Hello everyone! It seems that we hardly have anybody coming to our wiki anymore, but fear not. . .I have another "once every 5 months question" blog! Hurray! So this month's blog question is. . ."What's your favorite ending?"

I know, it seems like every ending in Silent Hill is either super amazing because it brings surprise and shock to our story line or we're just really glad that the game is over. Either way, we all have that one special ending that brings us some good ole memories back. Am I right? 

For starters, my favorite ending would probably have to be the good ending where Heather plays a joke on Douglas. (A good joke too). I mean, who expected that from Heather? We play as her through the whole game and all of a sudden she's a really cool, happy girl. The bad ending from Silent Hill 3. . .oh geez. I was practically crying. I didn't know what came over me when I watched that ending but something inside me hit me. Hit me like my favorite weapon of the series: the rock. 

Another favorite ending that I loved was the Escape Ending from Silent Hill 4. I thought it was nice of Henry to visit Eileen and such. It just made me happy that they both ended up ok in the end of the storyline. It would of bothered me for years if it was never settled on how they live on. I love Henry and Eileen as family. . . .alright?

Now that I'm done with telling about my two favorite endings, what about you? What is your favorite ending?

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