Hello everyone! First off to all the new awesome people joining us lately, I'm Emmy. :3

Anyways, that's not the point. Today I found myself at Gamestop talking to these 2 guys (sounds creepy, but they were cool) about Silent Hill and suddenly we started talking about the music. Since I pretty much do a lot in the music area of this site, I was just wondering which song (or songs) you guys like to listen to!  :D If your not really into any of the Silent Hill songs (I mean, how the heck can you not like these awesome songs?) then what are some songs by Akira Yamaoka or Daniel Licht that you enjoy?

Hm, so for me (not like any of you guys care) I like these songs:

Wounded Warsong -SH4

Promise (Reprise) - SH2

Theme Of Laura (Reprise) -SH2

Silent Hill (Korn version) - SHD

Hibernation - SHSM

So what do you guys like?

And nice to meet you all new people joining lately! :D

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