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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 18

Mandy sighed as Heather entered the car part store and started digging around in the drawers. "Conference room." Mandy suggested. Heather and Cheryl threw the door open and looked around. "Forget it. I gave up smoking for good." Heather muttered as she examined an ashtray on the table. "You used to smoke?" Mandy asked as she grabbed the matches. "Hmm." Heather suddenly grabbed Mandy and Cheryl and clanged their heads together. "OOW!" They cried in unison. "Did it work?" Heather asked. "NO!" they shouted once more as they exited the store.

"Ignore the voice, it'll go away." Brad chanted to himself as he walked down the hallway. "Where am I?" He asked himself as another howl filled the air. "Ignore it. Come on Brad, just ignore it." He mumbled as he opened a door.

Cheryl looked at the painting with worry. "Fire Purifies All" Heather read out loud as she poured the Oxydol in and Cheryl threw the Meat in. "Ready? Aim and FIRE!" Mandy screeched as she threw a match in. "No--"


"OHMIGOD!" Mandy screamed as she placed her hands over her face. "HO HO HO!" Cheryl burst out laughing. "Wait a minute... THATS ME?!" Mandy started laughing as she realized what happened. "CHERYL HAS NO EYEBROWS!" "I dun look like Claudia" Cheryl pouted. "Um... ok! Lets enter... No?" Heather asked as she opened the door. "AH MY EYEBROWS!" Mandy shouted as she stumbled around.

Aiden looked around the cell and stared at Justin. "Who're you?" Aiden asked. "J-J-J-Justin Bieber." "SAY WHAT?!" Everyone looked at him. "Enjoy your stay.... Brad!" Walter cackled as he shoved Brad into the cell. "Justin Bieber?" Brad smirked as he pulled out a shaven Burrito. "My friend hired me to uh... 'remove' you." Brad crept closer to him. "NO PLEASE!" "ATTAAAACK!" Aiden screamed as they all piled on fag boy. I mean Justin Bieber.

"GAH!" Heather cried as she dodged a Split Head. "Proper term Heather is DOUBLEHEAD." Mandy shouted over the war cries and howls. "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN RIGHT NOW!" As Heather bashed the dog's head with the butt of her gun. "PWNED!" All 3 girls shouted as they posed over the dog like Captain Morgan. "Hmm..." Heather wandered off as she examined the hallway. "Lets go--" WHAM! "What the HELL?!" Heather screamed and scrambled to her feet. "The Glutton." Mandy stated as she examined the creature. "Lets go here!" Cheryl muttered as she opened a random door and pushed Heather and Mandy through. "Oh! A pop machine!" Cheryl squealed as she ran over to it. "There's something on the wall here." Heather murmured as she read it aloud.

"Thus one's life turns to riches: What was a bag of silver coins is now the number in a book. Yet faith hath no price... Ah, but do people know this?"

"What the hell does that mean?" Mandy asked as she started stabing her Walter Voodoo doll. "I dunno..." Heather looked over at Cheryl. Cheryl popped a coin into the machine and smiled as a pop clanged against the chute. "TA DA!" Cheryl cheered as she cracked open the pop. "D'aww." Cheryl groaned as she flipped the pop over and shook it. A key flew out. "Elberton Life Insurance." Heather read out loud as she picked up the key. "Lets go!" Mandy cried as she grabbed Heather and Cheryl's arms.

"Mommy..." Justin Bieber groaned as he huddled up in his corner and cried. "Hmph. Showed him who's boss." Brad smirked as he wipped off his burrito. "NOO!" Walter screamed as he started grabbing his back, chest and stomach. "Mandy's at it again..." Aiden chuckled as Walter started doing the chicken dance.

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