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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 29

1 more away from the 30's! W00TNESS! Anyways, Dante and Nero are from Devil May Cry and Mandy threatened me with Robbie and Justin bieber to add them. So I was forced to add them xD AND YES BRAD! I LIKE YOUR ACCENT AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! So just read thanksies xD

"OH HERE GOES MY LIFE!" Mandy shouted as she sat on the floor and played with her Walter Voodoo doll. "Aren't we on the 2nd floor?" Cheryl asked quizically. "Yeah." Heather responded. "And isn't this Room S14?" Cheryl asked again. "Y-- Yeah?" Heather whipped around and looked at Cheryl with an eyebrow raised. "Me and Mandy will search around here some more. The rest of you head down stairs and... do something. Like, check around the lobby or check out the 3rd floor or... something." Mandy suggested. "Okies." Aiden grabbed Isaac and Brad by the arms and dragged them out into the hallway. Heather followed. "I likez meh Dante toy." Cheryl was still hugging and kissing her doll. "Coolio. I'mma--" "SHH!" Cheryl clamped a hand over Mandy's mouth and listened carefully.

"They were demons I tell you DEMONS!"

"Shut up kid and look for some more."

"Why are we here in this creepy hospital?"

"Pay is pay kid and the dude offered us a lot to clean out this hell hole."

"I don't like it."

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I heard someone talking behind these doors."

"Oh dear god.."

"We're dead!" Mandy whispered harshly to Cheryl as she yanked Cheryl's hand away. "I really want my mommy now." Cheryl whimpered as she heard the doorknob turn. Cheryl and Mandy scrambled to their knees and crawled under the bed. "Hey! Look at these kiddies." A voice bellowed. "They're not that young Dante." "DANTE?!" Cheryl screeched as she shot out from under the bed. "HOLY FLYING COWS! MANDY LOOK! ITS HIM!" Cheryl dragged Mandy out and ran over to the mysterious man. "HE'S REAL! HE'S REAL!" She squealed as she tugged on his arm. "I'm so ashamed..." The other boy trailed off as his weird arm glowed. "Well well well, we have a visitor... somewhere." "Who are you?" Mandy asked as she folded her arms and studied him. "Nero." "CD Burner?" "No!" Nero grumbled and looked away. "Imma dress you up in pretty clothes, brush your hair and keep you with me forever and ever." Cheryl hugged the white haired man. "Nero..." Dante looked at the younger demon-hunter with dispair. "What have I gotten myself into?" "I dunno." Nero shrugged and stared out the window. "So what's your name?" Dante asked the girl. "Cheryl." She squealed in response. "Mandy." Mandy grabbed his hand and shook it firmly. Cheryl hissed and pulled Dante closer to her. Nero and Mandy leaned away. "Well, what's two pretty lil ladies like you doing in a scary place like this?" Dante asked cheekily as he hugged Cheryl. "We're helping our friend." Mandy answered for her. "Coolio." Nero nodded his head as he put on his groovy set of headphones. "Whats with everyone saying 'Coolio'?" Mandy asked as she grabbed Nero's demon hand and walked down the hallway. "PIGGYBACK!" Cheryl ran and jumped on Dante's back. "OOF!" Dante grunted as she clung onto him like a monkey.

Heather checked every door on the third floor before deciding to go back down. Aiden and brad searched the lobby again while Isaac clung onto Aiden's back. "Okay everyone, lets go back upstairs." Heather announced as she met them on the stairway. "Second floor." Brad opened the door and let Heather go first.

Cheryl rode Dante's back while Mandy held Nero's hand. How romantic. "I wanna see Brad so I can tease him about how cute his accent sounds." Cheryl whined as she grabbed a hand full of Nero's hair. "Has she gone homo-sapien?" Nero asked incredulously as he stared at Cheryl with wide eyes. "For the record, homo-sapien means the same thing as human." Cheryl corrected as she patted Nero's head. "Kid never went to university." Dante teased as he adjusted Cheryl. She was getting heavy. "Oh really? You're one to talk you half-demon idiot!" Nero shot back. "You're lucky I have this chick on my back or else I'd make you look like egg salad." "Nice threat." Mandy laughed. "He's epic." Cheryl sighed as she nuzzled her face into his neck and sighed again. "She's....quite the something." Dante chuckled as he looked behind his shoulder and saw her sleepy face. She looks... peaceful. Mandy never saw her so relaxed before. "She hasn't slept yet." Mandy responded as she yawned and stretched her arms.

Heather was shocked at what she saw. Mandy was holding hands with a boy while Cheryl was on the back of another one. "Hai." Heather blushed. "Hey there. Sorry babe but I'm taken." Dante brushed Heather off and looked at Nero. "What my friend means is that he's pleased to meet you and we're going." "Are you taking Cheryl and Mandy with you?" They asked with hopefulness. "Nope." Dante chuckled. "Who are you?" Brad asked as he helped Cheryl off of Dante's back. "I'm Dante and this is Nero." Dante introduced hastily as he watched his little princess stand beside Heather. "Oh yeah! Hey Brad, I like your accent." "OH NOES! NOT AGAIN!" Brad whined as Cheryl went on a full scale teasing trip. "I wanna bomb the UK." Isaac groaned as he banged his face off of the wall. "Why?" Cheryl asked. "I don't have an accent." Isaac whined. "SHUT IT WALTER!" "I'M NOT WALTER!" Isaac screamed as he pushed Mandy away. "Oh so you're normal again?!" Cheryl hugged Isaac. Dante wanted to stab him while Brad grabbed his cellphone. "Yeah Frank West? Call the army and bomb Brazil. WHAT?! He's unavaliable? DAMN YOU!" Brad snapped his phone shut and smiled. "So grandpa here is tagging along with us?" Brad sneered as he poked Nero. Nero looked down and glared. "Yup." Cheryl smiled as she grabbed Dante's hand and clutched it like he was her life savior. Nero grabbed Mandy and brought his lips to hers with crushing force. Brad and Isaac gagged while Aiden sighed and clasped his hands to his chest. Heather was disturbed and Cheryl hugged Dante. "So bloody romantic..." Aiden trailed off. "Yeah dude, get a room." Dante complained as he picked up Cheryl and walked down the hallway. "Who does he think he is? Acting like he's all epic and crap." Isaac grumbled. "Where's Walter?" Brad asked Isaac.

Back to the secret lair where Justin is getting raped tortured by Walter.

"I see Isaac trained you well..." Walter snickered as Justin did push-ups over a small fire. "Hmm...." Walter dumped his water bottle on the small fire. "AAAAH!" Justin screamed as jumped up. Walter grabbed Justin's arm and placed him in an aquatic tank of some sort. "Have fun with ze fishies." Walter pulled a lever and Sharks circled Justin. "I love my life. TO PARADISE!" Walter cackled as he clanked his cup against the glass and watched Justin panic.

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