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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 32

Wootness! Finally got around to it.

Poor little Bob. She was lost in this dark hospital and all she had was a flashlight and a Robbie the Rabbit doll to keep her company. How did she end up with the name Bob? She will never know. Someone on the internet if she was correct. What was her name again? Cheryl? Ugh, her mind was clouded and filled with her latest job. Bob was assigned to search out Silent Hill for a girl named Mary by a man who calls himself Valtereil. What a weird name right? Her boss was a hideous man as you can see. He preferred dolls and bunnies instead of action figures or dogs. He was very feminine in nature and well... creepy in general. But that was beside the point. She had a job and she was gonna get it done wither she liked it or not. "Why can't I just smother her with a pillow and call it a day? Oh thats right!" Bob chuckled darkly. She HAS to find this woman and protect her until she can return her back to her husband. Or something. Anyways, it was pretty boring and Bob walked around in circles for 3 hours straight. If she was correct, she has to find a way to infiltrate the religious cult residing here in Silent Hill. If anything, they could be connected to Mary's disappearance.


"AAAH!" Bob was startled by the sudden blast of noise. "Oh yeah. Heh..." Bob chuckled lightly as she pulled her cellphone out and answered it. "Shroomy's Petcare centre. What needs caring is in our hands." Bob greeted kindly in a business like tone. "Bob! Have you found the target?" "No sir." It was Bob's boss to her dismay. "My buttercakes are missing." Her boss complained. "And I broke a nail! CAN THIS GET ANY WORSE?!" Bob sighed and snapped her phone shut. It was very disturbing how her boss was feminine.

"Heather!" Aiden cried again as he slapped Heather senseless. "GARGH BULGH." Heather continued to gag. Aiden rushed over to the door they entered and turned the knob. "We're so dead!" Aiden sobbed as he kicked the door continuously. "SOMEONE HELP US!" He cried again as he pounded his fists against the door. Aiden suddenly came up with an idea. "Hold on Heather!" He cackled as he grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the door. "ONE!" He cried as he picked her up and banged her head off of the door. "TWO!" Aiden crashed her head into the door again. "Oh at least we're getting progress." Aiden continued his Heather abuse until the door finally shattered. "Ugh!" Heather groaned as Aiden set her down on the floor.

Cheryl was very patient with Dante. Did I say patient? LIKE THATS POSSIBLE! Dante had ben trying to collect the blood from the bucket into a plastic bag. However, he ended up wearing most if not all of the blood on his bare chest then in the plastic bag. "Are you done?" Cheryl asked for the 15th time in the period of 3 minutes. "Cheryl! Please shut up and let me do my job!" Dante groaned in exasperation as he dumped a little more blood on himself. "Make me!" "Make you? Fine." Dante set the bag down carefully and strutted over to Cheryl. "Oh wow." Cheryl muttered under her breath as Dante pulled their faces closer. "LOOK OUT!" He called suddenly as he pulled out a Robbie the Rabbit doll and waved it in Cheryl's face. "NOOOO!" She screamed as she pushed Dante away and ran around in circles. "Oh man. Gotta love her reactions." Dante chuckled to himself as he resumed to dump blood on himself.

Mandy wanted to kill Isaac as she coughed up some more hot sauce. She knew how to get revenge and all she needed to get was a Bat. Yes, a slimy, dark, ugly winged mammal. Isaac was leading the way as usual or else he wouldn't shut up and she would be annoyed beyond belief. "So I was like 'thats not a cow! It's yo mama!' and he was mad as hell." Isaac was telling her another long and boring story about what he said to some kid in school. Like she gave a damn. Right now, she wanted to find her epic friend Scarlet and talk about how much she hated her future husband Walter. I'm talking about Scarlet's future husband of course. I don't want Robbie to torch my house and steal my clothes now do I?

Brad and Nero were about to throw the cellphone away when they received a phone call. "Who is it now?" Nero asked in exasperation as he looked at Brad. "Yellow?" "Say what?" "Hmm?" "SAY WHAT DAMMIT!" A girl demanded on the other end of the phone. "What?" "D'aww! You're so cute when you say it! Your accent is adorable and oh so cutey cute cute." "GO AWAY CHERYL!" Brad screeched into the phone as he threw it over to Nero. "She likes you--" "Phone." Brad snarled. "Hello?" "I DONT LIKE HIM! JUST HIS ACCENT IS ADORABLE!" "Whoa." Nero looked at Brad worriedly and snapped the phone shut. "She doesn't like you." "Damn straight she doesn't!" Brad grumbled as he walked ahead of Nero. "We need to find a way out of here." Nero pointed out as he randomly opened a door nearest to him and peered around inside. "Oh hey look!" Brad squealed as he walked over to the table set up. "We should wait here for the others." Nero suggested as he grabbed a seat on the floor and leaned his head back as he put his headphones on.

Aiden was getting his ass kicked pretty bad by Heather. He really shouldn't have used her to bust the door open. But it was a way out and he saved her right? RIGHT? Thought so. Anyways, Heather was finished with her epic ass-kicking when Aiden pointed weakly at a door. "Open it." He coughed as Heather stomped a foot on his back before walking over him. "Oh a locker." She muttered sarcastically when she opened the door.


"AAAH!" Aiden jumped into Heather's arms and closed his eyes. "It's coming from one of the lockers." Heather dropped Aiden and opened up several lockers. "Found it." Heather announced as he cracked a locker open and grabbed the phone. "Hello?" Heather asked as she snatched the phone away from Aiden. "Happy birthday to yooouuuu. Happy birthday toooo yoooou. Happy birthday dear... Oh, I forgot your name." "Who are you?" Heather asked sternly. If this was a prank call, she was gonna kick the dude's ass if she ever finds out who it is. "Okay! Thanks. Happy birthday dear hooaryu. Happy birthday to you. Happy 31st birthday!" Heather looked at Aiden with an eyebrow raised before looking at the phone. "Is this Leonard?" She asked with anger. What a sick twisted fruit is this was him! "That's the murder's name not my name. I'm not your beloved Stanley either." The strange voice sneered. "He's... underground now. His new name is Number 7." The voice cackled evilly. "But don't worry about that now. It's time to celebrate your birthday!" "You've got me mistaken for someone else today's not my--" "I'm not mistaken! Today is your 21st birthday! And I.. heh.. I have a present for you. Which do you prefer? To give pain... or to receive it? You can have the one you HATE the most. Hee hee hee." Heather shuddered lightly at the sound of the man's cackle. "Happy birthday to you!" He cackled once more as he hung up on Heather. Heather looked at Aiden again and put the phone back on the cradle. "But you're wrong. Its not my birthday." Heather muttered as she picked up the phone and examined it. There was no cord. "That's weird." Aiden observed. "Let's find the others." Heather suggested as she walked out of the room with Aiden following behind.

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