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Another Epic Fail

This is precisely why I don't play Silent Hill 4 late at night! My cousin and I are up late right? (She's so annoying) Any who, she wanted to play Silent Hill 4 while I was talking to a friend on MSN. I told her to buzz off until she started doing the Paffendorf dance in my face. After I say yes, the lil creep grabs MY Dante body pillow and starts drooling on it. BESIDES THE POINT! I load up SH4 and I load my save file (Which was somewhat in the beginning.) Lights are off, and we're the only ones up. The stupid kid forgets to turn off my computer alarm and suddenly a loud BEEP BEEP BEEP went off; Causing her to scream and me to do the chicken on the bed. So after I scold her, we start playing again. I'm in the Subway world the 2nd time and that bitch Cynthia (Ghost form) pops up and makes me scream super loud. Next thing you know, Walter runs up and pops a gat in my ass while I'm sitting there... getting choked off by ghost hair. Kid got tired, and wanted to crash out on my comfy bed. My cousin and I were sharing a bed for the night and she kicks me in the 'sensitive' part while I was dead to the world (asleep.) I wake up in agony while she runs downstairs to tell mom I showed her a scary movie. Mom comes running up the stairs madder than a bull having it's lunch taken away scolding ME for playing SH with that snotty kid. The little brat wanted to play it! Not me! So anyways, I wake up.... again In the middle of the night to play it. 10 Minutes later, I make it to the forest world and I'm super happy. Suddenly, the lil prick runs up, shuts off the system, runs downstairs, tells mom I scared her again and now I'm barred for life from the PS2. Anything ever happen to you? Where a stupid sibling or cousin ruined your entertainment? Or where a Silent Hill scared you to the point of screaming?

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