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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 15


"I need HEEEELP!" Isaac screamed out the bars as he kept banging his face. "SHUT UP!" Claudia screamed as she placed another pillow over her face. "NO JAMES!" Vincent shouted as James went to push down on the pillows. "They're marshmellows I tell you! MARSHMELLOWS!" He cried as Vincent dragged him in the same cell as Isaac and locked it. "NO PLEASE! I'M A POPSTAR!" A girlish voice cried down the hallway. Isaac shuddered and looked out his door with James. "Hmm... What was his name again? Fag boy?" Vincent asked as they studied a boy who looked like he was 16. "Justin Bieber." Claudia corrected as she examined the boy. "Walter!" She called. "Need you to uh 'take care' of a girl here." "I'M NOT A GIRL!" Justin cried as Walter smirked and grabbed him by the arm. "Hmm... Come on here dear child." Walter cooed as he dragged the boy into a cell and locked the door. "NOOO!" Was all Isaac heard.

"Find your happy place, find your happy place..." Heather chanted to herself as she placed a car jack in between the half open elevator doors. "AWW SHIT!" She screamed as she heard a loud creak. "Whoops." Heather giggled as she looked around. Hopefully, no one heard her curse. "I found the rope!" Mandy cried as she dropped it around heather's neck. "KYAA!" Heather screamed as she didn't hear or see Mandy approach. "AAH!" Mandy screamed as she bumped into Cheryl. "NOO!" Cheryl's voice grew faint. "CHERYL?!" Mandy and Brad screamed down the elevator shaft. "Help!" Cheryl cried faintly. "DUNNA DUH! DUNNA NANANA!" Heather tried to mimic the Indiana Jones theme as she tied one end of the rope to her waist and she threw down the other. "OH HELL!" Heather screamed as she was being pulled down. "YOU STUPID IDIOT!" Aiden shouted as he grabbed Heather's hand. "In my restless dreams, I see that rope. Sturdy rope. You promised to bring me some and save me. But you failed. WELL YOU SUCK HEATHER! YOU SUCK AND I HATE YOU! I stole your father! Come and save me if you want him back!" Cheryl screamed up from the shaft. Heather lost her grip and started laughing. Aiden grunted and swung Heather up onto the ground. "Grab the rope!" Brad called down the shaft while Mandy started stabbing her Walter Voodoo doll.

"OH EE OH AH AH AH! TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG!" Walter suddenly shouted as he started running around. Fag boy (I mean Justin Bieber) was pulling an Isaac move and he cuddled up in a corner and cried. Claudia smirked and looked at Isaac. "Lead us to Heather." She demanded. "I DON'T KNOW!" He cried. Vincent smirked and grabbed him. "We'll be right back."

"NO!" "YES!" "NO!" Isaac screamed as Vincent shoved him back into the room where Little Walter, Justin Bieber, Claudia and Walter awaited. "Um... I'm Clucky Duck!" Isaac sobbed as he appeared in a Pikachu suit and started doing the chicken dance. "THIS IS TRUE MANLY CHARISMA!" Claudia squealed as her nose made a loud popping sound and blood gushed everywhere. Walter covered his nose as blood started to trickle and Little Walter fell off of his chair laughing. Justin just.... stared. "I WANNA DIE!" Isaac sobbed as he continued with this humiliation.

"Almost there!" Heather called as she tried to reach the elevator opening. Aiden, Brad, Mandy and Cheryl waited below for her slow ass. "UGH!" Heather grunted as Brad caught her and steaded her. "Where---" Aiden began but looked around. "TO THE ART GALLERY!" Heather cried as she swung the door open and barged in.

(Mandy came up with the "I stole your father!" Part xD Props to her! I WANT MY PART 16! Anyone agree?)

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