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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 2

Heather jolted awake. "Miss are you alright? Your bill is right here." A waitress murmured. Heather scowled and looked at her food bill. "Aww man... You people are rip offs!" Heather whined as she reached into her pocket. "I'm sorry?" The waitress pardoned. "I mean... Oh hey look! Candy. Here you go." Heather handed the waitress the money and exited The Happy Burger. Oh right... Gotta call dad. Heather recalled as she hobbled over to the pay phones. There was someone already there. "Excuse me? Are you almost done?" Heather asked impatiently. The girl scowled and handed her the phone. "Gee, thanks." Heather muttered sarcastically. Heather dialed home. The girl Heather kicked off headed into the woman's restroom. "Hey dad! How's it going? Yeah yeah, I'm on my way. Oh! I forgot to get that thing you asked for. Love you dad." Heather sighed and looked behind her. There was a man standing there and... staring? Creepy much? Heather gestured towards the pay phone. He shook his head and waved his hand as if to tell her he didn't need it. Heather shrugged and stomped away. Was he following her? Maybe she should duck into a restroom."Heather stop! This is important! It's about your birth." Heather stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. How did he know her name? And what about her birth? Is that any of his concern? "I'm Detective Douglas Cartland." The man introduced himself. "A detective? Really? Well, nice talking to you." "Heather this is extremely important. Just lemme have an hour. No, half an hour of your time." Douglas pressed. "I'm not interested." "Please Heather!" "My daddy always told me not to talk to strangers." Heather mumbled as she started walking faster. She made it to the restroom and whipped around. He's still following her! "Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?" Heather snapped. "Ok! I'm sorry! I'll wait here." Douglas apologized. Heather shuddered and entered the washroom. She saw that kid she kicked off the phone. She entered the fourth stall. Heather looked at the window and felt a light bulb flicker over her head. You know, blonds aren't that stupid. She smiled evilly and crawled out the window. Heather looked around and sighed. There was a door not far from here....

Heather sighed angrily and jogged down the alley. She made it to the door and opened it. She peered around inside before entering. "This is... odd. Hmm... I should be able to get back into the mall this way." Heather grumbled to herself as she entered the only door that was unlocked. It led to a stairway but the flight of stairs leading to the first floor was covered in boxes and pellets. All too heavy for little Heather to pick up. "Don't call me little." Heather suddenly shouted. "Whoops... where did that come from?" Heather shrugged and continued up the stairs. Odd... Heather tried a door and the door knob came off. "What does this do? Some nerd leave it in the door?" Heather wondered out loud as she swung it around a little. "Cool... What-- AAAH!" Heather screamed as she pressed a switch on the side and a laser shot up. "Coooool." Heather appraised as she swung it around some more and made Karate sounds. "HYAAAH!" She cried as she sliced open a box. "Man this is soo cool!" Heather cried as she sliced through the railing. "This is like Star Wars!" Heather laughed and ran up to the third floor. "KAPOW!" She destroyed another door and charged through. "AAAAARGGGH!" She sped around the hallways sounding like Tarzan. "WHOA!" Heather cried as she rounded a corner and almost ran into a monster. "EWW! WHAT IS THAT?!" Heather screamed. It was humanoid (obviously) but only had legs and one eyeball (If you can even call it that) It cried and Heather gagged as the sound reminded her of a crying infant. Without warning, it leaped towards her. Heather screamed and held out the Laser Beam.


"Oh now this is really like Star Wars." Heather cried excitedly as the monster was dead... but in chunks. "Score 5 for Heather! Uh huh! uh huh! uh huh uh huh uh huh!" Heather did the moonwalk and twirled around. "Um... are you alright?" Someone asked Heather. "WHO SAID THAT?!" Heather screamed as she whipped around and pointed her Laser Beam at a... kid? "I'm... uh... who are you?" The little girl asked. "I asked you first." Heather said stubbornly. "Nuh uh! I asked YOU first!" The girl shot back. "Nuh uh!" Heather stuck her tongue out like a 5 year old. The girl did the same. "Fine... I'm Mandy." "I'm... Heather." Heather said hesitantly. "N-N-N-Nice to meet you." Mandy stuck out her hand and Heather shook it. "So..." "Where are you headed?" Mandy asked. "I'm headed to yo mama's place!" "What?" "Nothing, nothing." "Listen... My friends are around here some where. Can you help me find them?" Mandy asked sweetly. "Uh do they have dog collars on?" "Huh?" "Nothing." Heather sighed and looked around. "I guess it's kinda dangerous for a kid to be running around.. fine! I'll help." "Yay!" Mandy hugged Heather and Heather was about to kick the kid like a football. "No wondering off got it?" "YESSIR!" Mandy saluted. Heather opened the first door and laughed. Mandy looked at Heather as if she lost her mind. "I SEE MONSTERS!" Heather squealed and laughed even harder. Mandy ever so slightly moved away from Heather. "Right! Um... TO THE BATCAVE!" Heather laughed again as she walked over to the next door. "Hmm..." Mandy examined the monster from afar. Large, Human-like arms, no face and a skirt of some kind. "OH OH OH!" Mandy cried as she pulled out a guide book of some kind and read a section out loud. "According to this monster book, that should be a 'Closer'." "Well I for one, don't wanna get any closer to that thing." Heather remarked as she opened the door and gestured for Mandy to go first. "AAH! PENIS!" Mandy screamed as she ducked behind Heather. Heather turned and looked at the kid with an eyebrow raised. "Nothing." Mandy blushed. "Watch this! HYAAAH WOTANG NYA NYA!" Heather made some more ridiculous karate sounds as she sliced the Numb Body in half. "That's a Numb Body!" Mandy shouted as Heather sliced it again... and again... and again. "WOOOOHHANG!!" Heather cried once more as she whipped around and it was in chunks. Mandy cheered and Heather bowed. "Well... that was fun." Heather murmured as she kicked the dead monster out of her way and pressed forward.

"Let's--" "Let's not!" Heather whispered as she covered Mandy's mouth. Heather opened a storage room door and there was one of those dogs she saw in her nightmare. Mandy gasped and the dog looked at them. "WAY TO GO!" Heather screamed as she shut the door. Bang!"Well, the dog's gonna get Brain damage. That's about it." Heather pointed out in a "as a matter of fact" fashion. "That is called a Split Head." "I don't care!" Heather snapped as she continued down the hall. "Hmm.. Oh hey look! Another storage room. How original." Heather muttered sarcastically as she cracked open the door. "Looks clear." Heather announced. "Hmm... There's a key under that pellet." Mandy pointed out. "No shit sherlock." "what was that?" "I said Oh really? Never noticed that." Heather grumbled as she knelt down and stuck her arm under the pellet. "Can't reach it." Heather groaned. "Hmm... maybe we can get tongs? Or something?" Mandy asked. "Hey great idea! But I have an even better one!" "What's that?" "We should use tongs or something!" " I just said that!" Mandy whined. "Boo freaking hoo." Heather mocked as she exited the room and dashed down the hallway with Mandy right behind her. "Oh hey! There's a bakery right there!" Heather cried as she dodged a Closer and opened the door. "Come on, come on! My grandma could run a marathon and come back by time you get in here!" Heather teased as Mandy stumbled in after her. "You don't have a Grandma!" Mandy argued. "So?" Heather looked around and grabbed a Donut. Mandy shook her head and grabbed the pair of tongs.

Yes, I added Mandy (aka Heather Beam96) and her friends are a few people who will be revealed later on xD

Yes I know, I changed the title. It fits better ok?

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