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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 31

Dante was grumbling about his phone the entire time they walked. Cheryl was stressed out about their situation. "Whoa! New job gotta go bye." Dante suddenly said as he disappeared. "Wha...?" Cheryl didn't get to finish her sentence. "D'oh..." Cheryl was a little saddened but perked up again. "Thought I was gonna leave didn't ya?" "AAH!" Cheryl screamed and fell on her butt. "Whoa..." Dante trailed off as he helped her up. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" She shouted as she kicked him in the nads. "Ugh! I didn't do it on purpose!" Dante groaned as he held himself and hunched over.

Brad and Nero were roaming around the hallways when an idea hit Brad. No literally, something hit Brad. "I'm gonna bug Kyrie." Brad cackled as he grabbed Nero's phone and started searching through his contacts for the number. Nero smirked and decided to call Cheryl. "Hello?" Nero asked into the phone. "AHGJKSLD!" "EEP!" Nero shut the phone and tucked it away. "Nothing to see here." Nero turns and stares at the people reading this. "I hate the author because she makes me sound like a girl."

Mandy was obsessed with the idea of killing Walter. Why you ask? Because she sees him. "WALTER!" She screamed as she watched the mass murderer dig into a woman's womb. Walter smiled evilly and turned to face her.


Isaac screamed and kicked Mandy. "GAH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" "I dunno." Isaac confessed. "I hate you!" She cried as she curled up in the middle of the hallway and gently rocked back and forth. Isaac reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of hot sauce. Isaac skulked over to Mandy and grabbed her face; forcing her mouth open and squirted half of the bottle into her mouth and down her throat. Mandy gagged and coughed. "Say Silent Hill 1 is the best in the series." "NO!" Mandy coughed. Isaac squeezed more hot sauce down her throat. "SAY IT!" "NO!" "SAAAAY IIIIIT!" Isaac squirted the rest of the bottle into her mouth.

"GO AWAY!" Brad groaned as Cheryl harassed them by calling Brad and teased him about his accent. "Hey Brad! Nice accent!" or "Hey Brad! Say something for me? D'aaw! Your accent is so adorable and you even have pinchable cheeks to go with it!" Brad was sick of it. He was right. Cheryl would never let go about how 'adorable' his accent is or how pinchable his cheeks are.

Dante was in deep pain as he walked down the hallway with Cheryl. "Come on Dante!" Cheryl rushed him as she stomped a slurper to death. "DIE MUSHROOM!" She cried as she stomped the monster again and again and again. "Who's Mushroom?" "Heh... er well.... a.... HYPOCRITE!" Cheryl responded as she stomped one last time. "Storage Room." Dante read aloud as he opened the door and looked around. "Heather should check it out." Dante mumbled as he closed the door and looked at Cheryl with a huge smirk on his face. "Although, it's available." Cheryl caught onto his inuendo and slapped him. Dante rubbed his face and Cheryl took that oppurtunity to kick him in the nads again.

Heather and Aiden were bickering the entire time over whats cool and whats not. Aiden thinks Alice: Madness Returns is epic while Heather thinks Alice is lame. Heather thinks Emos are dumb while Aiden thinks people with Blonde hair is dumb. Yup, its a dumb reason to argue. "Storage Room." Aiden read aloud. "Imma check it out." Aiden shrugged and let Heather inside. "I'll come too." He decided as he closed the door behind him. "I see nothing---" "ACK!" Heather started to choke and gag. "Heather?" Aiden asked worriedly. "H-H-H-H-Heather?!" Aiden rushed over to her as she collapsed onto her knees and continue to gag. "AAAH!" Aiden looked at the mirror in front of them and stared in awe as everything was changing.

Nero wanted to hold Mandy. Or was it Cheryl? He was torn between two girls. No he wasn't, he wanted Mandy. Cheryl had Dante and Nero was puzzled by it. How could she stand someone as repulsive and ignorant like Dante? Wasn't Nero's business anyways. Brad was bitching to Nero about how Frank West epic and how he should be in the story.

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