• Carousel123

    Hey everyone,

    If you are interested in helping out with the BoM pages, the site below has almost every memo/plot detail necessary for furthur editing. So now, even if you haven't played the game (unless you're worried about spoiling it), you can be capable of contributing to the Book of Memories page if you so choose. Thanks for reading, the sites called "Silent Hill Memories."

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  • Carousel123

    Wiki "Endings" format

    November 1, 2012 by Carousel123

    Hey, i wanted to check with other users on the wiki before changing anythng on multiple pages, but i noticed that the ending format for each Silent Hill entry is different, and i wanted to check with whomever before modifying them to a single format. I feel that the best setup would include each "edning" bullet-pointed, under a Heading 3 "Endings" title located under the Heading 3 "Plot," seeing as how the endings are technically a part of the plot. If anyone thinks this isn't appropriate then i obviously won't change the pages. Thanks! 

    Apologies if a blog isn't the right place to put this, but I wasn't sure where else i should.

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  • Carousel123

    Sanchez Plot Hole

    October 29, 2012 by Carousel123

    Hey fellow wikians, i've been thinking lately about one of the endings in Silent Hill:Downpour that suggests that when someone dies in Silent Hill's Otherworld, their corporeal bodies can be found in reality.

    In the Forgiveness ending when Anne is radioed by the police, the authorities claim that they have found and accounted for all of the prisoners involved in the bus crash. We all know that Sanchez dies early on in the game when he is killed by a Screamer. So if it holds true that Sanchez did in fact die, and that all of the prisoners are discovered, that would mean that the police located his body, which seems extremely unlikely seeing as how most characters lost in Silent Hill disappear if they do not make it out alive, as their physical…

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