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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 36

This is epic really. Brad and Shroomy rushed me to get it done lol so I had no time for another yo mama joke fight.

Heather walked down the hallway with Brad clinging onto her mentally. He wouldn't leave her alone! Cheryl wouldn't leave him alone about his accent and his crush on her while Aiden teased Isaac about being a Yaoi boy. TOTALLY NORMAL CONVERSATION EH?! "I wonder where Dante and Nero went..." Cheryl trailed off as Heather pressed the elevator button.


"Shroomy's Petcare. What needs caring is in our hands. I mean paws."

"Who the hell are you?" Heather asked as she trained her gun on the girl's head. "Call me... Bob." She held out her hand. Heather looked at it and shook it very, very, very slowly. As if she didn't trust the girl. "I'm Heather. This is Cheryl, Aiden, Mandy, Isaac and Brad." Heather introduced everyone. "Hiyas!" Bob held her hand out again. Everyone looked at her and entered the elevator. Bob faked a smile and folded her arms behind her back; holding a crowbar. "First Floor." Heather ordered. Cheryl reached out to push the button but Brad pushed her out of the way and hit the button instead. "Anything for you my love." Brad cooed as he stood beside Heather. Poor Brad. He was a few inches shorter than the girl. Cheryl smiled and slapped Brad on the back of the head.

"Where do we go now?" Vergil asked in a whiny tone as Dante dragged them out of the hospital and onto the streets of Silent Hill. "Do I look like I know? We should... go to the lakeside hotel." Dante suggested. "Lakeview stupid." Nero grumbled. "Why would Cheryl be there anyways?" "Dante, are you seriously only worried about finding that kid?" Vergil asked incredulously as he watched a lying figure squirm away.

"She's not a kid! She's... epic."

"Oh god... here comes the lovey dovey bullshit." Nero grumbled. "Oh hell-o nurse!" Dante suddenly called as he walked over to a staggering figure. "Oh no, he's pulling a Brad move!" Nero cried. "IDIOT!" Vergil slapped his forehead and looked away with shame.



"Well there ya have it kids: A complete moron. Please stay tuned to see Dante's next idiotic move." Nero pretended he was a radio show host and used Blue Rose as a mic. "But for now, lets listen to what the Nurse has to say about this." Vergil walked over to the Nurse and held Blue Rose to her... uh... surgical mask for a mouth.


"She seems pissed." Vergil reported. "SCREW YOU GUYS! START RUNNING!" Dante grabbed the duo by their collars and started dragging them behimd him. "Where are we going?" Vergil choked out. "We're going to Lakeview hotel thats where." Dante replied smoothly. "OHMIGOD" Nero and Vergil groaned in unison.

Heather and friends finally made it to the Motel. Brad was still being teased about his accent and Isaac was still being called a Yaoi boy. "And we're here." Heather sighed in relief as she pulled her room keys out and opened the door. "Whosaat?" Aiden asked. A man that goes by the name Vincent was there. "S-S-S-S-Stay here." Heather stammered as she entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Heather looked at the floor for a minute before locking the doorknob. "Where's Douglas?" Heather asked as she stepped closer to Vincent. "He went out. But, he left a message for you." Vincent quickly explained. Heather looked at him with doubt. Did he honestly expect her to believe him? "Was there somone else here just now?" Heather asked again as she stepped forward again. "No no, just me. Don't you wanna know what the message is?" Heather stared at him blankly for a moment. "Yeah... what did he say?" She finally asked. "The church is on the other side of the lake." Vincent muttered. "Church? I wonder what he meant by that." Heather placed a hand under her chin and looked lost in thought. Maybe she was. Is it possible for a blonde to look so deep in thought? "You don't understand? That's where CLAUDIA is! Across the lake; on the other side. If you're going, You better go through the amusement park." Vincent instructed. "Someone say amusement park? WOOTNESS!" Someone shouted from outside. Heather slapped her forehead and with one quick movement, kicked the door. "Sorry bout that." Heather smirked. "It's probably the only way in now." Vincent continued. "Go northwest on Nathan Avenue. I know it's a bit far for you and your friends but its closer than ever." Vincent smiled smugly. It creeped Heather out more than ever. She sighed in irritation. "Is that it for the message?" "Uh huh." Vincent coughed to try and hide his laughter. "Thanks." Heather muttered sarcastically as she turned to face the door. Something popped into her head almost immediately. "Douglas really said that?" Heather asked carefully. Ha! Vincent said her father was a sneaky guy, get a load of this nerd! "What's wrong, you don't trust me?" VIncent asked smugly. What's with him and his smugness?

Brad sighed and grabbed a seat on the concrete. Cheryl leaned her head against the wall and sighed heavily. Aiden picked up a rock and tossed it across the parking lot and Mandy paced back and forth. What was Isaac doing you ask? He was wishing that he had stayed home instead of going to the mall with Mandy. Then again, if he hadn't, he wouldn't have met someone as epic as Heather. "We're going." Heather announced as she opened the door and quickly closed it. "Was that Vincent?" Cheryl asked. Heather didn't respond but simply started leading the way. Bob followed after them. Maybe they can lead her to Mary.

"I can bet you dollars to donuts that this isn't the right hotel." Vergil muttered to Nero as Dante started crawling through a window. "No shit sherlock." Nero replied as he watched Dante scramble to his feet. "Shut up both of you! At least we can ask a dead wife for directions no?" Dante asked. "To our next huge embarrassing fail? SURE! WHY THE HELL NOT!" Vergil shouted sarcastically. "For your information, Heather already said that." Dante stated. Vergil and Nero rolled their eyes and crawled through the window and followed Dante.

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