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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 1 (SH3 fanfic)

lolwut? Oh! I was working on a SH3 fanfic with Isaac over this weekend. Meh, read and tell me if I should continue. Why is everything of mine Epic? *shrugs*

Heather looked around her surroundings shocked. Where was the happy, cheerful cries of kids? I mean, this was an amusement park right? Heather looked at the sky next. It was unusually dark. There were no clouds and yet, it was raining a little. She shrugged and continued to walk when she heard something fall. Heather jumped a little bit and looked down at her feet. She dropped her knife. as Heather bent down to pick it up she noticed something absolutely out of the ordinary. The park's mascot Robbie the Rabbit was slumped against a park bench with.... ketchup smeared all over its mouth. No... Blood? Heather leaned in closer to investigate. It... no... it can't be blood. Heather thought as she poked the mascot. Robbie slumped even farther on the bench and Heather yelped. Without further ado, she hurried away from the creepy sight. Was it dead? Or was someone really sick enough to put it there and smear ketchup all over its face?

Maybe it's not ketchup.

The thought made Heather whip around. It was still there.

Stop being afraid of the unknown. Heather thought harshly as she continued forward. Heather stopped at a park map. Hmm.... Something was telling Heather to go the Mountain Coaster. Why? This isn't really the time to go on rides and eat cotton candy!

Maybe there's something important there. Heather was standing there battling with her mentality. She feels like she needs to go there but for what?

Suddenly, a terrible howl broke the silence. Heather gasped wildly and whipped around. The fast movement caused her to fall backwards and yelp in surprise. It was a dog most certainly, but it was covered in bandages and his head was... split?

Heather gasped once more at the realization and grabbed her handgun.


The dog still standing.


"Come on!" Heather cried as she shot again. However, it turned up to be a fail as the dog dodged her shot and pounced towards her. She dodged it neatly and shot at it again.

Pa Ching!

Heather missed the dog completely and rolled out of the way.


"JUST DIE ALREADY!" Heather screamed as she shot at it again. again, and again. Finally, the dog yelped, twitched, and crashed to the ground. It began to twitch madly and Heather was disgusted. Heather didn't know what to do. Stomp it or shoot it? Can't waste anymore bullets. Heather finally decided as she stomped it.


Heather cried in disgust as she heard a loud squishy sound. Finally, it lie still.

"Eww! Eww! Eww!" Heather cried as she did a little dance and wiped her foot on the ground. Metal ground mind you. Heather sighed and stepped over the dead dog. The smell was starting to get to her. If she remembered correctly, there should be a souvenir shop. Or as the map stated 'Sweet Factory'. Heather entered a brown door and laughed without humor. There were dozens more of those stupid Robbie 'corpses' lying around. Heather stopped laughing and wondered over to the shop. Heather grew even more irritated as she entered the shop. Don't these people have anything else to sell besides Robbie the Rabbit crap? Apparently not.

Heather roamed over to the back of the shop and checked the door that says 'employees only'. It's not like they're alive anyways. Heather thought as she turned the door knob. Wouldn't budge. Heather started to feel lonely and paranoid. Not everyone can be dead right? There has to be someone else! Heather sighed deeply and looked at the T-Shirts and hats. I think I'll have one. Heather grabbed a hat and tried it on. Fits perfectly. Nah. Don't need to be charged with shoplifting. Heather put the hat back and turned to leave the store.


Heather screamed louder than a banshee and fell onto the T-shirts and hats she was starting to walk away from. She looked around wildly and focused her attention on the crashed bookshelf. She chuckled dryly and heaved herself from the mess she created. Heather looked at the ruined bookshelf and stared at an open tin.

"What's this?" Heather murmured as she leaned down and scooped up the tin. "What a rip off! They're selling cookie tins with no cookies in them?!" Heather grumbled as she reached in and pulled out a key. "Mountain Coaster." She read out loud. She smiled and placed the key in the breast pocket of her vest. She exited the crappy store and wondered over to a green door. She entered the door and drew her attention to the stairs. A loud buzzing noise was coming from beside her. Heather looked to her right and cried in disgust. Something was spinning around... and around... and around... Heather lost count but all she knew was that it was headed towards her. She dashed past it and scooted up the stairs as fast as her little feet would carry her. Heather made it up the stairs... Unscathed? No wait... what's the proper term?

(Grumbling about a proper term)

Oh yes! SCARED TO DEATH. "Hmm... Oh right! Mountain coaster. What-- Oh yeah, hit this switch and then flick this switch..." Heather began to grumble to herself as she started flipping random switches. After a series of somewhat complicated switches and buttons, Heather finally turned off the roller coaster. "Alrighty then... That's settled. What was I supposed to do again? Oh yeah." Heather exited the control room and hopped on the Coaster tracks and started jogging. Why am I doing this again? Heather thought as she felt the tracks rumble. "This can't be good." Heather gasped as she saw a flash of light.


And the rest is history...

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