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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 23

(Hee hee)

"This is scary." Brad whined as he looked around. The Hospital was eerie and dark. "I hate Hospitals." Cheryl shuddered and cringed into Heather. "Me too." Heather agreed. "Should we split up?" Aiden asked as he readied his pipe. "Yeah. Isaac, Brad and Mandy are one group." "Ok! Lets go!" Brad grabbed Mandy and Issac's arms and dragged them to the right. "Lets go left I suppose." Heather mumbled. "Wait! We should check out the office. No?" Aiden asked as he opened the door. "Whats does it say?" Heather asked as Cheryl picked up a piece of paper.

"Leonard Wolf. Room S12. Presenting mild audiovisual hallucinations, emotional instability, obsessive ideas. Suspect mild schizophrenia. Will continue observation. Basically calm and cooperative with a strong sense of justice. However, according to reports, becomes very violent when overexcited. Stanley Coleman. Room S07. Usually passive and cowardly, also egotistical. Sometimes shows and acts on obsessive attachment to a particular woman. This has caused violent incidents; use caution."

"Wow..." Aiden was disgusted. Stanley Coleman? "Sounds like a stalker." He continued as he looked around the shabby office.

"Hell-o nurse!" Brad wrapped an arm around the twitching nurse and smiled. "You single?" "ARRGH!" She groaned as she tried to raise her arm. "I take that as an--" "MOVE BRAD!" Mandy and Isaac screamed as they started chopping the nurse into chunks. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Brad screamed as his 'date' crashed to the ground and started banging her face. "She was a demon dumbass!" Isaac shouted as he stomped the nurse to death. "You're such a hypocrite Isaac! Just because you can't get a date--" "WHAT?! I can so! Watch this!" Isaac grabbed Mandy and hugged her. "That doesn't prove anything dude." Brad smirked and folded his arms. "HYAAAH!" Mandy Karate chopped Isaac in the neck and threw him to the ground. "What? You think I'm a 40 year old stalker?" Isaac asked. "I'm not an internet predator!" Brad pointed out. "What does this have to do with anything?" "I dunno." They muttered in unison. "Some chick accused me of being an internet predator!" Brad sobbed. "Relax dude!" Isaac tried to cheer him up while Mandy grew imaginary devil horns and smiled evilly.

"NURSE!" Cheryl screamed as Heather shot it. "Dead!" Heather shouted in victory as she posed. "Yeah um great! Epic! Now lets GO!" Aiden grabbed the girls roughly by the arms and dragged them towards a door. "This leads to the roof!" Aiden announced as he dashed up the stairs. "Whats this?" Heather asked as she picked up a diary. Cheryl smiled and picked up the doll.

" I also like the rooftop. It makes me want to fly. You too? Stanley Coleman"

"Weird?" Cheryl asked as she put the doll in her pocket. "Ya think?" Heather tucked the diary in her pocket and waited for Aiden to come back inside. "NOPE! NOTHING THERE!" He screamed in their ears as he dashed down the stairs. Heather and Cheryl followed after him. "Whats up?" Heather asked as Aiden opened the door again on the first floor and dashed down the hallways. "Closers. Two of them." Aiden breathed as he opened a random door and rushed the girls inside. "A Visiting Room?" Cheryl asked as she looked over to another diary. "Its another diary!" Cheryl ran over to it and started to read aloud.

"This day has finally come. That's right -- the day when you and I will meet. I was always thinking of you, here in this gloomy cell. I never even knew your name or face until today. But now I know. I know you're the one I've been waiting for. And haven't you been waiting for me, too? That's why you came to rescue me. Oh, how I love you, Heather. I want to give you my prized doll I made to commemorate our meeting, the start of this everlasting love. Ah, I can already see your smiling face. Stanley Coleman"

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Heather screamed as she pushed the journal out of Cheryl's hand. Cheryl grabbed the doll from her pocket and threw it against the wall. "He must mean a different Heather right?" Aiden gasped as he read the diary. "I sure as hell hope so!" Heather shuddered and stomped her foot. "Lets get going!" Cheryl cried as she ran out of the room.

"Hey! A book!" mandy called over to the boys as they examined another room. "What does it say?" Brad asked as he leaned over Mandy's shoulder.

"Hypocrisy is most common in people who think they're better than others. To define Hypocrisy is almost as simple as snapping your fingers. If a person tells you everything about themselves and when you ask for something in return, they call you an internet predator. This my dearies is called Hypocrisy. Most common in Hypocrites."

"Sounds like someone I know." Mandy giggled as she tucked the book away and thought up an evil plan.

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