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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 35

Woot! Another sequel to the series. Another Tickle Fight. Another 'Cheryl teasing Brad' part. Another-- Alright, you get it. I'd like to thank my friend Alex and Shroomy for helping me out with the Yo Mama jokes. I dunno why I did it. So do me a favor and start reading. Thanks, you're the coolest lol.

"Where's Cheryl?" Dante asked almost immediately as the light slowly faded. "Where's Heather?" Nero asked as they stood there in the Hospital lobby. "Ow!" Vergil groaned quietly. "What?" Dante asked exasperatedly. "My katana is in my leg." Vergil explained slowly. "Well pull it out." Nero suggested. "Oh yeah! I can pull it out right now and feel nothing at all. You're so smart Nero, are you sure you didn't go to university?" Vergil asked/stated sarcastically. Dante chuckled and stood over his twin.

"On my count of three. One."

"Go away Dante."


"Do it Dante and I will murder you in your sleep."


"NOOO!" Vergil screamed as Dante grabbed the hilt of Vergil's Katana and pulled. "SONUVABITCH!" Vergil screamed as Dante successfully pulled the katana out. "OHMIGOD!" Vergil groaned as he looked at the large gash on his leg. "Dante you sonuvabitch." Vergil bit his lip to keep from saying anymore insults.

"Yo mama's so dumb she went to Bangkok to get a Thai fighter." Dante shot back suddenly. "Oh yo mama fight!" Nero called as he folded his arms and watched Dante and Vergil stand toe to toe, face to face. eye to eye AND YOU GET IT. "Yo mama so ugly she put the UG in UGNOT." Vergil replied smugly.

"Yo mama's so dumb she tripped over a cordless phone."

"Yo mama's so fat she had more chins than a chinese phonebook."

Nero was quite amused by their jokes. Most of the time, Dante pwned Vergil. Lets continue observing the yo mama fight now.

"Yo mama's so fat everytime she turns around we give her a welcome party."

"Yo mama's so fat that Jabba the Hut said OOOOOH YEEEAAAAAAH." Vergil was running out of jokes.

"Yo mama's so ugly, she made an onion cry." Dante shot back. He was forgetting half of his jokes.

"Yo mama's so fat that when she wore a red shirt people yelled 'KOOL-AID MAN!'." Vergil scratched his nose and tried to think of some more jokes. "What the hell? That doesn't even make sense!" Dante laughed at his brother's pathetic excuse of a joke.

"Yo mama's so fat, she jumped up and down and an earthquake occured in China." Dante breathed in deeply and let it out as he tried to think up some more. It was hard in his case.

"Yo mama's so dumb she thought a light saber had fewer calories." Vergil laughed weakly and held up his arms as if he were a champion.

Note: They come from the same mom.

Cricket chirp

Dante looked at his brother with one eyebrow raised. Nero was too busy laughing his ass off to catch what was going on. These jokes were a classic! How do they come up with this stuff? "You know because light and--" "VERGIL JUST GOT PWNED!" Nero announced grandly as he gasped for air and continued to laugh. Vergil put his head down and laughed while Dante sat there and tried to think up some yo mama jokes.

Brad was pissed off as usual. Gee, I wonder why? "Great! We're in a hospital room and Kabal had to die in Mortal Kombat 9. I mean Sindel HAS TO DIE! Hey, where did Cheryl's boyfriend go? Why doesn't he kill her? SHE'S A FUDGING DEMON FOR GODSAKES! Or well... pretend she is. I HATE SINDEL!" Brad went off on a long rant while everyone else tried to regain their thoughts and remember where they were. "Leonard's not here anymore. I guess we should head back to the motel now. I hope Douglas is okay." Heather wondered aloud as she started walking. Brad helped Mandy to her feet and followed Heather. "Heather you are so epic! I wish I was as epic as you. I know you can kick Sindel's ass! I love you... I mean I like you as a friend." Brad stammered. Cheryl looked at him and burst out laughing. "Heather and Brad sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Cheryl sang-song as she skipped around him and pinched his cheeks. "Shut up Cheryl!" Brad begged as he grabbed Cheryl and started to tickle her. "Oh yeah tickle fight!" Aiden and Isaac cried as Mandy tackled Cheryl to the ground. "NO PLEASE!" Cheryl laughed and gasped as they started to tickle her. Heather chuckled and continued to walk---


"Huh?" Heather bent down to see what she accidently kicked. "What's this?" Heather wondered aloud as she held up a medallion. "Thats a seal." Cheryl responded as Brad helped her to her feet. "It doesn't look like it can play the trumpet." Brad chuckled as he connected fists with Aiden. Heather rolled her eyes and grumbled a few insults as she opened the door and waited for everyone to follow her.

"Why did you send her to my father?" Claudia asked angrily. "Was that wrong?" Vincent asked smugly as he walked around in a complete circle. "It's your fault that he--" "Oh but surely its a good thing. It means he was one of God's beloved no?" Vincent cut Claudia off. He wasn't in the mood to take her attitude and a lecture. "Those who mock God will NEVER receive salvation. You'll go to HELL Vincent. You'll never FEEL the joy of god's everlasting Paradise!" Claudia choked out in a cracked voice. "And you think God is going to save you? Ha!" Vincent scoffed as he placed a hand on his hip. "What do you know anyway?" Claudia shot back ignorantly. "I know about the pleasures of this world. And I want to find my happiness while I'm still here." Vincent replied with the same level of ignorance. Vincent walked closer to Claudia. "You hated your father didn't you? I saw the way he hit you. He kicked you and made you cry. Ugh, the memory of his cruelty forever BURNED into my mind." Vincent said some what mockingly. "Yes... YES! And thats why we need god!" Claudia justified. Vincent shook his head gently. "What you call faith is nothing more than a child crying out for love. That's why you're all alone." "You don't understand. None of you do." Claudia grumbled silently as she turned to leave. She couldn't stand to look at Vincent.

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