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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 30

WOW! Part 30 people! Bow! *cricket chirps* I SAID BOW DAMN YOU! Anyways, I break the fourth wall with me and Mandy's nicknames: Jean-Bean and Mandy-Bear. I know, they're adorable.

Dante's arms were growing tired as they reached the room. "Okies, now open it." Brad folded his arms and smiled. No one moved. Brad coughed, "Um I said open the door?" No answer. Nero finally let go of Mandy's hand and wandered over to the door. "OPEN SESAME!" He shouted. Nothing. "Not opening." Nero yawned and stepped away. "Ha ha very funny." Brad grumbled as he opened the door and smirked. "See that? It's called 'opening the door without being a smartass'." Brad sneered as he entered through the door. Cheryl let go of Dante and looked around. "Why is it---" "EEEEEP!" Isaac screamed as the door closed shut right behind him. "No way out." Nero pushed against the door and looked down the hallway. "We better go down that way." He suggested. Cheryl walked ahead of everyone and led the way. "It's like a juice trap in the sink, it's like a juice trap in the sink, ITS LIKE A JUICE TRAP IN THE SINK!" Nero squealed as a gate of some sort slammed down as he walked through it. Cheryl led the way while Nero and Mandy brought up the rear. "RUUUN!" Cheryl suddenly shouted as Nero and Mandy barely made it through the gate. "WHOA!" Cheryl shouted as she came to a stop. "Its a four-way thingie." Cheryl announced. "Which way--" Dante began but three of the hallways became blocked in that instant. "That way." Dante answered his own question.

They group finally made it through the labyrinth like hallways and came to a stop at a wall with a strange symbol. Heather touched it. "AAH!" Cheryl screamed as her vision was replaced with a woman dressed in red. Was she confessing to someone? "What--" "SHH!" Heather shushed as she tried to make out what the woman was saying. "I see a nurse." Aiden muttered awestruck. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" "Is everyone seeing what I'm seeing?" Isaac asked as he stretched his arms out. "Yup." "SHUT UP!"

"Still has an unusually high fever. Eyes don't open... getting a pulse..".

"Heather I'm scared!" Cheryl whined. "Shh!" Heather shushed as she continued to look at the strange figure.

"But just barely breathing. Why? What is keeping that child alive?"

"AAAH!" Everyone screamed as the vision suddenly disappeared and they were staring into a wall. Or... a hallway now anyways. "That was epically weird." Dante muttered as he brushed himself off and cracked his neck. "Yeah..." Mandy was confused. "Did Ya'll see that?" Aiden asked. "Yeah, there was a girl in red?" "Yeah." Nero agreed. "That...that woman...she looks so familiar...but who is she?" Heather wondered out loud. "Well, it doesn't matter. Let's just go." Heather sighed as she led everyone down the dark hallway. Cheryl clutched Dante's hand while Mandy cried to Nero about her story "The Quest For Mary" coming to an end.

"I see a ladder." Dante announced as he looked up. "Aaaaand?" Cheryl asked sarcastically. "Well miss smartass, it goes upwards into oblivion." Dante shot back as he started up the ladder. "Stubborn jackass." Cheryl grumbled as she followed after the sexy half-demon. "Girls..." Brad grumbled as he followed. "There's boys and girls right? What category does Aiden fit in?" Mandy chuckled darkly. Aiden stomped on her toe before he started climbing. "What a wonderful world?" Heather read the inscription on the picture as she continued to climb. "Is that... a mouth?" Nero wondered as he kicked Brad's hand. "No really?" Brad asked sarcastically. "Is that a trick question?" Nero looked deep in thought. Brad smirked and shook his head. "Nice accent." Cheryl called down. Brad gave her the finger and laughed. "Is she ever gonna let up on that?" He asked Isaac. "I don't know." He replied grumpily. "What's with you?" "Go away and get eaten buy a Split dog." "DOUBLE HEAD." Everyone corrected in unison. "AAAAH!" Cheryl screamed as she let go of the rungs and crashed into Brad. "UGH!" Brad grabbed her hand and hung onto the ladder. "WHAT THE HELL CHERYL?!" Brad called. "MONSTER!" She screamed. Heather grabbed her other hand and tried helped . "AAH!" Brad cried as he saw something totally disturbing. "Relax Brad! He's not gonna harm us.... yet." Dante corrected himself at the end. "Oh that clears things up a lot!" Brad cried as he scurried up the ladder. "Is Cheryl ok?" Aiden asked worriedly. "Yeah." Heather answered as she helped Cheryl regain her grip and climb up the ladder. "Everyone up here?" Nero asked as he looked down. "Yup." Mandy responded as Nero helped her up.

Everything was a reddish orange color as Nero opened the door. "Epic." He muttered as he looked around. "CAREFUL! ITS A SLURPER!" Mandy shouted as something came scurrying up to Nero. "AAAH!" He screamed in an freakishly high voice as he stomped it. "He screamed louder than Cheryl." Brad pointed out. "Shut...up." Nero breathed as he stared at the monster incredulously. Dante choked back his laughter and looked around. "Lets split up." Nero suggested. "Aiden and Me. Cheryl and Dante. Nero and Brad. And finally, Isaac and Mandy." Heather split them up into pairs.

"This is a dream come true." Cheryl whispered to herself as she grabbed Dante's hand. "Whatchu say?" "Nutin." Cheryl blushed as she led the way. "Did you hear Cheryl?" "Hear what?" "A girl died for accusing the wrong person about being a 40-year old predator." "Really? Never heard of it." Cheryl smiled evilly. "Something about hypocrites too." Dante pointed out in a 'as a matter of fact' fashion. Cheryl chuckled and opened the nearest door. "Coolio." She shut the door and scurried away with a love-struck Dante following behind.

"Cellphones..." Brad sighed as he stroked his cellphone. "HEY WAIT!" Mandy called after Brad and Nero. "What?" "I need this." Mandy smiled and snatched the phone away from him. "HEY HEY!" Brad cried as Mandy snickered and ran away. "Damn her..." Brad grumbled as he slouched and followed Nero. "There's some rules. 1) No talking 2) No whining 3) No wandering off and thats about it." Brad raised an eyebrow. "You expect me to follow those rules?" "No not really. I just wanted to sound cool." Nero admitted.


"Oh! My cellphone's ringing." Dante whiped out an iphone. "Yellow?" "But Jean-Bean on." "Mandy?" "DOOOOO EEEEEET!" She demanded. "Fine, fine. It's for you." Dante handed Cheryl the phone. "Who's Jean-Bean?" "Heh.... What do you want?" Cheryl growled into the phone. "Wait... aren't you supposed to be helping me out in Silent Hill? You know, Cheryl Heather? No?" "Wrong story Mandy-Bear." Cheryl grumbled as she hung up and handed the phone back.


"Devil May Cry! What can we kill for you?" Dante said in a business-like manner. "Put Cheryl on ze phone." "Cheryl it's for you." Dante sighed as he handed the phone back. "What up Mandy-Bear?" "WHY AM I NOT WITH NERO? I'M SITTING HERE WORKING MY ASS OFF TO MAKE PART 2 AND WHERE ARE YOU? ON A HONEYMOON WITH LOVERBOY!" "Hmm?" "Nothing. Look, I need you to watch out for the Storage Room." "Gotcha. See ya around Mandy-Bear." "Later gator." Cheryl hung up once again and handed the nerve-racking device back to Dante. "Why are you so nervous--" Dante spoke too soon. The phone snapped under Cheryl's grip. "My phone...." Dante whimpered as Cheryl handed the crushed hand-held back. "I break a lot of touch sensitive phones." "Ya think?" Dante asked incredulously as he dropped the ruined phone and kicked it aside.

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