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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 11

(Hee hee, I finally finished it. Part 12 anyone?)

"Heather... what do we do now?" Brad asked. Heather sighed and looked up. What the hell? "What do you mean by 'we'?" "Well, we're your companions right?" "Nuh uh! Look, I dragged you into this nightmare and I'll be damned if I don't get you out of it. This is my path and I must follow it in order to remember who I was." "Huh?" Everyone raised an eyebrow at Heather. "Never mind..." She grumbled she slumped further into the seat. "I'm hungry..." Cheryl whined after 10 minutes of agonizing silence. "I have candy bars!" Isaac cried as he reached into his pocket. He looked up and glared at Aiden and Brad. "At least I DID have some." Isaac folded his arms and pouted. "Oh I have some!" Brad and Aiden exclaimed as they whipped out 7 candy bars each. "Oh thanks!" Cheryl muttered as she grabbed all of Aiden's candy bars. "What about us?" Mandy asked as she and Heather watched Cheryl eat ALL 7 of the chocolate bars in 3 minutes. "Here." Brad mumbled as he handed Heather and Mandy his chocolate. "Snickers!" Mandy growled as Heather tried to take her favorite chocolate bar. "Skittles." Heather grumbled. "We should get going..." Isaac trailed off. "Fine, fine." Aiden mumbled as he got up and opened the train door.

"WHOA SHIT!" Aiden cried as he jumped back. "Sweet holy mother of pork chop sideburns and apple sauce." Brad exclaimed. "PENIS!" Mandy screamed while Cheryl and Mandy looked bored. Brad whipped out his frying pan while Aiden grabbed a pipe. "ATTACK!" Brad screamed as he charged to the over-sized Numb Bodies.


"When is he gonna realize it's dead?" Cheryl asked Heather. "I dunno." Heather shrugged as Brad hit the dead creature again. And again. And again. And again. Aiden sighed and put his pipe away. "We should--"


"MOMMY!" Isaac screamed as he banged his face off of the pole and went crashing to the ground. "WHOA!" Everyone else exclaimed as the train came to a sudden stop. "I can't feel 25 % of my body, I count 12 fingers on each hand, my foot looks like a 7 and I'm seeing stars. Wait, the entire milky way!" Isaac chuckled and continued to grumble about random things. Cheryl and Mandy helped him up and they exited the train.

Heather sighed as she realized it was helpless trying to get rid of these kids. "Where do we go? What do we get? What do we need?" Cheryl asked a million questions at once. Isaac continued to count his fingers while Mandy kept daydreaming about Nero. "I dunno. It says here we need a Wine Bottle, Kerosene, a Hair Dryer and to stop reading this note out loud." Heather responded with a smirk. "We need to split up right? Heather and Isaac go left. Brad and me will go right and Cheryl and Mandy will go straight." Aiden sorted them out into pairs. "BUNION CREAM! THE SOOTHING FORMULA!" Isaac suddenly screamed as he started running around in circles. "Oh my god in heaven." Heather groaned as she put her head down and shook her head. "LETS GO!" Mandy cried as she grabbed Cheryl's arm and dragged her down the hall.

Mandy examined a door while Cheryl banged her face off the wall. "This is a office I think." Mandy stated as she opened the door and peered in. "BOO!" Cheryl screamed from behind Mandy. "AAAH!" Mandy went flying inside the office and into a desk. "PWNED!" Cheryl shouted in victory as she did the moon walk. "Can it!" Mandy mumbled as she regained her balance and examined the small room.

"Wassat?" Brad asked as he picked up a Wine Bottle. "Thats... what we need." Aiden mumbled as he snatched it away from him and looked around. "What else did we need?" "Kerosene." Brad replied. "Where do we find Kerosene?" Aiden wondered out loud as he placed a hand under his chin and looked deep in thought.

"ISAAC!" Heather shouted as she grabbed a Steel pipe. "WEEE!" He cried as he spun around in a complete circle. "You're a complete moron." "THATS WHAT SHE SAID!" Isaac laughed. Heather slapped her forehead and whacked Isaac with the pipe. "Ow" Isaac groaned as Heather's aim was a little off and she ended up hitting him in the nads. "AND HE WAS LIKE OW MY BALLS!" Heather threw her head back and laughed while Isaac was contemplating wither or not is he should kick Heather and show her how it feels.

"Whats a Maul doing here?" Cheryl wondered as she picked up the seriously heavy weapon and swung it around. "I dunno, but look at how much blood there is! Disgusting..." Mandy moaned. "Well, we found the Hair Dryer." Cheryl pointed out as they exited the weird room. "We should look for the rest..." Mandy trailed off. "I wonder how..."

"Everyone else is doing." Brad sighed as he trudged through the sewer water. "Better than us I hope." Aiden groaned as he stepped on poo. "Fail." Brad chuckled. "Shut up." Aiden muttered. Brad sighed and looked around. "We should go through this door." Brad suggested as Aiden opened it a crack and peered inside. "There's.... blood everywhere." Aiden breathed as he examined the terrible sight. There was a strange red symbol on the floor and a piece of paper. "What does it say?" Aiden asked Brad for he had picked up the paper. "It says:"

"There's a monster in the water. The bastard's killed 2 of my buddies. I should never have doubted that old urban legend about alligators in the sewers. That was no myth. But no one believes me. They were drunk and slipped? We're not that damn stupid. Even calling it a monster isn't quite right. This is something else. All I know is...something's in there. I'm going in now to beat that thing's head in. If you find this note, consider it my will. Revenge is futile -- or so you may think, reading this. But Jose and Jaime were my best buddies. Wish I knew how to do the deed. Guns won't work underwater. Even my famous knifework won't do much. If only I had a hand grenade..."

"OUCH!" Aiden exclaimed as they cringed away from the door. "We should wait for the others." "You do know this isn't the floor right? We need the Kerosene to start up a machine that will--" "Don't kill the moment!" Aiden whispered harshly as he looked towards the people reading this story and smiled. "He didn't say anything!" "Say what?" Heather asked as they entered the room and stared at the mysterious machine. "We found the Kerosene!" Cheryl called as Mandy and her were pushing a HUGE cylinder towards them. "What the hell?" Heather asked as Isaac banged his face off of the wall. "Cool beans, we have the bottle!" Brad exclaimed as he pulled out a Wine Bottle and started filling it up with Kerosene. "Done?" Cheryl asked impatiently. "Yeah, now where do we dump it in?" "In here!" Heather cried excitedly as she pointed towards a hole in the machine that says 'Insert here'. "Oh that makes sense." Brad mumbled as he dumped the kerosene in and 'threw' the switch. The machine made a loud whirling noise and they all looked at the ladder.

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