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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 20

Heather looked at the dead monster with hate. "UGH!" Heather grunted as she kicked it once, twice, three times. Aiden, Isaac, Brad and Mandy left wisely. Cheryl stayed behind with Heather. "H-H-H-Heather?" Cheryl asked softly. "Yeah?" Heather mumbled. It started to rain. "Are you gonna be alright?" Cheryl asked again. "I.. I honestly don't know. But she has to pay." Heather growled at the end. "Come on. Let's catch up with the others." Cheryl suggested. "Yeah, I guess." Heather mumbled as she trudged down the stairs with Cheryl following behind.

Everyone stood around Douglas. He was examining Heather's deceased father Harry. "You should just leave him alone." Mandy suggested as she rubbed her arm nervously. "I know what I'm doing kid." Douglas muttered. Everyone stepped back and away from heather and Cheryl as they entered the apartment. "I don't know what to say." Douglas muttered to Heather. "Then don't say anything. I'm fine so just get outta here and LEAVE ME ALONE!" Heather shouted as she stepped forward. Cheryl cringed and Mandy placed a hand on her shoulder. "Calm down. I just--" "CALM DOWN?! How am I supposed to do that?! My father is dead! He was murdered!" Heather was in Douglas' face now. "Ugh... GET OUT!" Heather suddenly screamed as she pushed Douglas. "This is all your fault! If it weren't for you---" "I'm sorry--" "THEN GO!" Heather shouted as she got in Douglas' face once again. "If it'll make you feel better, I will." Douglas muttered. Cheryl tensed up and Isaac was digging around in the cupboards for Buttercakes. Heather folded her arms and looked away.

Aiden, Brad, Isaac and Douglas carried Harry's body into his room and on his bed. The girls lingered behind and watched. Heather walked over to Douglas and stood beside him. "Is he okay like this?" Douglas asked softly. "What else can I do? There's no one here to give him a decent burial." Heather grumbled. Cheryl walked over and placed some daffodils on Harry's chest. Heather sighed and placed a hand over her face. "I'm sorry dad." Heather apologized. "What will you do now?" Douglas asked. Aiden grabbed a seat on his desk and felt a little guilty. Even though he didn't know the man, he didn't deserve to die like this. Heather looked deep in thought and finally answered. "I'm going to Silent Hill."

Isaac started choking on his Buttercake. Aiden almost fell off of the desk and Cheryl looked even more guilty than before. Mandy stabbed herself by accident with a sewing needle as she was about to stab her Walter Sullivan doll. "What's in Silent Hill?" Douglas asked insecurely. He wasn't about to drive a raging teen to a desolate town. "I don't know." Heather answered truthfully. "Do you think it's safe?" Douglas was worried now. "Of course it isn't." Heather chuckled once without humor. "I don't know what kind of hell is waiting me there but I've got no other choice." Heather walked over to Cheryl and stared at her. "I don't care about God or Paradise if that's what she believes then fine! But she won't get away with what she did." Heather looked at Douglas seriously. "When I find her I'll kill her myself." Heather said smugly as she began to pace back and forth. "Revenge doesn't solve anything." Douglas muttered. "Maybe not, but thats what I'm going to do." Heather made the statement sound as if that's her final decision. "How're you gonna get there?" Douglas challenged. "None of your business." Heather responded sarcastically. Douglas sighed. "I'll give you a ride." He offered. "I don't need your help." Heather said stubbornly. "Yeah, but its too far to walk." Brad pointed out. "Besides, I'm partly responsible for this." Douglas took a cheap shot at Heather. "I'll bring the car around back. Come by and we'll finish saying goodbye." Douglas turned around to leave. "You know, you might die too." Heather pointed out guiltily. "That's fine. No one's gonna cry over my grave anyway." With that said, Douglas left.

"Can we come too?" Mandy asked Heather. "I-I-I don't know." "Come on Heather! We wanna kick Claudia's butt too!" Isaac folded his arms stubbornly. "Yeah! The Order is going DOWN!" Aiden slammed his fist down on the small kitchen table. "And besides, I want a Claudia Voodoo doll!" Mandy butted in. "Hmm... FINE!" Heather groaned "YAY!" Everyone cheered as they hugged Heather. Cheryl looked down at her feet with guilt. She had to go to Silent Hill and she knew why. It was something she shouldn't have done in the first place.

"Dad! Why is she here?!" 13 year old Cheryl whined as she jabbed a finger at her Dad's new wife."Honey, she's my wife." Her father simply replied as he set the table. "Why am I here?" Cheryl snarled."It's my birthday silly." "I don't care. I wanna go home to mom." Cheryl whined. "Come on Cheryl! She's not that bad." "I don't care. She's not worthy of my respect." "Now Cheryl, you take that back." Her father scolded. "Shut up Charlie! I don't have to if I don't want to." Cheryl called her dad by his first name. It ticked him off. "Smarten up this instant Cheryl or I'll ground you." He threatened. "So?! You're not the boss of me! You can't tell me what to do!" Cheryl shot back. "Hey Sweetie." Cheryl wrinkled her nose in disgust as her step-mom walked in and kissed her dad. "Hey Cheryl." "Leave me alone." Cheryl grumbled. "My my! Someone is a little moody." Darlene cackled as she threw her handbag on the table. "Go watch TV honey while me and Cheryl prepare the supper." "I hate you." Cheryl mumbled by Darlene didn't hear it. "Listen here you snotty little brat! Don't ruin Charlie's--" "SHUT UP!" Cheryl screamed as she pushed Darlene away. "I hate you!" Cheryl screamed as she tried to run away. Her dad had the TV loud enough so he couldn't hear their scuffle. "Ugh!" Darlene grunted as she caught Cheryl by the arm and threw her to the ground. "How dare you!" Darlene snarled as she went to kick Cheryl. Cheryl dodged it and grabbed a kitchen knife. "Leave me alone!" Cheryl threatened. "I'm not---" Darlene stepped towards Cheryl and Cheryl defended herself. She plunged the knife into Darlene's chest. "CHARLIE!" Darlene screeched as she clutched the knife sticking out of her chest. "DARLENE! CHERYL, WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Charlie dashed into the kltchen and tried to dial 911. She was already dead. "HOW COULD YOU?!" Charlie slapped Cheryl hard enough to send her crashing to the kitchen floor. "I need an ambulance!" Charlie cried into the phone. "Yes uh, 1678 Nathan Avenue!" Charlie hung up the phone and checked Darlene's pulse. "You sick, sick, pitiful girl!" Charlie roared as he walked towards Cheryl. "Dad, please!" Cheryl cried as she held up the knife. "I don't wanna hurt you!" Cheryl threatened. "NO!" She screamed as her dad raised his hand. "I-I-I--" Cheryl didn't know what to say. Her hands were covered in blood. Her cheeked were stained with gore. "I told you daddy." Cheryl sobbed as she stared at her dad's corpse.

"Cheryl? Cheryl, you're crying." Isaac muttered as he shook her. "NO!" She screamed as she jumped away from him. "Cheryl! Its me! Isaac!" "What do you want?" She asked as she wiped away her tears. "They're waiting for us outside. Are you gonna be alright?" "I'm fine." Cheryl sniffled as she dashed out the door and ran down the hallway. Trying to forget her sin and her past, Cheryl dashed out the front door and tried to smile her best.

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