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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 37

This is kinda short lol. I was completely bored and ALMOST didn't write this. This is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY long series. 3 more parts and I'll be at the 40's area. OMG.

"So we're going to an amusement park?" Isaac asked excitedly as Heather shot a Pendulum. "Yes, but not to lolligag and hang around." Heather corrected. Cheryl smiled and looked over to Aiden. Aiden was having too much fun teasing Isaac of course. "I'm so BORED!" Mandy whined after 5 minutes. "WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!" Everyone shouted at once. "I'll get James to give me a pillow and we'll have a 'pillow' fight." Brad threatened. Mandy stuck out her tongue.

5 minutes

"Are we there yet?"


5 minutes

"Are we there yet?"


5 minutes AGAIN

"Are we there yeeeet?"

"NO!" Everyone cried in unison. Mandy made a "Hmph" sound and stayed quiet. "Please Mandy, I'll PAY YOU just the SHUT THE FUDGE UP!" Heather begged. Mandy shrugged and held her hand out. "How much?" Heather sighed as she whipped out a stylish wallet and counted a bunch of 50 dollar bills. "$400." Mandy declared. Heather wrinkled her nose and handed the brat Mandy the money. Mandy smiled and tucked it away. "Enough to buy me some NERO love." Mandy cackled. Cheryl rolled her eyes and stared at the clear road ahead of them. "Oh hey Mandy look! WE'RE HERE!" Aiden announced sarcastically. "Lakeside Amusement Park." Cheryl read aloud. "GAH! ROBBIE!" She suddenly screamed as she ducked behind Isaac. Isaac scoffed and looked at the sign.

Vergil and Nero were trying their hardest to be patient with Dante. Of course, Dante was stupid and made that impossible. "For the last time the key is in the cobbyholder right there." Vergil sighed in irritation as he pointed at the small wooden squares set above a small bookshelf. "I know Vergil!" Dante grabbed the key and smirked. "This is so dumb! I'm going back to town to look for Mandy." Nero unsheathed his sword and stomped out of the office. "It's quite obvious that no one is here except for monsters." Vergil agreed. "Fine, fine." Dante grumbled as he threw the key back and stalked out the door.

Heather entered the amusement park very slowly. Cheryl was terrified of Robbie. Of all things! Instead of being scared of monsters and all that other goody good goodness, she was scared of a silly rabbit! "Argh." Heather hunched over and held her stomach. Aiden closed his eyes and banged his face off of the nearest wall while everyone circled Heather and asked her if she was going to be ok. Cheryl groaned in pain and clutched her arm. Brad started going off on another long rant about Sindel causing this to happen. "I'm fine." Heather choked out as Isaac helped her up and onto her feet. "Oh hell." Heather sighed as the world seemed to have changed to ze Otherworld.

Bob smirked and walked ahead of everyone. She had a job to do remember? So she couldn't hang around and talk to these idiots. In her eyes, they were absolute fools. God had to be birthed and Bob had to find Mary before all Hell breaks loose. Literally.

"Do you know that this is EXACTLY like my dream?" Heather asked/stated to her companions. Everyone shook their head. "Anyways, I think we need to go to a roller coaster." Heather continued. Isaac yawned and wrapped an arm around Cheryl. "HIYAAH!" Cheryl grabbed Isaac's arm and flipped him onto his back. "You just got PWNED!" Aiden cried as he kicked Isaac. Mandy smiled and stood over Isaac. "You got knocked the FUDGE OUT!" She chuckled darkly. Isaac groaned and scrambled to his feet.

"We are going to the Amusement Park and thats FINAL." Nero sighed with exasperation as Dante went off on another ridiculous plan. "...And then we steal a car, drive it into the Lake with someone's dead wife and get the In Water ending." Dante finished. Vergil turned slowly to face him and his eye twitched. "Is that a dumb idea?" Dante asked innocently. WAIT A MINUTE! Dante and Innocence? Together in a sentence? Even his BROTHER knows something's wrong when those two words are put together. "YA THINK?!" Vergil and Nero asked/shouted incredulously. Dante slapped his forehead and walked away from this freak show of a 'family'. Nero hobbled along after him. Vergil was last because... well... you gotta admit it. The Heaven's Night Bar/Strip club really caught his eye. "Come on!" Nero groaned as he grabbed Vergil by the ear and dragged him.

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