat. Brad duct taped Cheryl and Mandy's mouth shut because they were STILL teasing him about his adorable accent. "And we are here!" Heather announced once more. Everyone groaned and sat on the stairs. Isaac dropped Cheryl and stretched himself out on the metal floor. "I'll go and turn off the Roller Coaster." Heather announced after 20 minutes of resting. Man were they out of shape. After Heather tapped a few buttons and kicked the panel, the roller coaster turned off. "Onto the tracks we go." Heather sang song as she skipped onto the tracks and led the way. Cheryl sighed and followed everyone. No one seemed to notice Bob missing.

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