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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 24


"Um.... do you hear that?" Aiden asked as they entered the 3rd floor. "Sounds like a Heartbeat?" Heather looked at Cheryl. "Yeah." She agreed as she tried to find the source of the noise. "You two check the womans locker room. Imma try the door here." Heather and Cheryl nodded and entered the room. "Perfume?" Heather asked as she handed Cheryl the bottle. Cheryl sprayed it into the air and sniffed. "It smells weird." She observed as she tucked it away. "Definitely." Heather agreed as she looked around inside the lockers. "A Shotgun?!" Cheryl asked incredulously as she picked up the firearm. "Its loaded. Whats it doing here?" Heather shrugged and gave her the pistol. "I'll take the shotgun. You take the Pistol." Heather cocked the shotgun and exited the room. Cheryl smiled and tucked the pistol away.

Mandy, Brad and Isaac searched the entire 2nd floor before giving up and going down into the basement. "Do you hear that?" Brad asked. "Yeah, sounds like a wheel turning." Isaac crept around the corner and looked. "Um..." Brad ignored Isaac and looked. "WHOA!" "What?!" Mandy asked. "I see bla--" Isaac closed his mouth. "Is that a wheel chair?" Mandy asked as she skipped over to the creepy thing and examined it. "DON'T-TOUCH-IT-MANDY!" Isaac and Brad blurted out. "Why?" She asked as she watched the spinning wheel came to a stop. "Mirror!" Brad grabbed a piece of glass and checked himself out. Issac and Mandy rolled their eyes and walked away. "Hey there pretty mama. I'm Ricky Bobby. If you don't chew big red well F*CK YOU!" Brad shouted as he continued to check himself out in the 'mirror'. Isaac started laughing while Mandy started choking.

"Cheryl, are you alright?" "Do I look alright?" Cheryl asked sarcastically as she curled herself up into a little ball and gently rocked back and forth. "Not really." Heather admitted. "Wanna talk about it?" "I guess so." Heather sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her. "Tell me whats on your mind."

"I guess I have no choice. Last year, when I was 13, I...did something wrong." "And what was that?" "I...I..." Cheryl sobbed uncontrollably and leaned into Heather. "I killed my father.... I killed him!" She confessed. "I did it because I killed her! I did it and I felt joy! I FELT JOY HEATHER! I was happy that I saw her dead! That's bad Heather and you know it!" Cheryl sobbed. "You killed your own father?" "In self defense!" Cheryl corrected. "He was gonna hurt me all because of that evil woman!" "Its ok now." Heather tried to comfort her. "I've been drawn to Silent Hill. I don't know why, but I felt the urge to come here." Cheryl explained as she wiped her face. "Well...." "Promise not to tell anyone." Cheryl begged. "Yeah." Heather agreed.

"Machine Gun!" Isaac grabbed the gun and smiled. "Imma badboy! BANG BANG!" "WHOA!" Mandy and Brad exclaimed as Isaac shot the gun. "WATCH WHERE THE HELL YOU POINT THAT THING!" Brad screamed as he ducked behind the corner. "My oopsies." Isaac apologized as he started sucking on his thumb. "Uh... Isaac?" "MOM! MOM WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE DID YOU GO?!" Isaac suddenly screamed as he ran away from them and ran up the stairs. "Imma stab my Walter doll." Mandy mumbled as she grabbed a sewing needle and stabbed her shabby doll. "OOOOOOW!" Isaac screamed suddenly. "Thats weird..." Mandy muttered as she stabbed it again. "OOOOOW!" Isaac screamed even louder. "HOLY FLYING COWS AND SHEEP!" Brad screamed as he realized what happened: Walter and Isaac changed bodies.

"ENEMY!" Mandy screamed as she tackled Isaac. "I WANT MY MOMMY!" Isaac screamed as he kicked Mandy.

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