this is my first fan fiction so go easy on me, okay?

My Name is Dan, I have been through rough times, but nothing as "rough" as this.

Here is My Story....

It all started when I was a young boy, it was summer and i went on vacation with my family to an old tourist spot, Silent Hill. The car ride was long and my Father, Brad, was having a hard time driving through the thick fog, and almost crashed the car when what looked like a man, walked in front of the car. My parents told me and my older brother to stay in the car when they checked to see if the man was okay... they said they would be back soon, but they did not come back at all. My brother was getting bored so he honked the horn of the car, "Gordan, Stop that!" I yelled at him more but, he wouldn't listen. Then we saw the "man" stand up. We both knew that it wasn't human, it had no hair, rough looking skin and skinny legs. We jumped out of the car and ran away. I looked back and the creature had what looked like blood around its mouth and it curled up a twisted smile. We ran as far as we could and as long as we could. We eventually found a town, Brahms, and went into a fast food restuarant. We waited there and ate for a while. We Told the Clerk what happened and he didn't belive us, but one man who had a young girl with him looked up and said, "Did you just say Silent Hill?" We talked with the man some more, when we asked what his name was he said, "James. James Sunderland"

Canuckeh123 19:40, July 28, 2011 (UTC) hope you enjoyed part 1.

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