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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 16

(heh heh...)

"Fire Purifies all." Aiden read out loud as he examined a huge painting. "Fire fire, fire..." Cheryl grumbled as she started pacing. "Scared of fire?" Mandy asked as she started cuddling her Walter doll. "Yes...." "Why am I so tall?!" Mandy chuckled as she looked down at her feet. "Tsk, Cheryl! You have NO fashion sense." Mandy grumbled. "What's wrong with Jeans and shoes?" "They're too plain." "Your face is too plain." "SHUT UP!" Brad screamed as he started banging his face. "What's wrong with him?" Heather asked as she cowered away from the painting. "I'm going insane!" Brad explained. Aiden shook his head and examined the bucket in front of the painting. "We need...." "Oxydol, Pork Liver and a book of matches." Cheryl finished for Aden. "How...?" "I'm... skilled in... You know what? Just trust me." Cheryl grumbled as she opened the door and rushed out.

"Walter! fagbo--- JUSTIN isn't cooperating." "NO NO PLEASE!" The poor boy begged as Walter dragged him back into the cell. Vincent smirked and picked up the book he recently started reading: 'Otherworld Laws'. Claudia grabbed her sketchbook and continued her story 'TU FUI, EGO ERIS'. Isaac cuddled up in the corner and mumbled random things:

"I feel so dirty"

"They're coming"



"I see... I see the light!"


Vincent wanted to grab his shotgun and shoot the annoying prick. Claudia had to remind him that he was important to them until they find Heather.

"OOOOH! Bathtubs! Bathtubs are guuuuud!" Mandy muttered sarcastically as she kicked it. Heather fidgeted with the knobs nervously. "I knew it." Heather sighed as the water didn't turn on. "W-w-what is that?!" Cheryl gasped as blood appeared in the bathtub. "AAH!" Heather stumbled away from the bathtub and clutched her head. Mandy screamed and curled up into a ball while Cheryl tried to keep her cool. Was she hallucinating, or was the world shifting? Cheryl squinted and realized something: It was. The room was shifting from clean and kept to rusty and dirty. Heather and Mandy sobbed as their heads pounded. Cheryl fainted as her vision became impaired and everything around her turned red.

"Where are they?" Aiden asked impatiently as he knocked on the door. "Relax dude!" Brad muttered. "AAAH!" Heather screamed from the other side. "Heather?!" Aiden asked as he turned the doorknob. "OUCH!" Brad screamed as he snatched his hand away from the doorknob. "HEATHER? MANDY? CHERYL?!" Aiden screamed as he pounded his fist against the door. "Ugh..." Brad groaned as he slumped against the door. "Brad?!" Aiden asked worriedly as he checked the young mans pulse. "Mommy..." He muttered as everything went dark.

"It's being invaded by the otherworld. By a world of someone's nightmarish delusions come to life..."

Cheryl twitched and stretched as she looked around herself. It was dark. "Heather?" Cheryl asked weakly as she stared at the unconscious blonde. "Heather? Heather is that you?" Cheryl asked again as she heard a strange voice. "Uh..." Mandy groaned as she dragged herself over to Cheryl. "Mandy?" Cheryl asked. "Did you hear that?" Mandy asked weakly. "Yeah... Otherworld?" Cheryl asked as she sat herself up. "I dunno..." Mandy yawned and hung herself over the edge of the bathtub. "No.. Not again..."Heather groaned as she stood herself up. "DID SHE DO THIS TOO?!" Heather shouted as she kicked the bathtub. Cheryl twitched and Mandy fell into the bathtub. "My bad..." Heather apologized as she lifted Mandy up to her feet.

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