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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 12

(Sewer Fairy! YAY!)

"You go first!"

"No you go first!"

Everyone was arguing like this for at least an hour after they drained the passage way/ ladder. "Know what? I'll go first." Cheryl finally decided. "Good!" Heather and everyone said in unison. Cheryl went down first. "All clear!" She called back up to her cowering allies. Instead of anyone arguing, Heather went down first then Mandy then Isaac and so on. They finally made it down to the ground when Cheryl whipped out a Hair Dryer. "Where did you find that?" Heather asked curiously. "Ub ab abwa shook ma ma bamboo." Cheryl responded. "Huh?" Heather raised an eyebrow. "Hubba Bubba." Cheryl responded. "Whats wrong with her?" Mandy asked as she poked Cheryl. "I HAVE A TURD IN MY MOUTH SHERLOCK!" Cheryl suddenly screamed as she grabbed Brad's water bottle and drank every last drop of water inside it. "Hey!" Brad whined. "THAT WAS DISGUSTING!" Cheryl whined as she flapped her arms repeatedly.

"Uh... You go first." Aiden pushed Heather forward the slightest bit. They were inside an office of some sort. However, there was blood leading to the other side of the room. "Legend has it that a SEWER MONSTER lives under the murky waters of the sewer." Mandy made a mock ghost sound and laughed. "You're scaring me!" Cheryl whined as she cowered into Heather. "Enough Mandy, I'll go first." "Fine, fine." Mandy smiled darkly and stuck her tongue out at Cheryl. Brad picked his nose and Isaac banged his face off of the nearest wall. "WAIT!" Cheryl screamed as they entered the room and Heather began trotting across the walkway. "What is it now?" She asked impatiently. "Plug this in first and throw it into the water." "Why?"

(Fourth wall breaking time xD)

"Because if you don't, the Sewer Monster will jump up and drag you into the water." Cheryl shrugged. "Uh huh... better plug it in then." Heather agreed as Cheryl plugged in the hair dryer. "Here goes nothing." Heather took a deep breath and tossed the Hair Dryer in.

That wasn't smart.

"AAAH!" Isaac screamed as the cord tightened around his ankle and he started sliding towards the water. Aiden and Brad grabbed Isaac's legs while Mandy and Cheryl worked on getting the cord off of Isaac's ankle. "OOF!" Cheryl grunted as the cord slid off of Isaac's ankle and slid into the water.


Everyone stared into the water and jumped back. Aiden jumped into Cheryl's arms while Brad started banging his face off of the door. "Is it dead? Is it dead? Is it dead?" Mandy asked as she poked the dead worm-like thing with a steel pipe. "Yup." Heather breathed as she relaxed and examined the water. "PSST! Throw the pipe in!" Brad whispered to Heather as they stood over the water. "Um... okay." Heather agreed as she tossed the pipe in. "HOLY SHIT!" Cheryl screamed as a goddess-like thing emerged from the water and looked at Heather. "What was it you have dropped? Was it this gold pipe?" The mysterious figure asked. "Ye--" "No!" Mandy clamped a hand over Isaac's mouth. "Well then, was it this magnificent silver pipe?" "Y--" "NO!" Brad shouted over Aiden's voice. "Perhaps it was only this filthy steel pipe that you dropped?" "YES!" Everyone shouted at the same time. "Ah, I have finally found a truly honest man!" The mysterious figure exclaimed. "In return, I will give you both the gold pipe and the silver pipe to keep." "Are you a Sewer Fairy?" Cheryl asked sweetly. Without saying anything, the strange woman disappeared. "Awesome!" Heather exclaimed as she gave Cheryl the gold pipe and Mandy the silver pipe. "What about us?" The boys whined. "You all have steel pipes." Heather grumbled as she walked across the walkway with the girls right behind. Aiden sighed and followed after the butt-kicking trio.

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