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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 17

"Um... Where's Aiden and Brad?" Mandy asked as she opened the door. "I dunno... I hope they're alright." Heather sighed.

"HEATHER'S COMING! HEATHER'S COMING!" Vincent cried as he grabbed a few books and belongings before he dashed outside of their lair. "Idiot..." Justin mumbled as he started sobbing. "Who does 21 work for?" Walter asked as he circled Justin like he was trying to get a better view of a statue in an art gallery. "I don't know who you're talking about!" Justin cried. "WRONG ANSWER!" Walter shouted as he bitchslapped Justin. "Imma ask you again. Who does 21 work for?" "WHO THE HECK IS 21?!" "WRONG ANSWER!" Walter slapped him again. "Who do you work for?!" "YO MAMA!" Justin cackled. "MY MOMMY IS IN SOUTH ASHFIELD HEIGHTS!" Walter sobbed as he grabbed Claudia's bullwhip. "NO NO PLEASE!"




For every time Walter slapped Justin, Isaac twitched. "Mommy..." Isaac mumbled as he started sucking on his thumb.

"KILL THAT SUMBITCH!" Mandy squealed as Heather shot a Slurper. "PILE OF MONEY NUTS!" Cheryl and Heather shouted as they stomped it. "WORD!" They shouted as they tossed up their hands like they were gangsters or something. Mandy raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "Where to now sherlock?" Cheryl asked as they continued to wander around aimlessly. "Um... uh... Greenridge Mental Health Clinic." Heather pointed to a rusty sign. "Maybe we can find Oxydol or something." Cheryl muttered as she opened the door.

There was a strange man sitting in a chair at a desk. "Heather..." He greeted. "That's what you're called now isn't it?" He asked politely. "And who're you?" Heather asked as she ever so slightly pushed the girls behind her. "Name's Vincent." He replied as he fixed his glasses. "Talk about a geek..." Cheryl whispered to Mandy. "Don't forget it okay?" He muttered. "I'm on your side." He continued as he shifted his weight in his chair. "So you say..." Heather mumbled. "But how do I know you're not with her?" Heather asked as she looked away. "Her?" Vincent asked as he appeared deep in thought. "You mean Claudia?!" He asked incredulously as he leaned forward. "Please don't lump me together with her! She was totally brainwashed by that crazy old hag!" Vincent raised his voice and jumped up from his desk. Heather pushed the girls even further behind her and positioned herself to kick this dude's ass. "I guess..." Vincent sighed as he calmed himself down. "Crazy old hag is a bit harsh. She's your mother after all." He smirked. "My mother? You mean..." Heather looked down at her feet and tried to remember her mother. "You don't remember?" Vincent asked as he stretched an arm out towards her. "Ah, so Harry didn't tell you anything." Vincent said smugly. "I guess he hid the truth to keep you on his side. Eh, that figures. He's a pretty sneaky guy." Vincent placed his hands on his hips and smirked at Heather. Heather hit the door behind her and charged towards Vincent. Mandy and Cheryl had to restrain her. "Don't talk about my dad like that!" She growled as she struggled against the girl's grip. "Sorry! I apologize! Please, Calm down!" Vincent pleaded. It wasn't smart to piss off the holy one now was it? "How do you know my father anyway?" Heather asked. Mandy and Cheryl loosened their grip on her arms. "I know everything." Vincent smirked as he leaned against his desk. "I know about your past too." He continued. "Then tell me what's going on!" Heather whined as she flapped her arms. "You don't even know that?!" Vincent asked incredulously. Heather threw her arms in the air. "Thats why I'm asking! If you KNOW everything, then tell me how I can put an end to this!" "Not yet. Why not enjoy yourselves a bit longer?" Vincent asked as he lowered his glasses and winked at Cheryl and Mandy. "ENJOY?! I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING CRAZY!" Heather whined as she threw her arms once more into the air and stomped her foot. Cheryl and Mandy tightened their grip. "Does this place get to you at all?" She asked. "Oh, it gets to me alright. I find it most fascinating." Vincent partially squealed with joy as he clutched his hands to his heart. Heather shook her head the slightest bit and wrapped an arm around Mandy and Cheryl's waist. They were getting out as soon as possible. "WAIT!" Vincent cried. "I'm not finished talking!" "I knew you were on her side." Heather whimpered. "How do you figure?" Vincent asked as he folded his arms across his chest. "There's something wrong with you too." Heather simply responded as she exited the room.

"Ugh, where am I?" Brad groaned as he looked around. "Aiden?" He asked. No response. "Aiden?!" Brad called a little louder as he scrambled to his feet. "Oh no!" Brad mumbled as he started to run around aimlessly.

"Found the Oxydol!" Cheryl cheered as she grabbed the brown bottle. "Handgun ammo!" Mandy announced as she handed Heather the red box.


"WHOA!" Aiden cried as he was startled awake. "Welcome." Walter grinned as he stood over Aiden. "D-D-D-Do I know you?" "I'm not sure." Walter said in a semi high voice as he looked deep in thought. "No." He answered in a deep voice. "HEEELP!" Someone cried down the hall. "Isaac?" Aiden asked. "You come with me." Walter smiled evilly as he grabbed Aiden and threw him inside the cell with Isaac, James and Justin Bieber. "ISAAC!" Aiden cried as he gave the dude a hug. "NO!" Isaac screamed as he cringed into James. "Whats wrong with you?" "He was *sudden sound of a horn* by Walter." "OOOOH!" Aiden cringed as he looked at Isaac. "Did... did it hurt?" "SCREW YOU!" Isaac screamed as he took off his shoe and threw it at Aiden. "Marshmellows?" James asked. Justin sobbed and hugged the pillow he was holding.

"Pork Liver!" Cheryl squealed as she grabbed the piece of meat. "Eww..." Heather and Mandy groaned as Cheryl didn't mind it at all. "All we need is a book of matches!" Cheryl sighed as she tucked the meat away and followed Heather and Mandy out the door.

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