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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 21

"I just met some guy named Vincent." Douglas murmured to Heather as they waited for Isaac and Cheryl. "Vincent?" Heather asked. "Isn't he your friend or something?" Douglas looked behind Heather and at the door. Still no sign of them. "Mmmm... I'm not sure." Heather responded. "Well, he said when we get to Silent Hill, to look for a guy named Leonard. He gave me this map." Douglas dug inside his trench coat and pulled out a battered map. "What do ya wanna do?" "Can't trust him. But, we've got no other choice." Heather's voice cracked at the end. "Here, take this too." Douglas pulled out a notebook of some sort and handed it over to Heather. "What's this?" She asked curiously. "Your father was holding it." Heather drew in a deep breath and flipped through it quickly. "Thanks." She muttered. Just then, Cheryl barged through the door with an guilty expression. She smiled and climbed in the back seat with Aiden, Brad, Mandy and Isaac. "We ready to go?" Douglas asked as he climbed in the driver's seat. Heather sighed and hopped in the passenger seat. "Seatbelts please." Douglas reminded the kids as he buckled up himself. "Turn on the radio please." Mandy asked as she tried to get comfortable. "Hey! You almost sat on my hand!" Brad grumbled as Cheryl shifted her weight. "Boo freakedy hoo." She mocked.

"A letter to my future self. 'Am I still happy?' I began. Have I grown up pretty? Is daddy still a good man?"

"Hmph, it started raining." Douglas mumbled to Heather. He was trying to start a friendly conversation. Douglas looked in his rearview mirror and smiled faintly. The kids were fast asleep. "Are you asleep?" He asked Heather. He was getting lonely. "I'm awake." She mumbled in response. "Are you cold?" Douglas asked. No response. Was she giving him the silent treatment? "So whats the deal with Silent Hill anyway?" No response. "It used to be a nice, quiet little town. But now..." Douglas trailed off. "You've been there?" Heather finally asked. "Once... On a missing person's case." Douglas confessed. "Never did find him." He added. "But I'll tell ya... Thats one screwed up town. In my line of work, you hear a lot of nasty rumors." "I was born and raised there." Heather muttered as she continued to stare out the window.

"10 years ago your past self prayed for happiness so please don't lose hope."

"Oh sorry. Didn't mean to offend you." Douglas grumbled. "No offense taken." Heather responded in an monotone voice. "Anyway..." Douglas trailed off after 20 minutes of silence. "I thought you grew up in Portland?" Heather placed a hand over her head. How did she remember that? "Whats wrong?" Douglas asked. "Feeling sick?" "My heads pounding." Heather muttered. "Like the worst hangover ever." Douglas raised an eyebrow. Wasn't she only 17? "Maybe you're carsick?" Douglas asked nervously. "No... I'm just trying to remember... my childhood." Heather confessed as she kept looking out the window. "Something terrible happened in Silent Hill 17 years ago."

"We weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry. We were made for being happy. So be happy. For me, for you. Please."

"A woman named Dahlia. She tried to summon the ancient god of the town. She.... offered up her own daughter" "Thats crazy." Douglas muttered in a disgusted manner. "Maybe so but it worked. The girl... gave birth... to a... god." Heather continued. Mandy mumbled in her sleep and turned over. Or, tried to turn over. "Huh?" Douglas was lost. What was she saying? Was she being serious? "You see... that girl had... special powers." "Powers?" What the hell was she talking about?! "...Her classmates called her a 'witch'. She could make things happen with her mind. She could kill people by just wishing for it. But in the end, that god was killed by a single person. My father Harry Mason." Douglas looked at her incredulously while a few people in the back suspiciously coughed. "I guess it wasn't much of a god if it could be killed by a human being. But... I think Claudia is trying to do the same thing. And I've been chosen as the sacrifice." "You have some kind of power in you too?" Douglas asked.

"Oh! Oh what a pair me and you. Put here to feel joy and not be blue."

"After the god was killed, the girl reappeared. She was holding a baby in her arms. Before she died, she gave the baby to my father." Heather continued. Douglas looked at her once again with disbelief. Could she be... that baby?

"Sadder times and bad times see them through."

"He loved me just like I was his very own daughter." Heather's voice cracked at the end. "He didn't know who or what I was. It was so sudden." Heather sniffled and rubbed at her eye.

"Soon we will know, if its for real."

"I never... had a chance to tell you... to tell you how happy you made me..." Heather whispered to herself. Douglas felt guilty. She was clearly in pain. "Where are we?" Mandy grumbled as she yawned and stretched. She hit Aiden in the face and he snorted. "Who died what?" He mumbled as he yawned. "Are we there yet?" Cheryl sighed as she looked out the window. She cringed in pain. The rain... Cheryl rolled up her sleeve and stared at the long welt than ran down the length of her arm. That night, it was raining too.

"We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy."

Mandy sighed and asked Heather to turn the radio off. The music was depressing her.

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