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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 3

(*laughs* I broke the fourth wall a couple of times. TheDarkOnePH aka Isaac is a new recurring character)

Mandy twirled the tongs in her hand while Heather grabbed a few Donuts. "Oh hey! Grab me a couple!" Mandy called as Heather started eating her 4th one. "Fine! Here." Heather grumbled as she tossed Mandy a Donut. "Oh why thank you your awesomeness." Mandy bowed.

"AAH! IT TOUCHED ME! IT TOUCHED ME! THIS SEXUAL HARASSMENT I TELL YOU!" A boy cried suddenly. Heather choked on her Donut and whipped open the door. There was a boy cowering in fear as a Closer tried biting him. "I'm a kid! Have mercy damn you!" He screamed again. Heather rolled her eyes and walked up to the closer.


"That was.. epic." The boy looked at Heather in amazement as she stabbed the Closer with her Laser Beam. "Who are you?" Heather asked irritatedly. "Isaac." He said in awe as he held out his hand. Heather shook it and started walking past him. "HEY HEY! Where are you going?" Isaac cried. "We're gonna go get a key." Mandy taunted. "Oh really? Well take me with you! Mandy how could you leave me back there with those women? They're trying to touch me!" "They're monsters dummy and I had to because I was looking for help." Mandy corrected. "Oh well... It's still harassment." Isaac mumbled. Heather opened the door they went through earlier and walked down the hallway. "Is that a Numb Body?" Isaac asked disgustedly as he kicked a chunk, "Where did you learn their names?" Heather asked incredulously. "We have a handbook!" Mandy exclaimed as she whipped out a super thick edition of "Monsters: Why you need to know them Volume 1." Heather rolled her eyes and opened the door where the key was. "I have longer arms." Isaac announced as he knelt down and examined the pellet. "Yeah? It says right here in this guide book: 'You need the tongs from Helen's Bakery to retrieve the key that unlocks the door to My Best Sellers'." Mandy argued. "What?" Heather asked as she pushed Isaac out of the way and reached under the pellet with her tongs. "Nothing." Mandy mumbled as she placed the book back into her bag. Heather successfully grabbed the key and smiled. "Victory is mine!" Heather cried as she cackled and opened the door. Isaac was stumbling after the duo. Mandy opened the door and raced to the store "My Best Sellers." Heather opened the door and rushed them to get inside. "AAAH!" A girl screamed as she ducked behind one of the book shelves. "That sounded like--" "SHH!" Mandy shushed Isaac as they heard the soft *click* of a door shutting.

"Damn it! I don't know the code." Heather Groaned as she pressed a series of buttons on the keypad. Mandy roamed around the store while Isaac examined "Shakespeare" Books that were scattered around a book shelf. "Hmm... Oh hey! GUYS! I think I found something!" Isaac called as he picked up a book. There were numbers etched into the book spines. "Good work Eyesack!" Heather appraised as she examined the books herself. "It's Isaac." Isaac corrected. "Hmm... Maybe if we put them in order..." Mandy trailed off as Heather was way ahead of her. "Ok.. It says... 7954" Heather announced as she stood up and roamed over to the keypad. "Maybe it's the password." Isaac looked at the cash register and smiled. "Hey... Is that a Chocolate Bar?" Mandy asked as she reached for it. "Damn it! I was gonna grab that." Isaac whined. "Oh shut up you cry baby." Mandy growled. "No you BOTH shut the hell up!" Heather scolded as she entered the door. "Idiot." Mandy muttered under her breath. "Dumbass." Isaac muttered as well. "Stay here." Heather ordered as she saw a woman wearing black robes. "Fine." Isaac mumbled as she searched the book shelves for a book called "Scott Pilgrim vs The World Volume 3."

"Wait wait! What's going on? Where is everybody? Those weird monsters..." Heather cried as the woman turned to leave. "They have come to witness the beginning. The rebirth of Paradise. Despoiled by mankind." The mysterious woman replied in a monotone voice. "What are you talking about?" Heather asked irritatedly. She really didn't need to talk to a mental case right now. "Don't you know? Your power is needed." The woman responded in that same voice. Heather was confused as hell right now. "How should I know?" Heather challenged. "I am Claudia." The creepy woman ignored Heather's back sass. "So what?" Heather asked exasperated. "Remember me and your true self as well. Also of that which you must become. The one who will lead us to Paradise with blood stained hands." Claudia Stated. "Claudia... right? Did you DO all this?!" Heather asked incredulously. "It was the hand of god." She simply responded. "AAAH!" Heather groaned and clutched her head. A wicked sharp pain ran out through her entire head. It was something Heather never experienced before. It was like a wicked migraine times 3. Claudia stared down at Heather and turned to leave. Heather's line of sight was becoming dimmer and darker. "WAIT!" Heather screamed in between sobs and groans of pain. "I don't get it. What does she want me to remember?" Heather whimpered. She was all alone and her only choice was to continue. Then again, she won't be lonely with those kids. "I have to check on them." Heather recalled as she turned and went back down the hallway and entered the bookstore to retrieve the kids. Her only means of survival and sanity depend on them now.

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