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Warning: Don't stay home alone and play origins. Ever.

Alrighty then. So I'm home alone for a few hours. Mom's out to buy groceries with my cousin (woot woot) and I'm super duper happy. So I pull out Origins and fire up my PS2. I'm in the sanitarium and I'm scared shitless. After 10 minutes, I run upstairs and hide under my blankets.


'What the hell?' I think as I open my window to see what's up. I heard something crash behind me and I twitched. I turn around only to see my robbie the rabbit doll sitting there.... on my bed. Lemme tell you, I screamed louder than a banshee. I go flying downstairs only to run into a wall. Yeah I know, I can get pretty stupid. I shake off the thought and put on The Grudge. You know, the super scary Japanese horror movie? Look it up. Anywho, I'm watching it with my cats when something rolled down the stairs. I turn around only to see my robbie doll land at my feet.

You can probably guess what happened right?

I screamed and ran outside in my desperate escape. It just so happens, I locked myself outside... in the freezing cold night.

Mom came home and found me hiding in a tree.

My point is, don't attempt to watch scary movies or play Silent Hill Origins when you're home alone.

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