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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 14

(Poor Isaac xD)

"No please! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" Isaac pleaded to this crazy woman. "OHMIGOD! one sec. WHAT NOW!?" Claudia screeched into her phone. "Hello? Hello? Is this the 21 Sacraments Funeral Service?" A man shouted into the phone. "Yes, how may I help you. Oh, wait! One sec sir. I have to take this call." Claudia covered the mouth piece of her cell-phone and whispered to Isaac. "I hate you." He responded. "Good, you understand." Claudia uncovered the mouth piece and walked away muttering into the phone.

"OOF!" Mandy grunted as she hit the mattress harder than she planned. "Ow Aiden! You sat on my head!" Brad complained as he rubbed the back of his neck. "FATTY FATTY TWO-BY-FOUR!" Mandy and Cheryl chanted. Heather rolled her eyes and placed a hand on both of Mandy and Cheryl's heads. "NO talking!" She shouted as she banged their heads together. "EEGEEGEEGEE OOGA MU BUUGA HUBBA SCLIPOOPI!" Cheryl twitched madly and started doing the chicken dance. "Whoa..." Brad exclaimed as Mandy started doing the air guitar. "AAAH!" Cheryl screamed as she started banging her face off of the wall. "Ouch... I feel weird." Mandy stretched and looked at her feet. "Why am I so close to the ground? WHY AM I SHORT?! WHAT THE HELL?!" Mandy screeched as she looked at herself. "WALTER MUST DIE!" Cheryl screamed as she started stabbing her hand. "Wait... my Walter doll is missing." Cheryl looked around. "Oh! Thanks Cheryl... CHERYL?!" The two girl whipped around and stared at each other. "I'm you?" "And you're me?" They whipped around and looked at Heather. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO HEATHER?!" They shouted in unison. "I-I-I Dunno!" Heather shrugged. Brad and Aiden burst out laughing.

"I'M ALL ALONE! NO ONE HERE TO DEPRIVE ME! I'M ALL ALONE! NO ONE HEEERE BESIIIIDE MEEE! BUT CHA GOTTA HAVE FRIIIIIIIIIIENDS!" Vincent sang to his hearts content as he played a banjo. "For the love of god and anything holy, SHUT UP!" Walter begged. "SHUT UP SUMBITCHPILEOFMONKEYNUTS!" Vincent blurted out as he took a swig of Whiskey.

"Ugh..." Isaac groaned as he turned over in his hostage cell and covered his face with a pillow. "Careful! That's not a fluffy marshmellow!" James warned. Isaac gulped and and turned over to see a blonde man digging in the toilet. Isaac gulped once more and turned over. "I'm gonna die." Isaac chanted to himself as he heard the sound of elastic stretching into place and Walter standing over him. "NOOO!" Isaac screamed as he hopped out of bed and grabbed the bars on the door. "DON'T LEAVE ME IN HERE!" Isaac cried as Walter grabbed his shirt collar and locked the door.

Cheryl sighed as Heather opened a door that read "Store Front Poseables". "I don't see anything interesting here." Heather muttered as she examined a Mannequin. "Creepy. Its the only one with a head." Heather poked the mannequin. It stayed still. "I'mma look over here." Cheryl muttered. No wait, it was Mandy. Or was it Cheryl? THIS IS SO CONFUSING! "Sure Mandy... I mean Cheryl." Heather corrected herself. "I found some handgun ammo!" Cheryl announced. "Whoopdie doo!" Heather said sarcastically as she followed Cheryl. "AAAAAAH!" A girl screamed. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" Cheryl screamed as she jumped in Heather's arms. "Heather? Mandy? I mean Cheryl? Are you alright?" Aiden and Brad rushed into the room as soon as they heard the scream. "It wasn't us!" Heather shouted as she ran onto the other side of the room where she had just left. "This... this is blood." Heather gasped as she looked at the beheaded mannequin "Ugh...." Brad groaned in disgust. "How can a mannequin bleed blood when it's lifeless?" Mandy asked.

"I feel so dirty." Isaac sobbed as he rocked back and forth. "Relax kid." Vincent muttered as he blew on a harmonica. "I feel so Evil." Isaac muttered again as he started talking to himself. "They're coming to get me. They're coming to get me. They're--- SOMEONE HELP ME!" Isaac suddenly screamed as he started banging his face off of the wooden door. "GET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE!" He cried in between smashing his head. "Is he alright?" Claudia asked as she placed another coat of nail polish on her toes. "He should be satisfied." Walter grinned evilly as he resumed reading his newspaper.

(Who the hell would read such a thing? Part 15 anyone?)

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