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Epic Search For Josh pt3

Henry just finished his 5th puzzle when James slammed on the brakes and jumped out. Alex was snoring and Heather was looking out the window. James jumped back in and laughed. Henry resumed when James stopped again at a stop sign. "Are we there yet?" Henry asked impatiently. James glared at him from the rearview mirror and smiled after a few minutes. "Yeah, we're in Silent Hill". Alex snored loudly and turned over the smallest bit. Heather mysteriously removed her hand from her nose and wiped it across her jeans. Henry shrugged and continued with his crossword. Alex snorted and jumped awake. "What? Huh? Who died? What's on fire?" Alex shouted frantically and looked around. He sighed in relief and slumped back into his seat. Henry giggled and Alex gave him the finger. Heather sighed and James turned on the radio. Heather and Alex raised their eyebrows as 'Don't cha want me baby?' was playing. Henry nodded his head to the music and soon, started mouthing the words.

"Don't cha want me baby? Don cha want me? giiirrrrl" James sang as he was driving. Heather looked at Alex and Alex looked at James in worry. Henry soon joined in.

"Don't cha want me baby? Don't cha want me giiiirrrrl" James and Henry sang together in harmony. Heather burst out laughing and starting to videotape their singing. Alex laughed and joined in as well. Soon, everyone in the vehicle was singing along to the song. Heather patted her hands against her knees and Henry snapped his fingers. James changed the station and everyone except Henry and James stopped singing. The next song was 'Daddy wasn't there'. Alex and Heather laughed their asses off as Henry and James were singing their hearts out. James screamed "Oh shii--" Before he hit something or someone. Henry slammed his face against James's seat and Alex bit his lip. Heather and Henry opened their doors and went outside to investigate.

"Daaaamn!" Henry exclaimed as Heather picked up a stick and poked it. It was DEFINITELY not human. Heather poked it again and the thing squirmed around the ground quickly. Henry screamed louder than Heather and they both jumped back into the SUV. Heather put on her seat belt and Henry was still struggling to put it on.

"STEP ON IT JAMES!" Heather and Henry screamed at the same time. Alex looked in the side mirror and screamed as there were LOTS more of them monsters. Heather had to help Henry put on his seat belt. James stepped on the gas and Henry banged his face off the seat again. James was driving so fast, Alex was twitching in his seat. "Where do we go? I can't see anything in this fog!" James cried as he hung a sharp left. "Try going to--" Alex didn't get to finish his sentence when BAM! James crashed into something... again. Heather undid her seat belt and hopped out of the vehicle again to investigate. James followed after her and Alex. Henry stayed in the car and Heather came back to grab Henry by the ear and force him out of the vehicle. James looked around and sighed. Henry hid behind Heather and Alex was busy trying to read the map.

"Hey guys, this maps weird." Alex whined as he kept trying to read it. Heather sighed and shook her head as she walked over to Alex. Heather snatched the map from his hands and flipped it for him. He was trying to read it upside down. Henry pointed at Alex and laughed while James kept playing with his pocket radio. Suddenly, James's radio burst into static and Henry screamed... again. James pointed over to an apartment and starting running towards it. Henry was already there before everyone else and was kicking the door frantically. James laughed at Henry and ran around the corner.

"Hey I know what to do! I should take the key from the dead guy thats dressed like me!" James laughed as he casually dug in the corpse's pocket and grabbed the key. Henry was waiting by the door impatiently. James ran up and unlocked the door in a nick of time. Henry crashed to the floor of the Apartment lobby and Alex sat down on the nearest chair. James locked the door behind Heather and smiled. Heather looked... bored as usual, Alex looked creeped out and Henry looked like he was about to feint. James laughed quietly and started up the stairs.

"So who's coming with me?" James asked optimistically. Alex shook his Head, Heather didn't move and Henry jumped behind Alex. James sighed and grabbed Heather by the ear. "Let's split up and search for clues". James muttered. Henry started laughing hysterically. Alex looked at him with a WTF expression along with Heather and James. "Oh... oh man! You sounded like Fred from Scooby Doo!". Alex came up and hit Henry along the side the head.

"Well! LETS GO!" James shouted and started up the stairs.. again. Henry ducked behind Alex in fear and Heather went up the stairs looking like she saw something dumb. Henry sighed and went up the stairs behind Alex.

"Why did I do this again?" Henry asked himself. "Oh yeah BECAUSE I WAS HELD AT GUN POINT!!!" No one seemed to notice Henry's ranting.

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