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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 13


Aiden and Brad uncovered the manhole while everyone else stood around and waited. "GOT IT!"Aiden and Brad grunted as a small shaft of light emerged into the dark sewer. "Thank god. The smell is making me wanna lose my lunch." Cheryl complained as she followed after Brad. Heather helped Isaac out and looked around. "Where...?" Cheryl bagan but immediately closed her mouth. "Hilltop Center." Heather responded as she rushed past everyone. Everyone struggled to keep up to her. "We--" Heather began. "Where's Isaac?" She asked suddenly. "Huh? I thought he was right behind us." Cheryl looked around puzzled. "Issac!" Brad called. "I'll go check the sewer." Mandy volunteered as she dashed back the way they came from. "ISAAAAAC?!" Mandy screamed down the manhole. No response. "Where did he go?" Cheryl worried. "Um... ISAAC!" Aiden shouted outside. His voice was much louder and deeper than Brad. "Isaac!" Cheryl cried as she examined the manhole with Mandy. "Where did that dumb boy wonder off to?" Mandy grumbled as she started climbing back down into the sewer.

"Ugh... Where am I?" Isaac groaned.

"Who is this fool? OHMIGOD YOU IDIOT! This isn't the holy one!" A male voice cried.

"He's not 21? Le gasp!" Another male cried.

"He's not even Heather! I mean Alessa!" A female shouted. Isaac looked around and gasped. "W-w-who are you?" "I am... THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST!" A man in a blue trench coat bellowed. "OOGA BOOGA!" He howled as he flapped his arms around. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Isaac screamed as he cowered in fear. "You mean... He can't birth paradise that was despoiled by--" The female started but was cut off by the geeky dude. "NO YOU IDIOT! It has to be a female DUH!" "Vincent, I'm the high--" "I don't care what you're high off of!" "Mommy?" "Shut up Walter!" The mysterious female and the man supposedly named Vincent shouted in unison. "I. WANT. MY.--- OWW!" Walter cried in pain.

"I wonder what this does..." Mandy trailed off as she picked up a weird-looking doll off of the ground. "Stab it." Aiden suggested as he helped Heather push a dirty, rusty bed into a large gaping hole. Since they couldn't find Isaac, they entered the Hilltop Center and hobbled their way up to the 5th floor. "Ok?" Mandy pulled a pin out of it and shoved it back in.

"MOMMY!" Walter screamed. "What's wrong with this idiot?" Vincent asked Isaac as they watched in amusement. "I dunno..." Isaac murmured as Claudia passed him a bucket of popcorn. "OOOOOOOH!" Claudia, Isaac and Vincent shouted as Walter screamed in agony as he grabbed his buttocks.

Mandy laughed to herself as she pulled out another pin and shoved it in the doll's rear-end. "You're enjoying yourself aren't you?" Cheryl asked as Mandy cackled again and shoved another pin in its rear. "It's a Walter Sullivan Voodoo doll!" Mandy squealed in delight as she bashed the doll's head off of the nearest wall.

"OW OW OW OW OW OW!" Walter sobbed as he banged his face off of a wall. Isaac grabbed a hand full of popcorn and passed the bucket back to Claudia. "He's gonna be in SOOO much pain." Vincent cringed as Walter let out another ear-splitting howl. "I bet $50 bucks that Walter will start slapping himself." "You're on!" Vincent cried as he shook Claudia's hand. "OOOOOW!" Walter screamed again. Claudia twitched and handed the bucket to Vincent.

Cheryl snatched the doll away from Mandy and decided to have some of her own fun. "Watch this!" Cheryl chuckled as she grabbed one of the doll's arms and started 'slapping' it using its own hand.

"MO.MM.Y!" Walter cried as he started slapping himself. "Stop hitting yourself... Stop hitting yourself! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HITTING YOURSELF?!" Isaac asked incredulously as Walter didn't show any signs of stopping any time soon.

"Ok you two, we have to go now." Heather laughed as Mandy started rubbing its face against the floor. "I'll go first." Brad muttered as he hopped down the hole graciously. Aiden followed. "OW!" Brad cried from beneath. "Oh sorry." Aiden apologized. "Heather! Cheryl! Mandy! Its safe to come down!" Aiden called up to the girls. "Oh woe is me--" "SHUT UP!" Cheryl and Heather screamed at Mandy as she was about to get dramatic.

"$50!" Vincent giggled as Walter crawled around the corner of their secret lair and sobbed. "Grr..." Claudia growled as she handed Vincent his money. "Right.... Now its time for the boy to die!" Claudia shouted as she stood up and posed like a Villan (If thats even possible) "Mommy?"Walter cried from around the corner. "Ugh..." Claudia slapped her forehead as her phone rang. "What?" She asked hastily into the phone. "MOMMY!" Walter screamed into the receiver. "IDIOT!" Claudia shouted back as she snapped her phone shut and put it away. "Where were we? Oh yes, we were about to kill this boy." Claudia smiled evilly and sauntered over to her cowering prey.

(Pardon for any Grammar mistakes. Mandy rushed me xD)

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