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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 22

(Almost there Mandy! MUA HA HA HA!)

"We're here!" Douglas announced as they pulled into their hotel. "Jacks Inn?" Mandy asked as she got out of the car. "Can't we go to Lakeview hotel?" Cheryl asked. "Nah, they're booked." Douglas muttered as he opened their hotel room door. Cheryl and Mandy grabbed the nearest bed. Aiden resorted to the couch while Brad and Isaac fought over the bed. "I'll sit here." Heather muttered as she grabbed a seat by the computer desk. "I'm gonna head for that Leonard guy's house. You check out the Hospital. Got the map right?" Douglas asked. Heather nodded. "Yeah." She responded. "Gonna be okay alone?" "ALONE?!" Everyone suddenly shouted. Douglas chuckled and corrected himself. "I mean alone here with these kids." "I'm not a child you know." Heather responded sarcastically. "Are you sure its not you whos afraid to be alone?" Heather smirked while everyone else choked back their laughter. "You're right." Douglas sighed. "I am afraid. I'm 50-something years old and I've never seen anything like this." Douglas confessed. "It feels like I'm dreaming." "More like a Nightmare I'll say." Heather retorted. "Yeah." Douglas sighed once more. "I wanna wake up and have a smoke already. Meet me back here when you've finished looking around the Hospital okay?" Douglas asked. "Roger." Heather smiled sweetly and saluted.

"So where're we going?" Mandy asked as she stretched and walked over to the washroom. "To Brookhaven Hospita--- Who said you're coming along?" Heather chuckled. "You can't leave us here!" Aiden grumbled as he fell off of the couch. "Free Wi-fi!" Brad exclaimed as he whipped out a laptop and went online. "Whatchudoing?" Cheryl asked sweetly. "Checking out the Silent Hill Wiki." Everyone looked at Brad with an eyebrow raised. "I mean...." He grabbed a pepsi and leaned dangerously far back in his chair. "Well, its dangerous." "HOLY CRAP!" Brad exclaimed as he fell off of his chair and dropped his pepsi. "Example A." Isaac gestured his arms over to Brad. "Shut up! I wasn't raped by Walter like you!" "SCREW YOU!" Isaac shouted as he threw an unopened can of pepsi at Brad. "Oh thanks!" Brad chuckled as he cracked it open and drank the sweet beverage. "Hey!" Isaac pouted. "Ok! So should we get going?" Heather asked. "I'm ready." Mandy murmured. "I'm ready." "I'M READY! I'M READY! I'M READY!" Brad started singing as he did a tap dance. There was a loud popping noise and everyone drew their attention to Cheryl. She covered her nose and ran into the bathroom. "I'm ready SO SHUT UP AND LETS GO!" Aiden shouted as he exited the hotel. "I'm ready so shut up and lets go." Isaac mimicked Aiden as he followed after him. Cheryl pushed Mandy playfully on their way out and Brad was busy drinking his pop to really give a damn.

"TREE!" Brad screamed as he smacked it with a wooden plank. Cheryl was cowering into Isaac while Isaac was picking his nose. "Ok! Totally random." Heather muttered as she read the map once more. "Um... Brookhaven is this way!" She declared as she started running in an random direction. "HERE IT---"


"Ow..." Brad muttered as he felt a sharp pain run up his face. Cheryl had to laugh. Brad walked right into a tree. "Enough loligaging! The Hospital is right here." Heather looked at the map and then at the sign that said "Brookhaven". "Blookhaven?" Mandy observed the sign. "Uh..." "Lemme fix that!" James suddenly appeared with a large neon "R" and a ladder. "There ya go." He tipped his hat towards the ladies and disappeared. "That was weird." Cheryl grumbled as she looked at the sign. "Brookhaven." Heather read as she opened the doors.

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