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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 34

ALRIGHT! So Leonard is dead and everyone is moving on from the freaking hospital. OMG! I realized that at least 9 Parts focused on the Hospital alone xD Then again, the hospital is kinda the longest level in SH3 right? Right. I PROMISE that the next part will be different. No more hospitals and I'm babbling aren't I? SO READ THE STORY AND QUIT STEALING MY CLOTHES ROBBIE! I'll sneak into your closet and kill you lol.

Mandy was still clinging onto Vergil for dear life while Isaac tried to steal Dante's guns Ebony and Ivory. "Where the hell were you guys?" Nero asked impatiently. "Somewhere. Brad with ya?" Dante asked as he brushed Nero aside. "Sadly." Nero responded. "Is this some kind of Altar?" Cheryl asked as examined it. "Well no, really?" Brad asked sarcastically. "D'aww! So cutey cute cute!" Cheryl teased as she pinched his cheeks. "Gah! Get away!" Brad tried to push Cheryl away but sadly, he failed and Cheryl was hurting his cheeks. "Where's Barbie and G I Joe?" Dante choked back his laughter. "You mean Heather and Aiden?" Vergil corrected. "How did you know their names?" Dante asked incredulously. "Well it says right here: Aiden, Heather, Nero, Cheryl, Bea-- Mandy, Isaac and Bob." Vergil held up a piece of paper with all of their names on it. "Present." Heather chuckled as she barged into the room. Aiden limped after her. "Put the blood on the pedstal thingie." Mandy announced as she whipped out a book of some sort and read from it. Cheryl raised an eyebrow and placed the pack of blood on the table. "Oh wow! A ladder that wasn't there before! THIS IS JUST FANTASTIC! I should've stayed in the Demon world. IT WAS MORE EPIC THERE!" "Oh quit your whining Vergil." Dante grumbled as he clamped a hand over Vergil's mouth to shut him up. "Who's going down first?" Cheryl asked as everyone crowded around the ladder. "Vergil or Dante." Nero said with the biggest smirk on his face. "Rock, paper scissors." Dante declared. "Dante, you're so immature. But if you must prove you're better than me WHICH YOU'RE NOT! And make a fool of yourself..." Vergil put Yamato away and held his hand out. "Rock, paper, scissors." Dante dclared. "Best 2 of 3?" Vergil asked weakly. "Nope." Dante smiled smuggly as he removed his hand from Vergil's and gestured towards the ladder. Vergil growled and started down the ladder. Dante followed after with Nero right behind. After the 3 disappeared in the darkness, Cheryl, Mandy, Aiden, Heather, Isaac and Brad went down. "Everything is just dandy." Dante called up as he caught Cheryl before she fell. Nero tried to catch Mandy but Vergil was faster than him and caught her instead. Hence, the growing anger towards Vergil.


Everyone stiffened except for Dante (Who grabbed Cheryl and hugged her tightly) and Vergil. Vergil readied Yamato and looked around. "Yeah?" Heather responded uneasily. "Leonard, where are you?" Heather asked as she pushed Isaac behind her. "Thank you. Now I can finally get out of here. Now Claudia's ridiculous dream is over." Dante hugged Cheryl tighter as he looked around again. Vergil grabbed Dante's arm and pointed in front of Heather. Dante could totally see what Vergil was pointing at. "I guess it's time to dispose of her. The salvation of all mankind. Heh, why must we reward even the underlings?" Leonard asked/stated. Nero grabbed Mandy and shoved her behind him as the ground rumbled the slightest bit. "What are you talking about?" Heather asked as she shifted her weight. The water was knee high and Vergil was trying his damnest not to throw a hissyfit as his boots and socks became soaked. Dante was oblivious to it completely. All he cared about was the girl he was holding. Nero was hell bent on protecting Mandy and Aiden wanted to shove his head under the water and not re-surface. "About our plans of course. It's true that God is merciful. But first, one must be chosen. Only we who harken to the voice of God will be given the keys to Paradise." Leonard cried. "What a total whack job." Dante whispered to his twin. "Almost as bad as Arkham." Vergil agreed. "What an ignorant fool! He could never harness the power of our father Sparda." "Agreed." Dante responded. "Don't you think so Heather?" Leonard continued. "Yeah sure. Go ahead and think whatever you want." Heather muttered. "What do you mean by that?" Leonard asked incredulously. "I mean that I don't think the way that you guys do." Heather explained as she shifted her weight again; causing small ripples of water. "I don't want any part of that kind of Paradise." "You're a non-believer? You decieved me!" Leonard accused. Dante smirked. "No shit sherlock! You expect her and the rest of us to become total nutcases like you? Sorry man, but we have demons to kill and humans to save. Unlike you who only wants to kill his own daughter and achieve a place made for castrating sheep and eating Caviar. It's like you're saying 'If I told you there was Caviar in the mountains, you just bring the crackers' and that's a little creepy. Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Or mentallity level the least." Dante taunted. Heather was beginning to like this guy's sarcasm. Cheryl chuckled while Vergil was prepared to give his own statement. "What he said. You seem pretty much like a hardass and we don't let people like that walk around this earth unscathed. I suggest you show yourself you old fashioned fool. I really hate playing hide and seek and you're just hiding your fate and seeking a way to prove yourself rightous. And my brother and I aren't appreciating it." Vergil cracked his knuckles. "I didn't decieve you! We were just wrong about each other. I thought you were a normal person." Heather continued. "So you tried to trick me so you can run off with my seal eh? I taught it how to play the trumpet and everything! I mean, Heratic! You plan to destroy God!" Leonard raised his voice. "I told you I wasn't trying to trick anyone! What is this seal thing anyway? And how did you train it how to play the trumpet? I mean--" "Don't play innocent. You can't fool me anymore. THE SEAL IS MINE!" Leonard raised his voice and declared. "I was appointed by god to be it's guardian! The only thing you'll get from me is a gruesome death."

Dante was quite shocked by this man. Was he really that crazy and idiotic to believe in such things? Heather walked forward a little bit and leaned forward. Suddenly, something shot up from the water. "Leonard is that you?" Heather asked incredulously as she looked at the humanoid thing. "Death to all who turn their backs on god!" "Oh my god! Is everyone here a mental case?" Heather asked smugly as she placed her hands on her hips. "Then again, you're not a person." Heather continued. Cheryl screamed and cringed into Dante while Brad grabbed Nero's sword and swung it around.

"Thats mine! Use this."


"It's called the Vorpal Blade. Something I got from my visit in Wonderland."

"Porno Blade?"

"VORPAL!" Nero corrected. Isaac grabbed Mandy and held her like a baseball bat. "Put me down you idiot!" Mandy cried. "I thought you were a bat for a second there." Isaac squealed as he dropped Mandy and looked around frantically for a weapon. Mandy and Cheryl whipped out their Gold and Silver pipes. "Here kid! Scratch em up or lose em and I'll mount your head on a wall." Dante threatened as he tossed Isaac his guns. "Cool beans." He cried in excitement.


"WHAT THE FUDGE?!" Everyone screamed as Cheryl leaped forward and stabbed him with a Burrito. "Okay man, how come her Burrito is more powerful than our weapons?" Vergil complained as he placed Yamato back into it's holder. "I honestly don't know." Isaac replied as he watched Leonard's corpse float in the water. "Where to now?" Vergil asked Dante. "Beats me." He replied. "I SEE THE LIGHT!" Nero cried as he covered his eyes.

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