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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 19

(Awesomeness. 1 more away from 20!)

"Ugh.. Key... Won't.. TURN!" Heather shouted as she broke the key. "DAMN IT!" "Relax Heather, what does this say?" Mandy asked as she picked up a piece of paper. "Um... Tu Fui Ego Eris?" Mandy tried to pronounce the words correctly. "AAAH!" The girls screamed as the floor rumbled and the walls shook. "Is... Is..." Cheryl couldn't get the words out of her mouth. "Yeah... I think we should see if its there." Heather volunteered as she dashed out the door. "Heather wait up!" Mandy cried as they struggled to catch up to her. "He--" Cheryl was cut off as Heather threw the door open and a bright white light blinded them.

"GAH!" Brad, Aiden and Isaac screamed as a white light eveloped around them. "Isaac?" Brad asked weakly as he struggled to see. "Aiden?" Isaac asked. "Yeah, I'm here." In one split second, the light vanished. They were outside the Hilltop Center. "Mandy?" Isaac asked incredulously as he saw a girl kneeling down. "Uh... what? Isaac? She responded. "Where's---" "GET THE FLOCK OFF OF MY HAND!" Cheryl screamed. Isaac jumped back and sighed in relief. "Walter rape you?" Heather asked almost immediately. Isaac gave her the middle finger and shuddered. "Dad!" Heather suddenly shouted as she scrambled to her feet and dashed past everyone. "Wait up!" Everyone cried as Heather was running at the speed of light. "Everyone, be on your best behaviour ok?" Heather asked as she opened the door that led to Daisy Villa Apartments. "There's no mail here, not even from a dead wife. Well, it's not like I have one of those anyway." Heather muttered as she checked her mailbox. Cheryl and Mandy waited patiently by her apartment door. "Room 102." Cheryl announced as Heather opened the door.

"Dad, I'm home. Listen, something really crazy is going on. I think we should... Dad?" Heather asked. Everyone tensed up. Cheryl cringed into Mandy while Aiden placed a hand on both of their shoulders. "Dad?" Heather asked as she looked at the chair. Cheryl shook Aiden's hand off and walked over to Heather. Cheryl gasped at the sight. There was blood... lots of it. Heather soon gasped as well and stumbled backwards. Heather knelt down and started to sob lightly. "N-N-N-NO!" Heather sobbed as she placed her head into her father's lap. "H-H-Harry?" Mandy asked weakly. She felt a sharp pain run through her heart. Cheryl placed a hand on Heather's back and tried to soothe her. "Heather?" Cheryl asked kindly as she tried to get the girl's attention. "Heather? N-N-Need a hug?" Mandy asked. Isaac slumped against the door and Brad leaned his head back. Aiden was frozen in place with shock. Heather looked up and noticed a trail of blood leading out their balcony window. Without a word, she dashed out and up the stairs. The kids followed after her.

"Did you do this?" Heather asked incredulously as she stared at Claudia. "You're late." Claudia responded. "But why?! WHY?!" Heather shouted as she stepped closer to the crazy woman. Aiden and Brad had to restrain the girls from running to Heather's aid. Isaac tried to restrain Cheryl, but she would end up tossing him around like a rag doll if he didn't ask Aiden to help. "Revenge for 17 years ago for one thing: If not for him, our dream would've come true." Claudia responded. Heather was glaring at Claudia with pure hatred. "And then he took you away from us." Claudia finished. "I'll GET YOU FOR THIS!" Heather screamed as she inched closer to her enemy. "There is another reason: To fill your heart with hatred. It must be this way. One day, you'll understand why." "NO! I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND!" Heather screamed. Claudia still remained in her position and attitude. "You must try to remember me and you're true self as well." Heather scoffed and looked away. It was exactly what she had said earlier. Back at the mall that is. "You will birth a God and build an eternal paradise." Claudia raised her arms over her head as if she was mimicing an explosion. Heather raised her gun slowly and aimed it at Claudia. Claudia shook her head and looked down. "He's the one who killed your father." Claudia pointed behind Heather at a grotesque monster. "I gave him the order. So? What will you do?" Heather didn't answer her and stared at the monster. Cheryl and Mandy and everyone else did the same. "I'll be waiting where it all begins." Claudia muttered as she turned to walk away. "In the town of Silent Hill." Claudia then disappeared into the darkness.

"Ugh!" Heather groaned as she barely dodged an attack from this beast. A disgusting bag of flesh lay over its head, rusty blades seeming to make up the most of its arms. It's head convulsed violently as it stalked toward Heather, the smell of its rotting flesh making her feel like she was going to puke. Mandy whpped out a Katana while Cheryl grabbed a... burrito? Heather shot it 3 times.

It deflected the bullets.

"WHAT?!" Heather asked incredulously as she shot at it again.

Still didn't harm him.

Brad ran up and stabbed him with his knife. Didn't do any good either. Cheryl came forward and slashed him with her burrito. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Everyone shouted as the monster dropped dead. "That was... epic." Mandy muttered as she examined the Missionary. It was deader than a doornail.

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