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Heather Mason's Epic Journey Part 10

DOUBLE DIGITS BABY YEAH! OWA OWA! *hold up a cat* I'd like to thank the academy... wow! These things are heavy xD Enough of my nonsense. I'd like to thank Mandy, Isaac and Brad who encouraged me (and threatened me with Robbie the Rabbit) to write this series. SO STOP READING THIS AND START READING THE STORY xD

Mandy was about to burst into tears. Heather found the Nutcracker but in their attempt to open it and examine it, Heather accidentally slammed it shut on Mandy's fingers. "AAHHAHAHAHUBBABUBBAMAXBEEHIVEMOMMMA!" Mandy shouted a bunch of random words while she was writhing in agony. "I'M DYING! OH WOE IS ME!" Heather rolled her eyes and started back up the stairs with Cheryl dragging Mandy along. "AHH! SNIFFER DOGS!" Cheryl screamed.

(Fourth wall breaking time DUN DUN DUN!)

"Those are in Silent Hill 4: The Room dumbass." Mandy corrected. Cheryl blushed and whipped out a photo album with pictures of Henry Townshend. "He's my future husband" Cheryl sighed and stroked Henry's face on a random picture. Mandy leaned away from her and raised an eyebrow. Heather looked at the picture and blushed. "He's kinda cute..." Heather clapped her hands together and pressed them to her left cheek. "HEY PEOPLE! STOP DROOLING OVER ME!" Henry waved his arms frantically. "Ah shut up and go back to your room!" Mandy took off her shoe and threw it at Henry. "Wait... isn't this..?" "NO YOU IDIOT! Its SUPPOSED to be Silent Hill 3 related" Mandy argued. "Whoa! Have you seen a little boy around here? Short, brown hair?" "AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Heather asked. "I'm Alex--" "NOT-YOUR-STORY-NOW-GEEET-OUTT!" Mandy blurted out as she pushed them roughly down the stairs. "FINE! BUT DON'T TRUST WALTER!" Henry called as Mandy kicked him in the butt to rush him down the stairs. "Imma cop! BANG BANG!" Heather whipped around to see someone in a police uniform aim a pretend gun. "Who...?" "Oh... This isn't Silent Hill?" "WHAT THE HELL?!" "Whoops..." Cybil tipped her hat and skipped down the stairs whistling show tunes and singing "I'mma cop BANG BANG! BANG BANG! BAANG BANG!".

They totally forgot what just happened and proceeded down to the next set of stairs. "Oh yeah... the Dog...?" Mandy reminded Heather. "SIT BOY! DOWN!" Cheryl suddenly screamed at the decaying canine. The dog obeyed and sat. "OMG! I'm calling you... Dexter!" Cheryl bent down to stroke the Split Head. Mandy and Heather looked at her incredulously. "I'm gonna take you out for a walk everyday, potty train you and snuggle and cuddle you!" Cheryl cooed to the deadly monster. "Can we keep him? Huh? Huh? Can we? Huh?" Cheryl begged as she looked up at Heather with puppy dog eyes. "I'm not talking to you.." "BUT!" "I'm not listening to you..." "But, but!---" "I don't know you..." Heather mumbled as she sped down the stairs and tried to run away from Cheryl.

"Skittles, Reeses, Cadbury... OH MAN!" Isaac gloated as he held up a variety of chocolate bars. "I should save some for the girls..." Aiden muttered as he tucked away a few candy bars. "Yeah, me too." Brad agreed as he put away some as well. "Me too." "No way! We're eating yours." Aiden and brad said in unison as they snatched some bars from Isaac. "HEY!" Isaac grumbled. "We should look for the girls..." Brad hinted as he stuffed a chocolate bar in his mouth. "Sure." Aiden agreed as they jogged back up the stairs.

"We should wait here for the guys." Heather suggested as she plopped her butt on a bench. "Sure thing." Mandy agreed as they were watching and fascinated by how Cheryl could train her 'pet' with out getting attacked. "Down boy! There's a good Dexter! Sit, SIT! I SAID SIT DAMN YOU! Good poochie." Cheryl praised as she wagged a dog treat in it's face. "Uh.... Which side do I put the treat in? You know what? I'm just gonna put it down here ok?" Cheryl dropped the treat and watched Dexter gobble it up in a second. Cheryl smiled and looked at Heather. "Come! Say hi to Dexter." Dexter looked up from his treats and growled at Heather. "Or not... Mandy!" "How about NO!" Mandy shouted as she stood on the bench and poked the dog with a stick. "Chicken..." Cheryl mumbled as she wrapped a rope around her 'pet' and played with him. "HEEEEEY!" Isaac called as he jogged towards them. "Oh hi--- WHAT THE HELL?!" Aiden screamed as he looked at the dog.

Aiden was scrambling around in his brain for a logical explanation. Was he attacking Cheryl? Was he playing with her? Aiden couldn't decide.

(Silent Hill 2: CE reference xD)

"I SHALL KILL YOU WITH THIS PLANK!" Aiden screamed as he magically appeared with a piece of board. "NO!" Cheryl screamed as Aiden hit the dog over... and over... and over again. "VICTORY SHALL BE MINE!" Aiden cried as he stuck a white flag in the corpse and posed like Captain Morgan. "YOU IDIOT!" Cheryl screamed as she looked at her dead 'pet' Dexter. "What?! It was a monster! Common sense." Aiden said smugly. "You killed Dexter you bastard!" Cheryl sobbed as she clutched the dead dog. "Oh... whoa...." Aiden was at loss for words. That monster was... her... pet? "WHYYY?" Cheryl sobbed as a light casted over her like something from an opera show. Aiden raised an eyebrow and looked around. Mandy was standing on Isaac's shoulders and holding a seriously bright flashlight over Cheryl. "Makes it more dramatic no?" She asked. Brad shook his head and slapped his forehead while Heather was deciding wither or not to commit suicide.

Heather sighed and looked at Cheryl (Who resumed to being completely normal.) and resumed their journey. "Hold on..." Heather murmured as she stood on Platform 2. "What?" "S-S-S-S-Something BIIG is gonna h-h-h-h-h-happen!" Mandy positioned her arms as if recreating an explosion. Everyone looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "What? It--" "Shut up!" Cheryl shushed as she looked around. "Do you hear that?"


"EWW!" Everyone exclaimed as something big and fat and covered in boils landed at their feet. "INSANE CANCER!" Mandy and Isaac screamed as they ran away from it. "Up the stairs!" Heather cried. Like everyone was slow not to do that. "IS IT GONE?" Mandy screamed in Aiden's face. "I WOULD THINK SO SINCE IT APPEARS DARK EVERY TIME WE'RE ON THE SECOND FLIGHT OF STAIRS!" Aiden screamed back. Mandy chuckled darkly and followed Heather to the blue door they had to unlock with the Nutcracker. "Aww hell. We forgot to look for the Nutcracker..." "We found it." Cheryl murmured smuggly as Heather twisted the nut right off. "That was easy." "We could've unscrewed it with our hands!" Brad whined. Heather shrugged and opened the door. "Lets go!" She called over her shoulder as she jogged down the stairs. "Platform 4!" Heather announced as they stood on the edge of the platform. "SHH!" Cheryl shushed once more. "What is that?


Cheryl looked at Isaac. "I dunno." He grumbled as he looked at Aiden. "Brad?" Aiden asked. "Not me.." He responded as he looked at Heather. "I don't have asthma." She replied sarcastically.


"AAH!" Heather cried as someone or something pushed her off of the platform. "HEATHER COME ON!" "HURRY UP!" "GET UP!" Everyone screamed frantically.


"The train is coming!" Cheryl cried as she tried to pull Heather up. "Oof!" Heather grunted as 2 Split Heads ran up and jumped her. "ITS COMING!" Aiden screamed as he smashed a Split Head with his plank. "HEATHER!" Mandy cried as she grabbed her hand and pulled. Cheryl helped and Brad smashed the 2nd one with his frying pan.

In that short minute, Heather thought she was gonna die. She saw a bright light and closed her eyes tightly. So this was how it was gonna end huh? Everything seemed slow motion right now. She opened her eyes and looked at her accomplices. She dragged them into this nightmare and now she was gonna get them out of it. They can survive on their own right? They were strong. As a matter of fact, they were stronger than her. She looked at Cheryl's face. It was frozen in some sort of silent scream.


Isaac screamed by Heather's ear and with one last tug, they got her onto the platform.


"Oh my god." Heather breathed heavily as the train went by just as she was putting the rest of her body on the platform. Everyone collapsed with anxiety and tiredness. "Heather are you alright?" Cheryl finally asked after a brief moment of silence. Mandy was scared and Isaac was angry. "Yeah.. yeah I'm fine. What about you?" Heather asked. "You shouldn't be worried about us right now. The main concern is you." Brad pointed at Heather as he made his point. "Yeah... we should get going." Heather sighed as she got up. She looked around and laid her eyes upon the train. Heather nodded and entered the train. She collapsed on the nearest bench and put her head down. She almost died. Plain and simple. And those... those kids-- No, she shouldn't even call them kids. They saved her ass from getting squashed. Everyone entered the train slowly and sat on the benches across from Heather. They looked up at her and waited for their leader to make a decision that will keep them and Heather alive.

(In my restless dreams, I see that part 11. Anyone up for it?)

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