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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 28

W00TNESSS. Sorry it took so long to make, with tests coming up and all. Anywho-- OMG! I forgot to tease Brad about his adorable accent! Don't worry Brad, I'll get to it in my next part. SO! Chop Chop and start reading xD

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, CHERYL! DO SOMETHING!" Brad screamed as he stared at the beast. Was it just Brad, or was it shaped like a bed? "What am I supposed to do? Stab it with... this?!" Cheryl held up a burrito and looked at Brad incredulously. "If it works!" Brad snatched the burrito away and ate it. "That's our only weapon!" Cheryl complained. "AH AH!" Brad rolled out of the way as it tried to ram into him. (No not like that you sick twisted fruit) "It's your dad!" Brad snapped as Cheryl pushed him in front of her and ducked. "You got us locked in here!" Cheryl justified as she ducked again. "For a good cause!" Brad squeaked as he ducked. "Kick him! No no wait! Stomp him." Cheryl ordered in a fake british accent. "What the hell?" "Never watched Sleepy Hollow? Ok, so--" "I DON'T CARE! DUCK!" Brad screamed as he pushed Cheryl's head down and rolled out of the way. "HYAAAAH!" Brad posed like a Crane and kicked it. "You moron!" Cheryl grabbed a bed frame and slammed it into the monster's body. "That... didn't do much." Brad remarked sarcastically as he pushed Cheryl out of the way. "No shit sherlock." Cheryl gasped as she realized something that was a little more than a coincidence. The monster's body was riddled with bullet holes. No wait, stab wounds. Almost as if... "Dad?" Cheryl squeaked in a quiet voice. "Cheryl! What do you think you're doing?!" Brad asked incredulously. Cheryl didn't hear anything. She couldn't feel anything. "Daddy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did." Cheryl murmured in a soft voice. Brad was tempted to kick her. "I know dad. It was a terrible sin. But it's all over now. I'm tired of living with guilt." "CHERYL!" Brad screamed as Cheryl tackled it to the ground. "HEEELP! SOMEONE HELP US!" Brad pounded his fists against the door as he watched Cheryl brutally beat the monster.

"HEELP! SOMEONE HELP US!" "What the hell?" Aiden whipped around and stared at the door. "SOMEONE HELP US!" "Brad?!" Aiden ran over to the doors and tugged on the handle. "Brad?!" Aiden shouted as he tugged on the handle once more. "AIDEN HEEELP!" Brad screamed from the other side. "I'll get you out Brad! Move back!" Aiden ran backwards and kicked the door. "AH!" Aiden went crashing through the door and onto the floor. "Aiden! Grab Cheryl!" Brad ordered. Aiden looked up and gasped. Cheryl was on top of the monster. Was she... strangling it? No, she was hitting it. "Cheryl, CHERYL!" Aiden screamed as Cheryl retreated from the monster and started to stomp it. "You...*grunt* CAN!...*Grunt* GO TO HELL!" Cheryl shouted in between her epic kicks to the monster's face. "Cheryl! Enough!" Brad and Aiden struggled to restrain Cheryl from grabbing another bed frame. "LET GO!" "NO!" Brad and Aiden shouted in unison as Cheryl struggled beneath their grip. "He's dead." Aiden breathed as he loosened his grip on Cheryl. "I DONT CARE!" She cried as she threw the bed frame on top of it.

(Fourth Wall Breaking time! xD)

"Stop copying Angela from Silent Hill 2." Brad grumbled incoherently. "I am not! This is called a BED FRAME not a TV." Cheryl replied sarcastically as she grabbed a seat on the ground and wrapped her arms around her legs. "See! You even sit like her!" Brad pushed the matter. "Ah, shut up and torture Justin Bieber." Aiden grumbled as he sat beside Cheryl. "Why don't you tell me what heppened." Aiden asked softly. "What's there to say? I killed my father out of anguish." "Well, that explains a lot. Let's get a move on." Aiden scrambled to his feet and helped Cheryl up. "Thats it? You're not gonna call me a murderer or anything?" Cheryl pressed. "No." The boys muttered in unison. "We should find the others." Cheryl suggested. Everyone seemed to forget what just happened and proceeded down the hallway.

"Mandy..." Heather warned. Mandy was about to throw a sewing needle at Isaac. "What?" She asked sweetly as she hid the needle behind her back and smiled. "Nice try." Heather complimented. "S14." Heather read aloud. "Open the door." Mandy persuaded as she grabbed Isaac's collar. "Nothing in---"


"Get the phone." Brad suggested as he entered the room after Cheryl and Aiden. "Right." Heather muttered as she picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Heather muttered into the phone. "Claudia." A man said in a bleak voice into the phone. "No, I'm not--" "Don't lie to me Claudia. You're always trying to run away from responsibilities. Have you come to apologize?" The mysterious man asked sternly. "Or maybe you don't realize how foolish you've been! 'The salvation of all mankind'. UGH! What a ridiculous dream!" Heather was a little baffled by his accusation. "Listen here you little twe--" Heather began but Cheryl slapped her hand and pointed towards a piece of paper. "I mean..." Heather cleared her throat and read the words on the paper. "Wait! Just listen to me for a second!" Heather demanded. "I've heard enough from you already! How did you turn out this way? Where did I go wrong?!" The strange voice grumbled into the phone. "Listen to me already!" Heather shouted into the phone. "I'mmmmmm noooooooot Claaaaaaaaudia!" Heather said reeeaaaaal sloooooowly intoooo the phoooone. Brad raised an eyebrow while Cheryl giggled and and grabbed a stuffed animal from under the bed. "I founds a Dante plushie!" She cried as she hugged it tightly and kissed it. Aiden was clearly disturbed and Mandy was having fun poking Isaac. "You're not Claudia?" The man asked in the same manner. "No shit sherlock!" Heather muttered into the phone with an exasperated tone. "I mean--" Heather was about to correct herself when Cheryl gave her a stern look. "My name is Heather." "Heather..." "Who are you?!" Heather asked incredulously into the phone. "Gimme that." Aiden snatched the phone away from her and smiled evilly. "YO YO YO! THIS IS ALEXANDER THE SALAMANDER G! YALL GOTZ TA GET REAL ON SOMETHING SNOOPY DOGGIE DOG! I AINT APPRECIATING YOUZ TALKING TO MEH HOMESLICE LIKE THAT YA FEEL ME CUZ?" Aiden shouted into the phone. Brad lost his control and started laughing while Cheryl made out with her Dante plushie. "You idiot!" Heather snatched the phone from Aiden and slapped him on the back of the head. "Sorry bout that. Just my mentally disabled friend here." Heather shot Aiden a stern look. Aiden laughed and grabbed a seat beside Brad on the bed. "Cheryl gonna be ok?" Brad asked as he stared at her worriedly. "As long as we don't atempt to take the thing away, we should be alive and well." Aiden connected fists with Brad as they watched Cheryl play with her plushie. Mandy was poking Isaac and Isaac was mumbling about wanting his mommy. "Leonard Wolf." He responded as he totally ignored what Aiden said earlier. "I'm sorry, I thought you were my daughter." Leonard apologized. "Claudia is your daughter?" Heather asked as she tried to process the information. It's not true. It simply can't be true. "Oh so you know her do you? ARE YOU ONE OF HER FOLLOWERS?!" Leonard suddenly shouted. Heather gritted her teeth. "No, never. When I find her I-I-I-I'm---" "I can feel the hatred." "What?" "Behind your words... the anger... you plan to kill her don't you?" Leonard asked nonchalantly. "I'm sorry but, she... she killed my father." "She's a fool but she's still my daughter." Leonard responded with words that sounded like... regret? "I was going to forgive her if she changed her ways. But I see its too late. Heather, will you help me?" "Help you?" Heather looked at the others and back out the window. "I'm locked up in here and I MUST stop Claudia." Leonard said with determination. "Where are you?" Heather asked as she looked at her nails. "I'm not sure myself but the door is at the end of the hall on the second floor. I think I can be of help to you. I have a seal. And I trained it to play the trumpet." "What?" Heather asked as she struggled to hear the man. "And it goes ARF ARF ARF." "What the fu-- Hell?" "I mean *clears throat* I have a seal. Please...." Leonard pleaded. "A Seal?" Heather asked. "WELL F*CK YOU!" Heather shouted as Leonard hung up on her. "End of the hall on the second floor." Heather turned to face her group as she hung up the phone. "Goody good goodness." Mandy beamed while Cheryl held her doll tighter.

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