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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 25

"If he's Walter...." Brad trailed off as he examined Isaac. "HE'S ZE ENEMY!" Mandy shouted as she charged toward him. "NO!" Brad grabbed Mandy's arms and restrained her. "You can't just go and kill him Mandy!" Brad struggled to keep Mandy still. "Like hell I can't!" Brad sighed and let go of Mandy.

"HOLY CRAP THIS STUPID DOOR WON'T OPEN AT MY COMMAND!" Aiden shouted as he kicked it not once, not twice, not three times but four times. "Relax Aiden! What does this say?" Heather asked as she shone her flashlight on a bulletin board. "Nope, nothing. Lets try the second floor?" She asked. "Oh sure why not eh?" Aiden muttered sarcastically as he opened the stairway door and trudged down the stairs.

"Where am I?" Walter asked as he looked around. "Walter? Dude, have you gone crazy?" Vincent asked incredulously as he put down his book and lowered his glasses. "Do I know you?" "Uh... Yeah? CLAUDIA! I think we have bad news bears!" "Huh?" Claudia was confused. "Walter doesn't know where we are!" "Amnesia? He's not saying 'I want my mommy' as much as usual." "Who are you people?!" Walter cowered away from them. "Where's Mandy and Brad? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THEM?!" "Ma-- He's not Walter!" Claudia accused. "Huh? Of course he is! He's right here Claudia." "That's not what I'm saying! He must've switched bodies with that Eyesack kid." "Isaac." "Whatever! Either way, he's the enemy right?" "We should keep him here." Vincent suggested. "Is that Justin Bieber?" Walter smirked as he saw the 16 year old popstar peek out the small window in the door. "I thought his name was Fagboy?" Vinent asked. Walter/Isaac smiled as he sauntered over to the cell and opened it. "We're gonna have a nice and long chit chat." "NO PLEASE!" Justin cried as Walter slapped him, stomped him, kicked him, kicked him in the nuts, stomped him in the nuts, choked him off, punched him so many times that he lost count and finally broke his nose. "M-M-M-M---" "SHUT IT! YO MAMA WAS SO STUPID THAT SHE THOUGHT A LIGHT SABER HAD FEWER CALORIES!" Walter shouted as he slapped Justin one last time. "That doesn't make sense." Justin muttered as he held himself. "Well you know since its light and she-- Know what? Never mind." Walter grumbled.

"THIS DOOR WON'T OPEN EITHER?! WHAT THE FREAKING HELL?!" Cheryl was to kick the door repeatedly this time. "Relax Cheryl! Read the diary while I check out the bulletin board." Heather tossed the diary over to Cheryl while her and Aiden examined the board.

"You may not yet have realized your own true feelings. But you sense them unconsciously. And so you're trying to get closer to me. That's a virtue, the path to Paradise. If the door's locked, open it. Use the password for the prison gates. Doctor... I've forgotten his name. Anyway, that quack has it posted. He should be here, too. I mean, 4 numbers would've been good enough, but he kept on going. Isn't it a shame? I'm not there. Aren't you irritated? I long for you, but you're so cruel. Still, I want you, Heather. Stanley Coleman"

"EEEEEEW!" Heather screamed as she shoved the journal out of Cheryl's hand again. "You need to stop doing that." Cheryl grumbled as she tossed the journal back onto the mini tabletop. "The first is larger than the second; the second twice the third; the third smaller than the fourth; the fourth is half the first. Four of the numbers are not repeated Three are not in the top row Two are not in the right row One of the numbers is the final key" Aiden read aloud. "What the f-- I mean hell does that mean?" Heather asked as she looked over Aiden's shoulder. "Could be the combination." Aiden answered as he started tapping away at the keypad. "SHABA!" Aiden cried in victory as a soft *click* registered. "Nice one." Cheryl complimented.

Mandy was glaring at Isaac furiously while Brad looked around the storeroom. "Hmm... there's something behind this bookshelf." He murmured as he tried to push the junk aside. "EVIL!" Mandy crouched and pointed at Isaac. Brad smirked as she reminded him of the Evil Monkey from Family Guy. "Relax Mandy, he probably doesn't even know who we are." "I WANT MY MOMMY!" Isaac screamed as he kicked Mandy square in the mouth. "OW!" Mandy tackled Isaac to the ground while Brad continued to check himself out in the mirror. "We should look for a camera or something." Brad suggested.

"I wanna sing." Cheryl complained. "Be my guest." Aiden and Heather muttered. "YAY!" Cheryl cleared her throat. "Miku Miku Shite Ageru." Cheryl partially screeched as she started to skip around in a circle. "WHAT THE HELL!" Heather clamped a hand over Cheryl's mouth. "What the hell are you singing?" "Ever hear of Vo--" "Nerdaloid?" Aiden burst out laughing. "Shut it Aiden! And Cheryl, please don't sing." Heather begged. "Fine, fine. It's not my fault I can sing in Japanese." Cheryl grumbled. "WHOA!" Aiden exclaimed as he slammed the door shut and looked at Heather worriedly. "What?" "Hot Nurses. I MEAN KILLER NURSES." Aiden shouted as Heather bashed him on the head with her fist. "Damn girl." Aiden grumbled as Heather stomped away from them and tried the next door. "Nothing in here either." Heather announced.

"I'm bored." Cheryl complained to Aiden as Heather dispatched another Nurse. "Me too. So what were you singing again?" "Japanese." "Japanese? Bilingual?" "Yup." "I should learn that sometime." "Its not that hard at all really." Cheryl confessed. "Really? Anywho, how old are you?" "14" "Really?" "Yeah. How about you? 34?" "Whats that supposed to mean?!" Aiden asked incredulously. "Well, you act mature... most of the time." She laughed as Aiden playfully pushed her.

Walter was having fun torturing Justin Bieber. "DROP AND GIVE ME 20!" Walter shouted as Justin failed to jump over a hurdle. "Please Sir! I'm tired." "SHUT IT!" Walter grabbed his baton and whacked justin on the back with it. "OUCH!" Justin cried as he started to do push-ups. "4 laps!" Walter announced as Justin almost collapsed. "No!" "Do you want me to use Razor Blades and Lemon Juice?" Walter asked tauntingly. "N-N-N-No Sir." Justin answered in a panic. "Good." Walter leaned back in his chair and sipped on his glass of water.

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